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How to cast a spell on a man

How to cast a spell on a man
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How to make a spell on a man on your own, at least once in a lifetime is now thinking about absolutely every woman. And in general, it is not even necessary to fall into sanctimony and condemn this kind of aspirations.

The fact that a girl is attracted to magic is neither very good nor very bad, it is just normal, because the magical nature is inherent in a girl from the very beginning, from the very creation of the World. And nowadays all modern girls do not so much learn magic as remember it, recorded from the very beginning in the subcortex of their genetic memory.

How to cast a spell on a guy

Guys have always been bewitched. It is a different matter that what we call charm today is only a small part of magical methods of attracting love.

The ancient woman knew very well how to bewitch a man. She used a whole arsenal of means for this purpose - she spread all the charm energy by means of word, sound, smell, light, colour, number and many other methods.

For example, in recent years we have been able to simplify home cooking, giving our preference to semi-finished products. And in doing so, we make a big mistake. In eastern countries they never trusted a woman to cut meat, because food, especially meat, is the best conductor of energy, of all magical messages. Magic energy starts flowing from the tips of all our fingers, which, getting into the food, begins to fulfil its purpose.

The proverb "Let the heart of a guy lie through the stomach", besides the already accepted slightly ironic meaning, has a much deeper meaning - getting with food into the stomach, the magic energy immediately begins to spread by the blood current throughout the body, rushing directly to the heart. So, dear girls, allowing your favourite guy to eat in restaurants or canteens with food that was not prepared by you, you start to allow him to get drunk on the energy of another person, not yours.

Fortunately, such an important science as the magic of love, the magic of charms is not lost without a trace - its echoes have reached us now. We are not talking now about Black Magic and all its dangerous sections - we are now talking about the original magic, which every woman has, it is only necessary to remember and gain some experience.

How to cast a spell on a husband

The method of spell for married women: how you can spell your husband to return your former love. If your husband left you, if the former love has already faded, then it is worth applying the strongest conspiracies and charms to fully return him to his family.

The most important thing in such a situation is to get him to come back to your home. The most important thing in such a situation is to make him come back to your home himself - this will indicate that the counter flow of his own energy can help you to make an excellent hex.

Here is one of the most effective ways to call your husband to your home. This hex is not complicated, and without negative consequences at all.

You need to go to the window and open it fully as far as possible. It is best that the window faces the side from which your husband mainly comes to you. It is necessary to imagine a picture of how he walks down the street, enters directly into the house, how he will greet you, take off his shoes, change into home clothes - this will definitely help you in this ritual. Standing right at the window, it is necessary to read in a raised voice 12 times such words.

"I call you (your name) you (husband's name) right up to my front porch. I put you (husband's name) 4 angel-guides, one right in front, two on the sides, and also one behind. Sweet (husband's name) you lead directly to me, thoughts (husband's name) to (your name) quickly pull, legs (husband's name) to (your name) quickly carry, directly to my porch bring. Always remembering about me, quickly return (husband's name) to me not in a dream. Amen, Amen, Amen."

In this case, it is necessary to recite this conspiracy by heart, during one week, without skipping a single day, every day. It is necessary to open the window absolutely in any weather.

A spell on food

And when your husband comes directly to you, it is worth to prepare him a spell food, feed him. It is necessary to pay attention that if you never arranged him a candlelight dinner at all, and here suddenly invite him to a romantic dinner, it can definitely scare him away quickly.

you should offer to have dinner as if in between something to do. If he likes your food, he will definitely not refuse. But the dish itself is worth a good deal of fiddling with.

It is necessary to cook his most favourite dish, but you should use special spices. If you are going to cook meat, you should buy it not in a supermarket, but at a regular market from a butcher. It is best that he cut the carcass right in front of you - the meat must be fresh. You should not let the butcher cut the meat into portions - you must do it yourself.

It is absolutely necessary to season meat with red pepper during cooking - it is one of the strongest spices for sex drive. In general about spices it is worth knowing the following: for strong excitement of sexual desire dishes should be flavoured with coriander, as well as parsley. The most sweet dishes and baked goods must be flavoured with nutmeg, cinnamon and also vanilla.

During the preparation of absolutely every dish it is worthwhile to recite such words:

"As this food that the Servant of God (her name) has made will be the most desirable, so let me, the Servant of God (name of the person to be bewitched) will be desirable for the Servant of God (name of the person to be bewitched). Amen."