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Psychic method of geological exploration

Tairon oil and minerals exploration
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Scientific methods

As we know, standard scientific methods, such as geophysical methods and geochemical analyses, are used to explore for and find petroleum. Geophysical methods include seismic tomography, electrical tomography, magnetic tomography and other techniques that image underground structures and determine their characteristics, such as composition and location.

Geochemical analyses include analyses of gases, liquids and rocks that may indicate the presence of oil and gas in underground structures. Geological mapping and modelling are also used to predict the presence of oil and gas in certain areas.

It is important to note that the search for fossils is a complex and multi-difficult process that requires highly qualified specialists and the use of modern technology.

Psychic biolocation method

There is a possibility of using psychic bioenergetic search for oil, gas and other minerals. After all, since the very ancient times, shamans and magicians have been finding water in desert terrain. In our time, such a method is also used. And it greatly simplifies the process of exploration and extraction of minerals.

Combining biolocation and scientific methods

And when energy biolocation and scientific exploration methods are combined, significant improvements in performance can be achieved. Biolocation is a method of locating objects by finding the electromagnetic radiation emitted by those objects. This method is useful in geological exploration because it can detect hidden sources of metals and minerals, as well as other underground structures.

Thus, combining biolocation techniques with scientific exploration methods can lead to more accurate and efficient assessment of mineral deposits and ultimately to more successful field development.

Methods of deposit prospecting

We can easily find deposits of valuable resources using our psychic abilities. We can sense the energy fields that occur in rocks when oil and minerals are present.

When a psychic travels to an area to determine the presence of fossils, they may use a variety of methods and techniques including shamanic practices, meditation, earth aura reading, divination, and other ways to get the information they need.

If a psychic discovers the presence of oil or other minerals, he can perform a ritual to strengthen his abilities and make sure that his prediction is correct, to get confirmation of his intuitive feelings.


Here are the pros of using psychic magical oil and fossil prospecting:

  • Fast - psychic methods can greatly simplify and speed up the process of finding and extracting minerals, as a psychic can detect hidden resources that are difficult to find using other methods.
  • Accuracy - A psychic can detect the presence of resources with high accuracy, which can greatly reduce exploration and extraction costs.
  • Saving resources - the use of psychic techniques can save time, money and resources spent on traditional prospecting and mining methods.
  • Low cost - psychic methods can only utilise human factors and do not require complex technical equipment, which can reduce the cost of new equipment.
  • Minimising environmental impact - the use of psychic techniques can enable environmental impact to be minimised as they do not require mechanical work and do not damage the earth's crust.
  • Improved safety - psychic techniques can improve safety in the field as they can detect possible hazards before work begins.
  • Improving the quality of mining - the use of psychic techniques can help improve the quality of mining, as they can detect hidden resources that need to be put into mining projects.


The use of such methods can lead to the discovery of new fossil deposits, which can be very beneficial for the development of national economies.

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