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The monthly blood spell

The monthly blood spell
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This is the strongest ritual of love magic, it is a hex by photo on the monthly blood. And it is necessary to use blood magic only in those cases, when nothing else does not help. Naturally, such a hex is only for females.

You'll need things like this:

  • 7 drops of a month's blood
  • lover's picture
  • 7 teaspoons of salt
  • saucepan with 3 litres of water
  • 14 candles
  • wooden spoon

This conspiracy for love is carried out exactly in the bathroom with a basin, in which you can easily draw water (with a cork). As it was already mentioned, this love spell works very strongly, if it is carried out at the time when your beloved man is sleeping.

It is also worth looking at the fact that you would not be distracted by anything at all, such as TV or music, because you will be obliged to concentrate fully on the hex! As well as all other strong spells, this love conspiracy is carried out on the growing moon.

It is necessary to light 7 candles in the kitchen and 7 candles in the bathroom. Then it is necessary to fix a photo of the beloved at the level of your eyes directly above the washbasin. Bring 3 litres of water to a boil in the kitchen, take the pot off the cooker and add 7 teaspoons of salt to it. Now stir everything with a wooden spoon for 7 minutes.

In order to completely bewitch the beloved, you should mentally imagine his image, and then tune in to it. After 7 minutes you should pour the contents of the pot directly into a corked washbasin. Carefully add 7 drops of monthly blood to the water.

Then you should stand in front of the washbasin and place your hands with palms straight down over the water, careful not to burn yourself at all! Look at the picture of your beloved and mentally imagine him in front of you. It is worth to feel all your desire together with him, imagine how he is smiling to you now, embracing you.

Formulate your wishes into specific sentences and mentally repeat them over and over again, for example: "Be only with me all the time, but do not touch another", "Miss me always". Imagine now how you penetrate with these phrases into the aura of the sleeping loved one and how you convey all your desires to him. You only feel how exactly your charm passes to the beloved and begins to work.

After a certain time, you will be able to notice that you are going into a trance state, as if you cannot feel all your hands and at the same time you feel the unreality of the world around you. When this moment comes, it is worth pulling the plug straight out of the washbasin.

All the water flowing out will carry the energy and all the power of the spell to your beloved. During the water flowing down, it is especially worth concentrating on the mental image of the guy being charmed and keep your eyes closed.

Then you should open your eyes and rinse the basin with clean water. Then open your eyes and rinse the basin with clean water. Extinguish all the candles and at the same time throw out all thoughts about the spell, the beloved, conspiracies and magic from your head. It is very important that you do not talk to anyone about the spell.

This hex is strong, but as much as you do not want it, it is worth trying not to specifically look for a meeting with the beloved to check your results.

It is necessary to give the magic time to work well, and you will definitely see that the bewitched guy himself will start looking for a personal meeting with you.

I warn you once again, you should use a monthly blood spell when there is no other way out. The rituals with blood are quite powerful and strongly bind the sorcerer and the object on which the spell is performed. They are really much more difficult to remove and they almost never pass themselves.