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Wind spell

Wind spell
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Everyone knows that the wind blows everywhere, that's why, most likely, our ancestors invented a wind spell for a loved one. It is necessary to warn you that the wind spell is not for sleepyheads. Especially this spell is useful if your beloved is located far away from you!

When to do a wind spell

There are different kinds of charms, but in most of them you need contact with the person, for example, you should add something to the food or to strengthen the ritual itself you will need different personal things. But what can you do if you are separated from your loved one by a great distance? Just for such cases and there is a spell for the wind.

If you need to spell someone in your city, you should use, for example, a photo spell. Therefore, if you need to hex someone in your city, you should use, for example, a photo hex. And if your beloved is far away, then take the given spell.

Conducting a spell

There are 2 conditions required to perform this spell:

  • there must be a strong wind
  • from the exact place where you will perform the hex, you must see the rising sun.

At dawn, while the sun itself is crossing the horizon line, it is worth going outside or to the balcony. you should let your hair down and face the rising sun. It is worth to feel how the wind completely flutters your hair. When you look at the sun, you should say:

"As the wind begins to plait and plait my tresses,
So let the servant of God (name) begin to weave and unweave my braids,
She knows no other joy than to curl around me,
Always caressing me day and night.
No food, no drink, no sleep,
Till all my clear eyes can't see.
My word is now firm and my will is all unbreakable.
Forever and ever, Amen."

When you say these words of the conspiracy, you should close your eyes and stand in silence. Listen to yourself. You should feel a little fatigue or dizziness. This will mean that the spell has already worked, and the wind has taken all your power. Do not worry, everything is so, and must be. Your strength will be restored soon enough, and you will be able to feel great.