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A spiritualist séance

A spiritualist séance
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A spiritist séance is a rather mysterious and interesting procedure that allows you to communicate with spirits and structures from other dimensions. However, before you start conducting such a séance, you should take into account some important points.


Firstly, it is necessary to choose a qualified specialist - a medium who has not only knowledge and experience, but also the ability to see and hear spirits. It is also important that the medium has a certain level of energy protection and can properly conduct a ritual that will help to attract the right spirits and protect the participants of the session from negative energy.

Secondly, we should not forget that spirits are not just toys or entertainment, but serious beings who can help us get important information or help us on the path of self-discovery, but can also show their negative side if disturbed unnecessarily or inappropriately.

It is also important to remember that it is unsafe and not recommended to conduct a Ouija session at home without a qualified medium. It is also important to remember that conducting a Ouija session at home without a qualified medium is safe and not recommended.

In addition, it is worth considering that a Ouija session can be useful not only for communicating with dead souls, but also for receiving information from other dimensions, sharing knowledge and experience with higher powers and spirits.

An important point is that conducting a spiritist séance should be done with care and respect for the sacred process. It is important to remember that spirits have their own personality and preferences, so it is important to take into account their character and mood when conducting such séances.

Don't forget the defence

One important aspect to consider when conducting a Ouija session is to energy defence. In the process of communicating with spirits and higher powers, we may encounter negative energy or unwanted entities that can be detrimental to our health and well-being.

In order to avoid such negative energy, it is recommended to use various methods of protection. For example, crystals with protective properties, such as black tourmaline or amethyst, can be used to help filter out unwanted energy and protect the participants in the session.

Auxiliary elements

You can also use mantras or affirmations that will help to establish a positive energy aura around the participants of the session and protect them from unwanted entities.

In addition, it is also important to consider the physical aspects of the Ouija session. For example, aromatic oils or candles with pleasant odours can be used to create the right atmosphere.

It is also worth bearing in mind that holding a Ouija session may require some preparation and planning. For example, meditation or relaxation exercises can be done before the séance to set the right mood and prepare for communicating with the spirits.

Stages of a spirit invocation session

Another important stage of a Ouija session is to establish contact with the spirits. To do this, the medium usually asks the participants to close their eyes, concentrate and allow their energy fields to connect with the energy fields of the spirits. The medium may use various methods to establish contact, for example, he or she may begin to speak the language of the spirits or use a hand written trance to receive messages from the spirits.

One of the important tasks of the medium is also to control the energy aura of the participants of the session. The medium must be attentive to the energetic state of the participants and control the process to avoid negative consequences. For example, if participants become uncomfortable or anxious, the medium can interrupt the session and help them return to a normal state.

An important stage of a Ouija session is the end of the procedure. After the séance is over, the medium should help the participants to return to their normal state and monitor the state of their energy aura. He may perform a short meditation or other rituals to help them recover from the séance.

What the session itself is like

  1. Prepare for the call. Before you begin the process, make sure you are in a quiet place with no extraneous noises or distractions. You can also use candles, mysterious music or scented oils to create the right atmosphere.
  2. Establish contact with the spirits. In order to establish contact with spirits, you can use various methods such as meditation or mantras. However, be aware that some spirits can be negative and harmful, so be careful not to allow negative energies into your space.
  3. Use a Ouija board. Place moving cups on the board and ask the spirits to move them to tell you the answers to the questions being asked.
  4. Ask specific questions. Once you have established contact with the spirits, you can ask them specific questions. It is important to phrase them clearly and understandably in order to get clear and precise answers.
  5. Complete the procedure. After you have got the answers to your questions, it is important to perform a ritual to complete the procedure of summoning spirits. To do this, you can use various methods of defence, such as reciting a mantra or prayer.


In general, a Ouija session is a very interesting and mysterious procedure that can lead to obtaining important information, support in difficult moments and even help on the path of self-discovery. However, in order to conduct such a séance correctly and safely, it is necessary to contact an experienced medium and take into account some important rules.