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Celibacy removal

Celibacy removal
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It is worth saying that the crown of celibacy is one of the varieties of rituals related to black magic. As a rule, it is made either on a certain person, or on the whole family. Most people do not even think about the fact that they have imposed such, in fact, spoilage. Usually a person does not suspect that he is imposed a crown of celibacy. In the case of such spoilage it often turns out that it goes back to the person or magician who made it, so it is better not to experiment with it.

The effect of the celibacy crown is very serious, so the person on whom it was imposed can become infertile. Women have problems with gynaecology, and if a child is born, it can be very sick and mentally disturbed.

The main symptom of celibacy is that a person does nothing to find their soul mate, and if they do, the relationship is quite cold and eventually falls apart. A person can not give more than one reason why this happens. Also, sometimes a person who has a crown of celibacy, there is a headache in close communication with the opposite sex. Such a thing must necessarily be removed, as the consequences can be sad. But for this purpose it is necessary to understand that only psychics - professionals of their work - can cure.

See also withdrawal curses.