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Photo hexing

Photo hexing
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Here it is written how you can perform a photo hex on your own and, of course, absolutely free. But be careful, this ritual is strong, and is designed for a fairly serious relationship. It is possible to make this love spell for both men and women.

A photo for a spell

For a spell of a beloved person on a photo it is desirable to choose a photo, which is made not more than 1 year ago, also it is necessary that on it there were no other people or animals. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the face of a person, and especially his eyes must be clearly visible.

On what day to do the hex

It is desirable to make spells in the 1st or 2nd lunar quarter. Also do not forget that mostly the magic of love works, if you hold a spell in a certain female or male day. Since the strong spell at home is carried out, it is worth to take care that no one interfered with you at all.

Conducting a spell

After the very sunset, it is necessary to sit down at the table, to put on it your photo and a photo of the person whom you wish to bewitch with the image upwards. A few minutes it is worth to sit in silence and imagine yourself next to the beloved.

It is necessary to turn over your photo and then write on the other side of the name of the one who is charmed and the date of his birth, in a similar way should be done with his image, this time, writing on the back of his name.

Then you should put the photos together, with the images facing each other. Now, it is necessary to take a thick thread of red colour and very carefully, not to hurt other people, to pierce a corner with a needle and to tie a strong knot. It is necessary to say at the same time:

"I now knit the servant of God(name) to the servant of God(name) with ties indissoluble, amen."

Then it is worth to break the thread, and in the same way say all the words of the conspiracy and tie then 3 knots on the 3 remaining corners.

Then it is necessary to put the conspired photos into a white envelope without any inscriptions. Seal it. Light a new candle of wax and seal it with wax envelope, saying these words:

"I seal completely the servant of God(name) with the servant of God(name) from all evil eye, from all evil intent, from all cold turning away."

The conspired envelope should be hidden in a safe place at home. As well as all steel hexes, this hex begins to work in a few days or even weeks, it all depends on your power of magic and the very protection on the person.

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