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The effect of the spell

The effect of the spell
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Every cell in the world is endowed with energy. Every living structure interacts with its own kind all the time.

So all human beings have their own energy place. And always in special contacts with another person there is exactly energetic communication.

Love and energy

At the time when our energy field resonates with another, a new relationship is born, such as interest or sympathy. A pretty strong bond is created. It can be completely different: cordial, sexual, as well as intellectual. And, when all three begin to form, love - the highest manifestation of this energetic interaction - arises. It is these connections that the magic of love is constantly trying to recreate.

So why do all bonds break down and love disappears completely? Unfortunately, despite the strength of the bond, no one has even cancelled their external influences. Do you remember such an expression "the stars are so aligned"? You can not, of course, without looking back, always blame everything on the stars, often even we ourselves are to blame. But absolutely in any case, if you want to return feelings, love and fully restore the relationship, you can apply the action of a spell.

The essence of the spell

You're probably thinking right now, you can't force your way in, can you? Of course not. A spell is not violence, but only an impetus for the revival of new relationships. This ritual has nothing to do with the usual zombification. Its action can also be reduced to exactly one sentence: returning the person to the very point of the beginning of the relationship.

These are all thoughts and experiences of their own, which are dusty somewhere in the corners of the subconscious: the first photos, kisses in the park, conversations until the morning. Remembering all the past, one begins to awaken the old feelings in a person and love revives again.

The terms of the spell

Love spells do not always work. There are specific conditions and different restrictions. If a girl now dreams of falling in love with Antonio Banderos or a guy is crazy about Jennifer Lopez, magic is simply powerless.

  • Firstly, the opportunity to meet with your loved one(s)
  • Secondly, having one of 3 connections: intellectual, heart or sexual.
  • One last condition: the lover does not have to hold a grudge against you.

When will the spell work

Naturally, we all have problems with patience, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It's worth giving the spell some time. The rite, of natural origin, is now subject to the general cyclical nature of life. The spell must work within 28 days.

This number corresponds to the lunar cycle. A certain day does not know absolutely no one. But there is a regularity: a spell, which is made at the beginning of the lunar cycle, on the waxing moon and that triggered at the end of the loop, on the waning moonit's much more reliable.

How long do different spells last

How long the spells will work depends on the energetic power of the guy and the girl. In general, love spells work from 2 to three months. Here it is worth to make some clarity. It is not about the term of the relationship, and it is about the action of all the spells. If life is already fully established, the family will be preserved for many years.

What you should do after the spell

So, what awaits both of them after the action of the hex itself. The heart "mechanism" is already fully launched. But this is only your chance and nothing more.

Without any of your efforts and endeavours, any, the strongest hex is an empty attempt. If you could turn back the time and try to do everything differently... A successful hex gives you just such a chance.

Act differently, start seducing, make various concessions, if this person is really dear to you. Eliminate all irritating factors. Put on a new dressing gown at home, and the old one with holes - throw it away altogether, cook breakfast, meet always with a smile beloved. And together you will definitely live a long and very happy life.