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Money spell

Money spell
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Before carrying out a hex on money it is worth weighing up all the pros and cons: whether you are now so sure of all your feelings, whether you will not get bored with that person, whether you are familiar with all the consequences of this hex, whether it is worth doing a hex because of love.

Naturally, there are hexes and even in white magic. The spells in them are softer, they are aimed more at the attraction itself, rather than at complete submission. Personally, I have perfectly demonstrated "concealment".

Hex on money (concealment)

For this hex it is necessary to prepare for 3 days: it is necessary to fast, not to scandalise or even quarrel with anyone, to think positively. It is necessary to prepare a concealment on the growing moon exactly on a man's day.

In a flap of silk of red colour it is necessary to put a coin, silk or woolen threads of red colour it is necessary to tie a culet and to read on it a conspiracy:

Shake Grandpa came along and took all my stash,
All his bones ached now, his eyes burning hard,
He suffers so much, he doesn't know how to rest at all.
Doesn't eat anything at all, Doesn't even drink anything,
Doesn't give himself a quiet moment at all.
So the servant of God (name) would not know sleep at all,
For me, God's servant (name) was very sad, he was tearing his veins all the time,
I'm the only one you'd ever want,
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
He would all be in great pain and suffering,
Like the grandpa shake that took all my stash,
Everywhere you look, you'll mention me.
I am his white light! Slave of God (name).
Amen. Amen. Amen.

It is worthwhile to hide your concealment well where no one will find it at all. It is not necessary to put it in the ground or any rotten or unclean place, such as a rubbish dump or a wasteland. It is worth to keep in mind that the spell will definitely lose its power if the concealer can be found and taken in hands.

A silver coin hex

If you are the owner of several silver coins, then you should try a different money spell.

Traditionally it is worth to observe all preparation for this ritual, on a certain day it is necessary to collect water from 3 springs, mix these 3 waters in a ladle or in a small basin, put there your silver coins. The number of coins should be odd. The conspiracy should be read 3 times:

Like silver coins people love,
And how they always ruin each other for money,
That's how my husband would have loved me so much,
You tortured yourself for me, and in doing so, you ruined yourself,
I'm not around right now - let him pine hard,
He watches over me, protects me, and is even jealous of me,
How this silver is now guarded, and cherished by the people.
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

The conspired water should be washed well, just a little bit should be added to the husband in the drink. It is necessary to make a concealment, as in the first hex, sew coins in it and then hide in the bed or in the linen.


So, you now you own 2 ways how you can hex your beloved with silver coins, now everything is in your hands. It is worth remembering, great power is a great responsibility. Use the knowledge with great care and as much as you can.

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