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Information from the Magician Tyrone

All information on this site is taken from public sources. As with any publicly known information, most of it is someone's interpretation and works at best on 5-10% (i.e. not effectively).

Only a real Magician, connected to the Channel connected to spiritual Structures and Teachers, can really control power, energy, elements. And only he possesses Real Knowledge, which you will not find anywhere else. Real Knowledge is transmitted directly from Teacher to Student, and it is hidden from uninitiated people.

Few people can hear Spiritual entities and communicate with them. Because they are in a higher phase of development, and you have to be really interested in something for them to start co-operation.

Energy rules in this world. If a person has energy, he has wealth, happiness and health. People have problems because most people simply waste their energy and do not know how to receive it and direct it in the right direction.

If you're indeed want the real thing aidsIf your case is interesting, we can help you. If your case is interesting, we will help you. Especially if no one else has been able to help you.

For example, only here you can make Love instead of spell. Love that is real and, if necessary, reciprocated. Without consequences or suffering. After all, as they say, marriages are made in heaven, and with permission from above only there will be true Happiness.

Magician Tyrone is included in the Circle of Verging Magicians of the High Mystic School of Tibet.