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Candle spells

A candle hex
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What is the power of candle witchcraft? Love rituals with candles are quite simple but effective. They do not require expensive or elaborate ingredients at all, nor do they require quite a few years of training.

In addition, such a love spell, in addition to practical benefits, also brings aesthetic pleasure. It can be performed both in the room and in the yard. Rituals with candles have long been successfully used in love magic when carrying out love spells on your own.

Recommendation of a Slavic clairvoyant - how to meet your love

A friend of mine wanted very much to love and be loved. But a worthy young man did not come at all. The girl was simply in despair and wanted to turn to a sorceress.

Fortunately, there was no celibacy crown on her at all. Moreover, the clairvoyant assured her that very soon she would meet her beloved. And in order to speed up this process, she offered to perform such a hex on her beloved with her own efforts on candles.

"Take the red one. candle. On the side face of the candle, write:

"I [name, date of birth] have met my lover."

Then it is necessary to draw a line (radius) from the wick to the edge of the candle, then, turning your candle, it is necessary to draw a spiral on it from the top to the base. The spiral should be drawn strictly clockwise.

When you get to the very base of the candle, you should draw a line through it and cross it with another line from right to left.

Then it is necessary to light the candle with a match from another box. While the candle is burning, you should imagine the desired image of your beloved. When the candle burns out completely, you should put it out with the fingers of your hand.

English hex - cat and candles

And here is another unique candle hex from British sorcerers. It was sent to me by my friend, who recently married a British man and now adds to her witchcraft experience with the knowledge of local magicians.

This ritual can be advised to those who have already fully determined their feelings, but do not know how to attract the attention of the beloved.

It is worth taking the cat in your arms and stroking it a little. Fluffy cats will suit you best for this purpose, because you will need a little more hair of your favourite cat. The amount that can be in your hand after the stroking itself will be enough.

Now you should light candles: a white and a red one. The white candle is you, the red candle is the object of all your desires. It is necessary to write your name on a piece of paper, and under the name - the name of the beloved whom you wish to bewitch.

Put the collected cat hair on the sheet with your names on it and fold the sheet 4 times. Then ignite it from the flame of 2 candles at the same time. While the paper will be burning, it is worth saying the text of the charm:

"As the flames of these candles burn, so shall the heart of [lover's name] burn with great love for me [your name].
I light the leaf - I turn the thoughts of [name of the beloved] only to myself.
[cat's name] mine in the night hour, turn the heart of [lover's name] to me alone."

Then you should place the leaf on a saucer and let it burn out. While the candles are burning, you can play with a cat. Ask him to help you win the heart of your beloved. When the candles burn out completely, you should wash the saucer and pour some milk to the cat. Agree, a wonderful ritual! And, it is said to be very effective.

2-candle love spell - "Together Forever"

And lastly one more simple hex of the beloved on 2 candles. It can be recommended to married women, whose beloved now do not mind to look "on the side".

It is necessary to take two candles of wax and twist them together. When twisting the candles, you should say the words:

"As two candles are swept together, so shall the servant (name) and I be swiftly swept together."

Then you should light the candles and say:

"I am not lighting a candle now, but I am lighting the soul and heart of slave (name) for me, slave (name), for all time."

The curled candles should be left to burn until the end. This candle hex is advised to carry out 9 times, 1 time each day.


All these love spells are suitable for both guys and girls who want to attract a lover. As with other hexes, any hex with candles is best performed on the growing moon.