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Love spell

Love spell
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Love spell is an energetic influence of one person on the biofield of another with the purpose of making the one who does not even love, to start loving.

Whatever the method of such influence, the energetic structure of the bewitched person will be strongly damaged.

The dangers of a spell

Some spellbound people after the spell cannot perform work that requires a special emotional load, it becomes quite difficult for them to be in a team. There are such citizens who begin to withdraw into themselves or in general begin to feel constant anxiety. In addition to the psyche and nervous system, other rather important systems of the body, especially the sexual, cardiovascular and immune systems, are also affected.

It is possible now to talk about the harm of spell quite a lot, but when the soul begins to tear to shreds from the fact that there is not near the one and only beloved, no scarecrows will not be able to help and no common sense will not even stop. Desperate, ready for everything, is now offered several basic patterns and practical recommendations of love spell.

Types of hexes

A spell can be used even on a person with whom there have been specific sexual relations before, and on a person with whom there have been no such relations. The first one is much stronger and more effective.

There are spells for a person with whom any relationship is still ongoing, for example, people still continue to meet at work or live not far from each other. There is also a spell on a person who has not been around for a long time and it is quite difficult to meet him, for example, he already lives in another city. The first spell is again much more effective and stronger.

There are even hexes when there are personal belongings of the beloved person, and sometimes there is even his hair, semen, nails or even blood stains. There are times when there is nothing at all, apart from a photo and a great desire. In the first case, the spell will almost certainly be the most effective, and the result will definitely show itself in the shortest possible time. In the second case, an excellent result will turn out rather in a person with the strongest witchcraft abilities.

On the basis of all this, before you start making a hex, it is worth soberly assessing all your chances of success.

Probability of success

There is a huge number of recipes of hexes, but not all of them really help. In other favourable conditions, the hex will be able to work if the one who makes it has normal energy power and excellent ability to send all their desires in the form of special energy, which is programmed directly to love. The stronger will be the power of magic, the much better will be the chances.

If a rather complicated house spell is decided to do a person who does not know anything at all in this area, and at the same time does not even have the power of magic, then this case will simply turn into a game, when you can cheer yourself up a little sweet hopes.

But at home you can correct the biofield of your beloved by means of specific witchcraft actions, and thus harmonise all relations. This is quite effective when between loved ones or in the family began various quarrels and many disagreements, when one of the partners simply weakened feelings for another. It is easy to make such a spell, and it does not even harm anyone.

Incantations on various objects

The main objects, which are recommended to cast a spell on, are as follows water, bread, salt, and willow. In principle, it is even possible to conjure anything at all. All objects can retain someone else's energy and even transfer it to others. However, this is why you should not wear someone else's clothes without washing them beforehand.

Water incantation

But not all objects can retain energy for a very long time. Water, which has long been considered a living substance, not only perfectly preserves energy and all information, but also transmits it on contact.

This is why the healing properties of water, which is obtained by reciting prayers in the temple, namely the incantation for good. If the water is taken and said for love, it can help in the return of the beloved.

In all the diversity of all the proposed incantations, there is no strictly specific one. Each girl can say water in her own way. The rule is as follows: it is best not to clutter the plot with unnecessary phrases that do not carry a semantic load.

It is best to use more specific phrases such as: "godhelp me (name)"You can say "slave name", but in principle, this word is not necessary at all, further it is necessary to clearly formulate your desire for the return of love. In this case, it is necessary to say the words "slave name", but in principle, the word is not necessary at all, further it is necessary to formulate clearly exactly your desire for the return of love.

Another prerequisite is that the water must be drunk by the loved one. If it is just put on it, so that he only looks at it, nothing will even work. If you have to drink such water, he must drink it many times, that is, you should say it often, almost daily, until he does not start to change something to the best.

Salt incantation

Salt, unfortunately, does not have these properties like water. The energy shell of salt is now arranged in such a way that it does not store energy completely for a long time. Therefore, salt is usually used for healing and for purification rituals. But you can even cast a spell on salt, if you apply it quickly.

Such salt can really help to establish all relationships in the family, that is, where the loved one lives, sleeps, eats, drinks. To improve all relationships, salt should be put in every corner of the bedroom. You can also wash the floors well with water, in which a little bit of such salt is completely dissolved.

A hex for willow and bread

Bread, as in principle and all baked, also perfectly helps in the love spell, but it is not the bread itself, but the dough itself, from which it is baked. Verb just like salt, contributes to the restoration of good relations in the house. But willow branches must be consecrated on Palm Sunday.


On top of that, I would like to say that not much will happen if the girl does not use her beauty and all her attractiveness, and at the same time with all the incantations will not undertake girlish methods of seduction. Since if you have decided to make a hex, it is worth applying all the methods.