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Hexing and unhexing

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As a matter of fact. spell - This is a kind of magical influence on a person applied to make him/her have some kind of attachment to another person. Our main task is to restore a warm relationship, not to make a rough hex. As marriages are made in heaven.

But as for lapelIn this case, it is necessary to use the same form of magic. It is worth noting at once that the spell is made much easier than a turn away. Thus, a spell can cause a person various diseases, as well as suicidal state. In general, it can be said that spells are very bad for a person and in any case it should be removed. To do this, you can use even a photo and thus do not need to invite the person to the magician. It is necessary to act carefully and it is recommended not to remove it yourself, because in some cases it can be dangerous.

The main signs of a spell are headaches, weakness, fear in various manifestations, as well as a great attraction to the person on whom the spell was made. A person who has been made a spell, there is a feeling that he loves someone and at the same time can the same person and hate. If you do not catch up in time and do not make a reversal, the person can turn into a zombie.

Read our section and you'll understand how you can conjureat home, so to speak.

As for celibacyThe main sign is that a person is unlucky in his or her personal life, usually for unknown reasons.