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How to cast a spell on a guy

How to cast a spell on a guy
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Girls have always been interested in how to cast a spell on a guy. There are quite a lot of charms and witchcraft rituals for this purpose.

Some seem harmless, others just start to chill the blood, but at stake is a cherished desire to be near the beloved for the rest of his life. In this case, we will talk about the dinner, which will help to quickly bring a guy through food.

If you do not have the opportunity to cook dinner, then it is worth trying to conduct a spell by photo. And if your beloved is very far away, then you will definitely be helped by a wind spell.

Preparing to perform a spell

Before starting to conduct a spell on the love of a man, it is worthwhile to first find out about his culinary preferences: what dishes he likes most of all, whether he is a vegetarian, what food he is used to and what he would like to try more.

It is worth trying to arrange a meeting after 8 pm, because this spell will be more powerful if it will be held at a later time of the day. Then it is necessary to make sure that the beloved will definitely come at a certain time and after that it is necessary to begin the preparations for the dinner.

You should start cooking with yourself. On this evening you should relax as much as possible, so that no other problems distract you from this ritual. It is worth taking a relaxing bath and getting yourself completely in order: hands, body, hair, appropriate clothing and jewellery - everything must be thought out down to the smallest detail.

The room, in which you will receive your guest, should also be prepared properly, so that all the chakras of the person to be bewitched were fully open to the perception of magic. In the room you should place 13 candles of red colour and different incense.

Different essential oils affect a guy quite differently. Myrtle oil, bergamot oil and rose oil start to promote bonding at the subconsciousand they also have a great disposition to a person. Thanks to their influence, you can definitely get a share of power over his entire subconsciousness.

The preparation of the spell food

When preparing food for dinner, it is worthwhile to first make a menu so that the combination of food together with wine, with each other or with dessert acts directly on the guy to be bewitched somehow intoxicating. And if all dishes that are prepared by a loving woman, served directly with charming spells, then you can quickly achieve excellent results.

In the preparation of concoctions, the use of spices and spices is of great importance, because without them no dish will have a normal action.

For meat and fish dishes, red and black pepper, marjoram, cumin, turmeric, mustard and coriander should be used. For different vegetable dishes it is desirable to add cardamom, saffron, anise, and ginger. And for different baked goods it is worth using cinnamon, vanilla and also nutmeg.

Adding to different salads coriander, parsley and cilantro will normally contribute to the increase of intimate attraction, which will favourably affect the result of any love spell. A special magical effect on the bewitched guy will be able to have a mixture of spices. Spices should be fried on a frying pan in oil until they will have a special flavour.

When preparing any dish, you should concentrate as much as possible on the object of the spell. It is necessary only to imagine that you have already achieved a wonderful result and now you are together with your beloved person are connected by a great feeling. Such a positive attitude will definitely play its work exactly when saying a love conspiracy.

The conspiracy should be said 3 times, before you start preparing the dish and 3 times when you are completely finished cooking.

"As this food which is prepared by the servant of God (your name) will be lovely and desirable, so lovely and quite desirable for the servant of God (his name) will I myself always be. Let it be just so. Amen."

Reception of the guest. The main stage of the spell

You should not forget to add low-alcohol drinks to the main dishes. White or red wine, champagne or a simple cocktail will be perfect.

Do not resort to the help of cognac or even worse, ordinary vodka. On a drunken head in general no love charms on the guy will not be able to work. Pouring a drink into the glass of your favourite person, mentally say the words of the conspiracy:

"Powers almighty, I call upon you now. Help me quickly in this hour of need.
Bind me, the servant of God (name), with strong ties together with the servant of God (name), so that he could not break them at all, and at the same time he thought only about me, the servant of God, both in the bright day and in the dark night. And as such a drink will spread through the blood and all the veins of the servant of God (name), so all the love in his heart will immediately awaken to the servant of God (name). Amen."


It's worth realising that absolutely any intervention in the astral body In the case of a man, absolutely any pressure on his subconsciousness, which is done apart from the will of the person being bewitched, can be really fraught with negative consequences. Thinking now about how you can make a guy bewitched, you should clearly realise what exactly you are going to do now and believe in the best outcome of such a case.

If this is what you definitely desire, take action!