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A drinking spell

A drinking spell
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A little drinking spell. Do it yourself, it's simple.

It is worth putting the drink of your beloved person in a deep container. It is worth paying attention, the drink does not have to contain alcohol or be yellow in colour! Put the bowl so that well see in it your reflection and say such a spell:

"My dearly beloved (name), I long for you slave of God (name).
Go your sadness and grief straight into your head, into your black eyebrows, into your white teeth, into your red lips, into your hot heart, into your hot blood, go straight into your steel bone, so that you may yearn, grieve, for every second, for every minute, from now on and forever and ever, Amen".

After that, this drink must be drunk by the person to be bewitched. If you have enchanted a lot, you can even pour in the drink in small portions.

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