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School of real magic. Training.

Personalised magic training

Welcome to Tyrone Magician's School of Magic!

If you are interested in mysticism and magic, have a passion and predisposition for it, we can teach you magic and help you advance on your spiritual path.

Only a path with Spiritual Master is true and correct. Self-learning is like looking for a path in a dark labyrinth, very long and difficult, constantly bumping into obstacles.

All of our students achieve much more than the average person. They always achieve what they set out to do.

Everyone has their own purpose in life and in the Magical Path.
Someone came to us just for the sake of his interest and wants to comprehend the secrets of life, the secrets of civilisation, those that are hidden from mere mortals. 

Somebody wants to do good and help people.

And someone just came with the help of esotericism to improve his financial situation. Yes, such people are not few and it is really true. But it is neither good nor bad, everyone has his own choice. And we are ready to help both to achieve their goals.

Here you can have a closer look at what our pupils have achieved.

You can read about the witch school here.

About us

We have no paid courses, we have only practice and primordial magic, which has always existed and will always exist, since the creation of the Earth. If you are ready to improve in your spiritual development, if you are interested in the mysteries of existence, if you want to be ruled by you and not by you, then welcome to our club. We do not distinguish people by gender and class, we are all equal. The main thing is the desire to go to serious trials for the sake of spiritual enlightenment. Not everyone can learn to work with the necropolis, move objects, heal people and see the future, but those who have reached a certain level can control the elements and structures and create their own future. You will work with spirits, demons, angels, archangels - with everything that surrounds us in the subtle world. We work in different beams and styles.

Magic has always been a mystery and enigma to many people. Some consider it impossible, others fear it because of ignorance and fear of the unknown. However, we know that magic can be learnt by those who strive for it.

For potential apprentices

We help those who are looking for answers to their questions, who want to change their lives and achieve more. We teach those who seek new knowledge themselves and will make every effort to achieve their goals.

Among our students there are those who have come to us with difficult life situations, who are looking for ways to overcome difficulties and experience changes. We help them to understand themselves, find harmony and understand their place in the world. We don't do their work for them, we help them learn to do things for themselves.

Learning Principle

We do not train everyone in a row on a stream, we train those who are ready to give up the usual way of life and take the Path of Magic. We teach only on an individual basis. We teach magic to those who really deserve it.

Our approach is based on the fact that magic is not just a set of spells and formulas, but rather a philosophy of life and sensitivity to the world around us. We do not make promises of quick success or easy life, and we are ready to help those who will work on themselves and their goals.

In our club we run a variety of classes in which you can learn magic in its different manifestations - from tarot and astrology to kabbalistics and esotericism. You will learn to practice meditation, develop intuition and control your consciousness. It will be interesting and useful.

Are you ready for the unknown?

If you are interested in learning, we would love to have you as one of our students. Want to know more or have questions? Contact us via feedback form On the website.


Magic is not only mysterious and mysterious, it is the science and art of life. Join our club and discover new facets of the subtle world!

Magic is real. Even more real than the physical world.