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Reincarnation. Immersion in past lives. Regression hypnosis

Immersion into past lives, reincarnation.
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So, many people often think about who they were in a past life. This is quite important, as it makes a lot of strange things happen, and it often feels as if somewhere or sometime it has already happened.

So for this reason or generally out of curiosity a person can find out who he was in a past life. And the rebirth itself is called reincarnation. So he can see himself in another life through the use of a form of hypnosis. The person will feel that this is happening to him at this very moment. This type of hypnosis is called regressive. The methodology of such hypnosis is based on the method of time periods. Thus, a person remembers his life recently, then after a certain period of time and so on up to childhood, and then there is a transition to the past life. Many people during such hypnosis can practically relive exciting moments from the past life again. The peculiarity of this hypnosis is that a person remains in a conscious state and can calmly answer the questions asked by the presenter. After such a session, the person's memory retains all the events that he or she remembered during the hypnosis.

It should be taken into account that such immersions into the past life should take place under the strict control of a leading specialist of magic. As in many cases it may not be completely safe. It is possible to make an audio recording during such a procedure.