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Conditions of a working spell

Conditions of a working spell
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Both women and men make spells. Someone wants to get back a spouse, and someone even tries, just so, to draw the attention of the beloved.

There are people who by means of a spell want to take revenge, making the object of the spell to suffer all the time. In any case, in any case, for whatever purpose, it is not made, it must be done correctly.

It is great if you know a reliable sorcerer or "grandmother" from whom it is now possible to order some kind of hex. However, now the reality is that most of all, the customer starts to get to a real charlatan. A wonderful, the very real magician is quite difficult to find.

But do not despair, an excellent, effective hex can be done by yourself and absolutely free of charge. But in order for it to work well, you must always comply with all the conditions of the ritual.

When it's a good idea to do a hex

First, you should know about the fact that the spell starts to work the most when the strongest positive feelings take place.

If you wish to take revenge with a spell on a person, you will definitely fail.

All hexes, except for some black hexes, are performed on the growing moon. Mental spell and absolutely all spells with monthly blood are performed on any day, regardless of the phase of the moon.

There is also such a concept as male and female days in witchcraft. It is not so important as the phase of the moon, but the right day will help to work better. It is desirable to read a male day for a lover's spell, so it is better to conjure a girl on a woman's day.

If the description of the ritual itself does not even say anything about the time of the hex, it should be done immediately after sunset. If the ritual description does not even say anything about the time of the ritual, it should be done immediately after sunset.

Preparation for the hex

For some time before the beginning of the spell it is worth not to drink alcoholic beverages, try not to take any part in parties or holidays.

In order to fully preserve the energy that is necessary for the rite of the spell, you should not quarrel and do not show excessive emotions.

Before carrying out a spell, it is necessary to make a cleaning, to wash completely the floors, if the room is very cluttered, to remove unnecessary things. They too interfere with the circulation of witchcraft energy. In general, it is fine if the room will be fully arranged according to the various laws of feng shui, it will definitely not interfere. It is better to make a spell with an open window or a vent, so that the mental energy could immediately go in the right direction.

Before performing the ritual it is necessary to wash well. It is necessary to let your hair loose and comb it well, take off all jewellery, even earrings. You can leave only those jewellery that are decorated with moonstone - it will only increase your strength.

How to conduct a hex correctly

When performing a spell, the text can be read directly from the paper, but at the same time, without hesitating, so it is worth practising in advance.

The paper must be white and clean, without any inscriptions or patterns. But, of course, it is desirable if you learn the full text of the conspiracy or any spell by heart.

How to perform a hex that will definitely work? In order for the hex to work perfectly, you must follow absolutely every point! So, for example, if in the description it will be told to take wax candles of white colour, you are obliged to use such candles, which are painted completely.

If the description itself says that the ritual requires a knife or a needle, use only new, never used items. If the ritual itself requires aromatic or essential oils, they must be of the highest quality.

While performing a spell, you are obliged to imagine the object of passion, on which you are performing the spell. You must think only about him, about how you will make new plans, your new life, as well as about how you will make love with him. You must not have any other thoughts.

How you should behave after the ritual

After the ritual, you must forget about it completely, i.e. let go of the whole situation. It is not necessary to think all the time about whether the spell will work or not - it slows down the process quite a lot.

It's just worth having more patience and waiting.

If you start to make a blood hex, you must know that from the time a, as the person to be hexed eats food or drinks a drink with blood, will be connected with you bloodily. He will always feel your confidence or fear. Therefore, when you add blood to the drink or food, you must be sure, you must always think that the object of passion loves you.

After conducting a blood spell, you should also not allow yourself to think that he does not love you at all. The spell will be able to feel your insecurity and the spell will not even work.