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Protection from the spell

Protection from the spell
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Love spells all the time. Since with the help of magic you can try to get the most valuable thing - love. Previously, only different sorcerers and magicians used to conjure, but today magic has become available to absolutely everyone. Therefore, it is worth knowing how you can protect yourself from a spell.

It is not a secret that nowadays not only women, but also guys use a spell. The object of a spell can be anyone, so if you start to feel a heavy excitement, even longing, constantly returning in your thoughts to any person, but do not understand why this happens, then there is a possibility that you are really bewitched.

How can you tell if it's a spell?

At first it is necessary to make a diagnosis of a spell. For this purpose it is necessary to take a church candle and absolutely any silver jewellery. It is necessary to light the candle in the right hand and keep it at the level of the heart. In the left hand it is necessary to hold a thing of silver.

Close your eyes, try to distract yourself from various extraneous thoughts and spend about 10 minutes like this.

If you have previously been subjected to magical influences, the candle will be restless, it will shoot, there may even appear black blazes. To confirm the guess it is worth to try to carry out a ritual of removal of a spell with ordinary salt, if the salt suddenly darkens, it means that on you exactly was really brought on a spell.

So, you have fully determined that the spell has already been imposed. You have two possible options for his behaviour: to turn to a wizard or in general to the grandmother or just try to solve the problem on your own.

Self-removal of a spell

On the waning moon it is necessary to pour into a pot of running water and then put in it a few aspen twigs.

It is necessary to put the pot on the fire, it can be a furnace, a fire, or an ordinary gas cooker. When the water boils completely, the charmed person must clearly repeat 3 times these words:

"So many shutters and shams, so many love conspiracies. There is a shutter for every shutter. I will not take me, the servant of God (your name), will not take any spell at all, my heart is locked from him on a very strong shutter. Aspen in clean water begins to boil, to burn on fire, so my heart for the servant of God (your name) will never get sick".

After carrying out the ritual of removal of this spell, it is worth to remove the pot from the fire and pour out then water with aspen sawdust near your house. At the same time it is worth saying "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen." It is absolutely necessary to go to the temple and put a candle for your health to be completely cleansed.

Naturally, this conspiracy apply if you know who exactly you have bewitched. But mostly this person can be easily recognised, probably you rejected him in the past.

Protection from a spell by means of an amulet

You can also protect yourself quite easily from a spell by means of an amulet. You can even make it with your own hands. It is necessary to buy 6 white candles and 1 red candle.

It is possible to use simple candles, which are purchased in any shop. You should also prepare a comb, which you use for quite a long time and a white cloth. You can use simple candles, which you can buy in any shop.

After sunset it is necessary to arrange white candles clockwise directly on a smooth surface, and in the middle it is necessary to put a candle of red colour. It is necessary to put a comb wrapped in a white cloth together with a red candle. Then it is necessary to light candles, strictly in the order of their arrangement. Say these words

"By the Black Moon I conjure, I command with all my word. I command you to turn away from me forever all the slanted, dark, alien and deceitful things. Depart directly to the left side all sorrows and all troubles, and to the right side depart all hopes and hunts. Let it be just so."

When you only say these words, extinguish all candles in reverse order, that is, first red and then white counterclockwise. Then it is necessary to take candles and a comb in a cloth, take them outside and then bury them under absolutely any dry tree. Then you need to buy a new comb until the next dawn.

Before using a new comb, you should say a prayer over it:

"O Lord, our truthful Saviour - Christ and Mother Theotokos, all the holy worshippers, angels and archangels, Apostles Peter and Paul, hear my prayer and do not abandon my plea, the servant of God (your name)! Save me and also protect me. Amen."

Now you can quite boldly use this comb and carry it with you, it has received power and has become your amulet, which protects from the spell.


Remember that absolutely any hex is magic, so the church can also help a lot. If you are now not helped by the conspiracies for defence against a spell and the temple, then perhaps you need to seek help from professionals.