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Consequences of the spell

Consequences of the spell
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There is a huge number of citizens who offer to perform hexes. Before using these services it is worth to be able to distinguish between white and black magic rites in order to be able to understand what exactly the consequences of the spells can expect you all.

Consequences of hexes

To the great regret, even white magic never passes without a trace. Nevertheless, it allows you to have a certain impact on the subject in a gentle mode, without disturbing his consciousness. At the same time, each spell can differ in the fact that at the refusal of all upcoming relationships with the subject of the spell, he will suffer greatly. Life after this breakup often causes different sufferings.

Sometimes many people who have been bewitched by black spells end their lives by suicide or get into some ridiculous fatal situation. But all white rites do not possess quite serious consequences at all. For such citizens, the rupture will be very hard, but they can still control themselves and establish life again. It is best to make a rite of removal of a spell.

Differences in the effects of hexes

Black magic affects the human psyche while changing the structure of consciousness. Black rites allow to distort perception and at the same time change personality.

In general, such consequences become noticeable to everyone around them quite quickly. A person can be aggressive, react quite sharply even to the most objective criticism exactly in the direction of the "favourite".

At all white spells changes in sympathies and character begin to occur the smallest, temporary, as a person subconsciously begins to feel the influence from the outside. There can even be a small indisposition during the influence of magic. For the performer is also really possible and a slight change in well-being, there may be a temporary weakness. At this time it is worth to stock up on amulets. It is at such a time when black forces like to attack the performers.

The consequences of a blood spell

The consequences of a spell straight on blood are mostly unpredictable, but always negative! It can be done by both girls and guys. Among the most common consequences experienced magicians distinguish the following:

The effects of a spell on a guy

  • Strongly great jealousy, tyranny, selfishness;
  • Change of temper, intemperance;
  • Shortening of life;
  • Alcoholism and other pathological habits;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Termination of the effect of the spell immediately after the birth of a child in the family;
  • Failure in absolutely every area of life.

Consequences of a spell on a girl

  • Disorders of the reproductive system;
  • Consequences for the bewitched woman:
  • Infertility and inability to marry another person;
  • Profound personality changes;
  • Failure at everything;
  • A distorted perception of the chosen one;
  • Apathy, indifference;
  • Neuroses and even depression.

Consequences of a period spell

A spell on the period begins to cause, in general, the same consequences as a spell directly on the blood. However, there is a huge risk of problems in sexual life. It is not possible to perform such rituals, of course, available only to a woman.

A man who begins to be bewitched in this way, often begins to abuse alcohol, suffer from impotence and even show tendencies of tyranny.

Gradually the object will cease to be like himself. All aspects of his personality, as well as all spheres of life, will be subjected to destruction. Often they begin to lose their jobs and their friends. If the lady decides to interrupt this kind of relationship, the man begins to fall into complete madness, his life completely disintegrates, and he quite quickly dies or commits suicide.

Consequences of a love spell

Among the most common consequences of different love spells, the strongest sexual attraction from the object to the performer (customer) stands out. Such relations begin to acquire emotionally restrained, but very passionate character.

Different hallucinations also sometimes appear. Imaginary auditory and many visual signals remind of the person who was indifferent. This impact has an attraction, making quite often think about the one who made the spell. However, such an influence has a rather strong impact on the psyche and changes the person.

Consequences for the performer

If we are talking about the consequences for the one who wants to hex, then there may be the opposite effect, which sometimes begins to appear after the hex on the period.

Girls themselves increase their feelings for their chosen one. Also can really have consequences in the form of mental disorders, health and all spheres of life. As it was already mentioned, even after white spells there is a slight malaise, but it is quite normal.

It is necessary to remember that black hex is very dangerous for everyone, including the mediator-executor himself. Magic that interferes with the natural course of fate and influences the consciousness is the most dangerous. Therefore, it is best to turn exactly to white charms and at the same time try to protect yourself in the best possible way. And it is worth remembering that there is nothing at all better than real feelings, which were not caused by the hex itself, but sent by the highest forces.

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