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Voodoo spell

Voodoo spell
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When a girl suffers because of divided love, her wonderful head begins to visit various ideas, how you can alleviate these sufferings as soon as possible. By the way, insidious thoughts about how to punish the object of suffering, too, is not uncommon. These 2 cases are only united by a common method to which girls quite often turn, namely, voodoo spell for love.

It is not worth saying now that "I am not like that!" and nothing like that has even occurred to you in your thoughts. All women still turn to the magic of love, someone at an early age - for the sake of simple interest, and someone already in adulthood - to return her husband or to cool down his attraction to his mistress.

Almost every branch of magic has at least a couple of rituals that are devoted to various charms and reversals, and voodoo magic is no exception.

The dangers of voodoo spells

I will not even tell you any fairy tales that it is all harmless - any spell is nothing else than suppression of human will, in the most severe cases - zombification, so that you will always be responsible for everything before your conscience. In voodoo magic it is especially dangerous, because very wilful mental entities are involved.

So, you have already gathered courage and at the same time firmly decided to try voodoo spell on a certain object of love, which is so much worth to be bewitched. The first thing that we should do is to throw out of your head all the stereotypes that voodoo witchcraft is all the time connected with bloody sacrifices, dead people and rather scary spirits. The love spell we are going to do with you is not from this part at all.

What do you need to remember when performing voodoo spells?

  • The spirits of loa (spirits) never do anything for nothing. They need to be thanked, e.g. candy or cakes on a small plate, which you must take out of the house immediately after sunset and leave at the crossroads. If you do not take care of it, the spirits can quickly take away something more serious.
  • Secondly, loa - beings are strange and quite hostile. Even if you know very well that you need a spell, the spirits can really interpret it in their own way, and in this case the consequences can be unpredictable at all.
  • Thirdly, the uninitiated who decide to try voodoo are taking a pretty big risk. Once again, you should think it over carefully.

In voodoo, each spirit is responsible for its own area of life, so it is worth knowing exactly who to call upon. If you want to make a voodoo spell, you should call on a spirit to do so Erzulie Fredy.

How to do a voodoo spell

So, it is necessary to spread on the floor a piece of white cloth without any stains and drawings, on which you can normally sit down. It is necessary to start the ritual with the prayer of opening the crossroads, which is always read before absolutely any voodoo rite. Its text you can easily find in any book on voodoo or in the Network.

Then write on a piece of paper the name of the person to be bewitched, put your note in a plate and then pour honey over it. Next it is worth to put a red candle in the centre of the plate and light it. Sich stands on a cloth in front of the candle and begin to call for it Erzuli by reciting words like these:
Ametcoltcolto, meth coltovenide,
Rpeteme rapet, poumdaid,
Swamiloi swami san omweni,
Hmean ven apekouldema.

Then you should leave the candle to burn, when it burns out completely, the voodoo hex will be completely finished.

To strengthen the effect of magic you can even put in a plate a photo of the person on whom you make a spell, you can a piece of paper with his notes or a thread of clothes, which he quite often wears, to this all a piece of magnet and also pour it all honey.

If it is worth to make a turn away, then the spell will be exactly the opposite: 2 notes with the names of people who should be separated, should be put in a bowl, pour vinegar, this time it is worth taking a blue candle and call a formidable Ashy de Capet Pretoux:

Zomelleninger must be
Oyeleshifres to kopena.
Guy barbesasaterbody.

Hopefully, you will definitely find this kind of self-made voodoo hex quite interesting.