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A domestic spell

A domestic spell
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Unrequited love is one of the saddest feelings. We are even ready to do everything possible, only if the beloved person reciprocated us. Therefore, now it is not surprising that many citizens are interested in how to make a spell, especially at home.

It seems that it can be much easier: read the conspiracy, perform some actions and wait for the beloved completely inflamed to you the same passion, directly, as you to him. However, I have to warn you: a spell of spell is a discord, and often from these experiments there are not very pleasant consequences.

Differences between hexes

The thing is that in witchcraft there are so-called black, as well as white spells. It is very easy to distinguish them, it is enough to read the spell itself.

At the same time as black charms almost always contain words that the object to be conferred must suffer, even dry up, white light not to see at all, etc., in white charms there is nothing like that. Here the main purpose - to cause sympathy and also love. Therefore, these consequences, as from the black spell - depression, alcoholism, suppressed will - after it will not arise.

Consequences of the spell

Another pitfall of a spell is that love, even too strong, is not always eternal. As a result, quite often it turns out that a woman makes a very strong spell on a man, because of which he can think only about her.

But after a couple of years or even a couple of months, her love completely passes and she meets another person. And quite now it is likely that he is her destiny and with him she will be able to find her true happiness, but at the same time the life of her previous lover may turn out to be really broken.

Love spell at home as if gives the relationship some chance, while helping to create the best conditions for their development. Guarantee completely A successful outcome in such cases is not possible at all: love will only burst into flames if there are no obstacles to it at all.

On the other hand, if nothing happens at all, you should not even be upset: it means that fate has prepared the best option for you, which you are not even aware of yet. And it is exactly this kind of hexes that I advise beginners to try.

A doorstep hex

The rituals of these hexes are quite simple. For example, you can take a simple broom and take out of it a couple of twigs. The rituals of this hex are quite simple, for example, you can take a simple broom and take out of it a couple of twigs.

The main thing is that all your thoughts should always be good and very pure. Then you should read any prayer you know, saying the name of your beloved. When the midnight comes, the twigs should be put crosswise near the threshold of the beloved, so that he would step over them.

A drinking spell

One more interesting sign of a "good" hex is an appeal to the brightest forces, but not to devils, demons and all their like. For example, you can now try this kind of conspiracy. In the evening the beloved should be offered a warm drink, it is better to give milk, or another non-alcoholic drink. In advance on it it is necessary to say the following words:

"O Lord Jesus Christ, help now the servant of God (your name). Give, O Lord, great power to inspire the servant of God (pronounce his name) with love. As a child cannot live without mother's milk, so that the servant of God (name of the beloved) could not live without his servant of God (his name), so that he could not sleep at all, not even drink or eat, as long as I am not with him. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

When reading this conspiracy, you should try to put all your energy of love into it. Then the drink should be poured into a beautiful flute and presented to your beloved. It is quite easy to do. This variant of harmonisation of relations is perfect for many established couples, in which the relationship has just begun to deteriorate.

To make a man long for love

To cause a man's longing for love for himself now, you can look out the window at night and utter phrases like these:

"Slave of God (say the name of your beloved), go straight to the porch, exactly to my palace, straight to my hayloft, to my doorstep in my footsteps. I won't give you to anyone at all. Word, lock, tongue. Amen."

It's worth reading nine times in a row.

Thread fortune-telling

One more rather strong spell, which is also a fortune-telling - with a thread. For its carrying out it is necessary to take a ball of not very thin threads and then wind the end directly on the finger. In this case you should read the incantation:

"The thread begins to twist, the thread begins to twist. So you, my servant of God (pronounce his name), languish very sweetly, always twirl around me, quickly reach for my white body. As to the icon a man of God now prays, so you always pray to me, always long for me, always miss me, without me no peace, no joy do not know. My phrases will be very strong, very mouldable. From now and forevermore. Amen."

Then the thread should be carefully removed from your finger and try to wind it back onto the ball.

  • If the thread can't get tangled - things will really work out and you're just meant to be together.
  • If the thread gets tangled - there will be serious problems in the relationship.
  • But if the thread is torn - this is the sign that this person is not meant for you, and no more at all no hexes to attract him should not be done, otherwise there will be deplorable results.


And finally, some more sound advice to ensure that the spell remains successful.

  • So, conspiracies for love is desirable to read on the growing moon.
  • It is best to let your hair down so that unnecessary hairpins and braids do not hinder the flow of energy at all.
  • In addition, you must maintain personal contact with the object of your love. If you have stopped talking altogether, then no more than 1 year must have passed since then.