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Sexual spell

Sexual spell
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Although sexual spell is a ritual from the arsenal of black magic, but it is one of the most harmless and sometimes necessary witchcraft rites. It can be used to cause harm, but the main task of binding is only to strengthen, not to destroy.

Sexual incantation and egilte.

These 2 witchcraft terms are quite often confused and attributed to a single ritual, and this is wrong.

  • The egillet is directed precisely to limit all sexual contacts, in short, the bewitched person cannot have sexual contact with anyone other than the one to whom he is bewitched.
  • Sexual spell begins to cause a person's sexual attraction to the bewitching person, but it does not exclude contacts with other people and does not prevent them at all.

The dangers and consequences of sexual attachment

A competently performed sexual spell will not cause any negative changes in the personality of the person being spellbound (drug addiction, alcoholism, aggression) and "payback" for the one who was spellbound in the first place.

Therefore, even if it is the legitimate wife who decides to engage in sexual witchcraft, in order to fully protect her family from possible adversaries, it is best to use this hex.

The spell will return the interest of the husband to sex, and egillet is induced impotence towards other girls can change the character of the guy to the worst, make him more irritable, angry, push him to alcoholism.

Preparation for the rite

The ritual of a spell on sexual relations is carried out on the growing Moon, best of all on the day of Venus. Before the start of the ritual it is worth to take a bath, relax, switch off the phone and all the doorbell, so that you are not disturbed at all.

For the ritual you need 1-2 red candles, a photo and some detail of clothes of the person whom you will tie to yourself.

The rite of the spell

There are at least 2 ways to conduct a sexual spell:

  • The first variant of the spell can be suitable if you are in a fairly normal relationship with the person being spellbound. It is necessary to light one candle, looking at the photo, it is completely necessary to concentrate on this person and to stroke 2 candle then one hand, then another hand exactly as if you were touching the skin of this person.
    At this time it is necessary to read the conspiracy. You should do it until the candle is not completely burned to a third, but if you wish, you can let it burn to the end. The second candle you will have to light in the presence of the object of binding.
  • The second way of a spell, in which only one candle is needed - you start to light it and then stroke the photo, reading the same conspiracy. After the ritual, the photo remains with you. If you have access to the clothes of the person being charmed, instead of a candle or a photo apply exactly the same detail of clothes.

Conspiracy text

"In the sea-ocean on the island of Buyan the stone Alatyr is now burning,
(name) burns and does not burn, so also the servant of God... (name) burns and burns,
(name) will not forget the path to me, the servant of God... (name).
Be my word too strong forever. Amen."


Naturally, sexual binding will be able to force a person to be with you, no matter how you look or behave at all, but if you do not care about your appearance, manners, behaviour, then not wanting your relationship citizens will immediately understand that the matter is not clean, and remove sexual binding professional clairvoyant or magician as easy as to make it.

So it pays to look after yourself, be attractive, and self-administered Sexual spell will become just one of the links in the chain that unites you with your beloved. Happiness, health, love and family prosperity!