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Removal of spoilage (curse, evil eye)

Spoils, curses
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Removing spoilage, curse and evil eye is a very important process for those who have faced these problems. To begin with, it is necessary to determine what exactly is bothering you: spoilage, curse or evil eye. Each of these problems has its own characteristic signs and consequences.

What's the difference between spoilage, curse, evil eye.

Spoilage can cause various problems in a person's life, such as financial losses, health problems, trouble at work or in relationships with people. If you notice such symptoms, then most likely you have a spoilage. To remove it, it is necessary to perform a special rite, which will help to restore your bioenergetic field.

A curse, in turn, can be caused by anger, envy, or a desire to harm a person. It can manifest itself in the form of unfortunate events, injuries and illnesses. If you have noticed an unexplained series of bad luck, you may have been cursed. Removing a curse also requires a special ritual that will help to restore your energy defence.

The evil eye manifests itself in the form of unexplained fatigue, depression or painful conditions. It can be caused by an evil eye or a desire to do harm. If you notice such symptoms in yourself, you may have been affected by the evil eye. Removing the evil eye also requires a special ritual that will help you get rid of the negative energy.

Principle of action

Spoiling works like this: its purpose is to break the integrity of the human biofield, which serves as a natural protective energy shell. To achieve this, a special rite is performed, which belongs to black magic. It should be noted that the degree of destruction of spoilage can be different - it can be done several times or only once, depending on the strength of the human biofield. Various personal objects, such as hair or a photograph of a person, are usually used to inflict spoilage.

When spoilage is imposed on a person, almost everything starts to go wrong and he fails in any case without any apparent explanation. In addition, his physical and psychological condition quickly deteriorates. The imposed spoilage takes away from a person all his positive energy and leaves only destructive negative energy, which can lead to a black streak in life. If nothing is done, it can lead to personality destruction and even death. Usually such people start abusing alcohol or drugs, which eventually leads to loss of judgement.

How to detect spoilage

Identifying a spoilage, evil eye or curse can be a difficult task, as these phenomena can manifest themselves in different ways and have varying degrees of strength. However, here are a few signs that may indicate the presence of a spoilage, evil eye or curse:

  1. Unexplained physical or psychological problems - if you have unexplained pain, illness or psychological problems (e.g. depression, anxiety, madness) that you have not had before, this could be a sign of a spoilage, evil eye or curse.
  2. Problems in your personal life - if you have problems in your relationship with your partner or other people that cannot be explained logically, this can also be a sign of a spoilage or evil eye.
  3. Financial difficulties - if you are having financial difficulties that cannot be explained due to external factors, this can also indicate the presence of spoilage or the evil eye.
  4. Unexplained events - If you are experiencing unexplained events such as losing things, road accidents, machinery problems, etc., this can also be a sign of a spoilage or evil eye.
  5. Dreams - If you are constantly having nightmarish dreams or strange dreams that cause anxiety and worry, this could indicate the presence of a spoilage or evil eye.

Is there any danger in removing spoilage or evil eye on your own?

Self-removal of spoilage without experience and knowledge in the field of magic can be dangerous and ineffective. If you do not have enough experience and knowledge in the field of magic, carrying out the ritual can worsen your condition or even lead to negative consequences, as you are helping another person you can transfer the negativity to yourself.

The fact is that spoilage is the result of magical influence on a person, performed by a specialist in this field. The use of wrong tools or mistakes in carrying out the ritual can only worsen your situation. In addition, conducting the ritual on your own may not bring the expected results, as it requires certain qualifications and knowledge.

How the rite of removal of spoilage takes place

The process of removing spoilage is quite complicated and requires experience and knowledge in the field of magic. To begin with, the magician should make a diagnosis and determine the presence of spoilage and its degree. After that, he will prepare to carry out the rite of spoilage removal.

Usually the rite is performed in a specially prepared room, which is cleansed of negative energy and charged with positive energies. In the course of the rite the magician uses various tools - candles, herbs, amulets and other items that help to strengthen the effect of the rite.

First, the magician recites a special prayer or spell, which is aimed at attracting divine energy. Then he pronounces the name of the person on whom the spoilage was imposed, and begins to conduct the ritual. Usually it involves reading certain prayers and pronouncing formulas.

The most common method of removing spoilage is the use of a church candle. The magician holds the candle over the head of the person who has been spoilt and passes it between the eyebrows, hands and feet to completely cleanse his energy field.

The magician can also use special herbs or amulets during the rite, which will help to strengthen the effect of the rite. The magician can also call his assistants - spirits or guardian angels, who will help to cleanse the energy field of a person from negative influences.

After the ritual is over, the magician usually makes a fire to burn the items that were used during the ritual. This is necessary in order to completely get rid of the negative energy and prevent reapplication of spoilage.


In order to perform a rite of removal of the evil eye, a magician or a person must have a significant amount of energy. If we consider a curse, it requires that the person who pronounced it must be very angry at the moment of cursing. Therefore, a weak magician may not be able to cope with the task.

It is important to understand that the process of removing spoilage can take several hours or several days, depending on the degree of spoilage and the complexity of the ritual.


It is important to understand that removal of spoilage, curse and evil eye is a very responsible process that requires professional skills and experience. Therefore, it is best to contact a professional.

It is also worth remembering that the most important thing in any problem is to stay calm and not to lose heart. Belief in your strength and desire to get rid of negativity will help you to pass through any difficulties.