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What is hexing

What is hexing
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What is a spell in general and whether it can really help, thought absolutely every one of us in any period of life. And a huge number of people have come to this necessity during love without reciprocity, when the heart is completely torn from love, and another person does not pay attention at all.

Hexing - what is it?

What is hexing? Is it real or is it fiction? I will answer: a spell is really a reality. Why is it so rare that we dare to do it, even in the most critical situation?

It starts to happen because of a strong opinion that the magic of a spell is a bad and very dangerous thing. In addition, now many people are sure that it is a real spell can fully perform only a real wizard, and if you spell at home, it is not even known what it can really lead to.

The magic of the spell

Is it white magic or black magic? Let's try to understand a little. To begin with, it is necessary to know that the most popular rite in magic is considered to be a spell.

Every day a large number of girls and guys all over the world turn to magicians for help in order to cast a spell on their loved one. Even the "village hex" has been used quite successfully for many centuries, and some of this folk magic comes right down to us.

Naturally, many people are afraid of love magic, because they fear negative consequences for the beloved, as well as consequences for themselves. But in order to completely avoid such consequences, it is worth distinguishing both black and white charms.

Black spells

There is a type of spell, called cemetery spell, which is now considered quite strong - so much so that even a rare person can completely resist it. And this is very true, as well as the fact that all the consequences of such a ritual will not be able to please at all neither the one who performed it, nor the one who was even bewitched. The cemetery hex is black, which means that absolutely for any result will be charged a certain fee, which can really be far beyond the power of the bewitching person.

This category includes other very strong blood charms, the scheme of work of which is the same - to break the will of a person, to subdue all his emotions only to himself. And in a similar way for them after a certain fee will be charged, which can cause a tangible blow to life - in the form of loss, disease, poverty and even misfortune.

White spell

But there are also white charms, which we inherited from the mystical culture of all our ancestors.

And the fact that they have managed to survive and reach our days is the best proof of their effectiveness. Those who now wish to earn on exoticism and on their base of black magic argue that it is the white spell is completely ineffective. This is far from true: white spell, which works on the level of emotional attachments, is the safest way to arrange your happiness.

It does not involve certain rituals and ceremonies that make the blood run cold in the veins, while being the most effective way to draw the attention of the person you like most of all, and push him to you. The rites of white magic often use candles, prayers and different icons, that is, there is nothing contrary to Christianity or any other religion in them.

In general, these conspiracies are used by women who are interested in how you can bring a man, while at the same time, in general, without causing harm to themselves or him.

How long does the spell work

Among the many spells on the duration of action distinguish long, short-term and even permanent.

  • Short-term hexes work only for a few days or a few months, but not more than that. Such a conspiracy is used when citizens only got acquainted, and someone needs to emotionally bind a certain person. After the full end of the work of the spell, if there are feelings and the couple is created for each other, emotional attachment will not be interrupted. If at the end of the very action of the spell feelings will completely disappear, then it is not worth even to continue - for this couple in general there is no common future.
  • Long-lasting spells can work even for several years. Usually such a strong spell is used when people have been together for several years, perhaps even engaged, but suddenly the husband or wife decided that one person was not enough for them, and they began to cheat, and even leave the house. In such a case, a long lasting spell is applied for a while, until the spouse will not cool down completely.
  • To make permanent hexes - this requires great courage, as a person is tied to himself right for the rest of his life. It will no longer be possible to leave your beloved at all, even if you are completely disappointed in him, because he will not find a place for himself.

House spell

Is it possible to make a spell at home? And in what other conditions did women in the villages perform love magic? That is why now in white magic for creation of certain rites in general and does not require any special devices - all conspiracies and hexes are performed in quite simple conditions and with the simplest set of auxiliary objects - an icon, a candle, water, a lock, salt, a beam, a coin, a broom, a comb and the like.

You will even be surprised to know how many people practice white magic nowadays, namely love spells. It is not accepted to talk about it at all, but it happens even much more often than it seems to us all. Because it is much easier and more reliable to study the topic and perform a hex on your own, than to be in the clutches of charlatans from magic, which may well cripple you both monetarily and energetically.

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