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Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 8 - Heavenly Fire.

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After the completion of the introductory part of the magical training, fully described in the first part of our book, the more serious lessons began. The magical rituals in which I now participated were no longer subject to publicity. The teachers gave permission only to describe the spontaneous effects of my training. Therefore, all the lessons are only partially described in this book.

8.1 A lesson in telekinesis.

A lesson in telekinesis.

"Magician A supreme must be able to do everything"It was the message of the Infinity Teacher to Tyrone. Therefore, the magic lessons included, as I was ready, the whole range of "miracles", Unlike ordinary training, the content of the lessons was not repeated. It was for me not only learning, but also creativity.

Today's magic lesson began with learning telekinesis. Naturally, for the first exercises in telekinesis it is necessary to choose conditions in which the weakest forces are enough to move objects. For example, such an object can be a match on the surface of water. It is necessary to start the exercise after the excitement of the water after immersing the match in it has settled down.

In a telekinesis exercise, I was required to move a match that was on the surface of water. I had to move the match until it reached the "shore", i.e. the edge of a vessel filled with water.

I'm moving the match.

In my attempts to move the match, I tried four thought patterns.

  1. At first I tried to imagine something like an invisible energy hand or manipulator, mentally controlling which I move the match in the desired direction. No luck. The match did not move at all.
  2. The next image I had was to imagine the edge of the vessel as magnetic and the material of the match as iron. According to this thought-image the match should be attracted to the edge of the vessel. The complete immobility of the match in this representation was broken, but the matter did not go further than some oscillations on the spot.
  3. Then my thought-image, transmitted to the match, was the idea of its independence and of receiving the energy necessary for its independent movement. At the action of such a thought-image the oscillations of the match increased, and in its movement, though slowly, but distinctly, there appeared a tendency to a constant drift towards the edge of the vessel.
  4. The match moved for a while. Then it almost stopped. My last image was the thought that it was a part of me. I imagined that I was controlling the match, but not as a foreign object, but as a part of my own body. At this visualisation the match moved again and performed the movement required of it, floating to the edge of the vessel and touching it.

Tyrone was satisfied with this result. Additionally, he told me to align the match. I began to imagine it levelling out, becoming parallel to the edge of the vessel. The match did not move for a while, then it began to align, but not at all the way I wanted it to. It moved to a perpendicular position to the edge of the vessel without ceasing to touch it.

Tyrone now recognised the telekinesis exercise as a complete success. I didn't have time to tell him that the match had moved incorrectly.

The cause of telekinesis.

In comprehending the experiment performed, it would be interesting to understand the reasons for the motion of the match.

  • The movement of the match could have triggered Tyrone's subconscious. He did not consciously give a command to move the match, but his subconscious mind could have had time to perceive such a command when he was formulating the task to me. Although this assumption is unlikely, it is supported by the fact that at the last stage the match did not obey my thought image, but fulfilled Tyrone's command.
  • The movement of the match was triggered by my thought patterns, one of which turned out to be key.
  • The movement of the match was conditioned by my thought images, but the energy realising the thought image came as a result of Tyrone's activation of the corresponding energy flows.
  • Magical Void can be imagined as a holographic spatial computer. Tyrone, when teaching me telekinesis (this is true not only for telekinesis), connected me to the "spatial computer", which executed the commands I formulated.

The magical Void as a spatial computer

The above idea of conceiving of the Magical Void, in which the Magicians are acting, as a holographic spatial computer, which can be called the computer of Infinity, seems to be very fruitful.

From the point of view of programming such a computer, thought-images represent the computer's input commands, and magic channels are communication channels for transmitting input commands.

This analogy should be thought about more deeply. For now, let us note that it resolves a number of contradictions known from the history of magic. For example, such as this: how can some spirits, as evidenced by Swedenborg, fulfil the orders of a magician, at the same time completely unaware of his existence? It turns out that spirits obey not the magician in reality, but this spatial computer. The magician is able to formulate a programme for the spatial computer.

Earlier we have already noted the similarity between magic and programming. Now it becomes clear that there is not just an external similarity, but a deep analogy.

  • Different magical practices appear to us as different programming languages for the spatial computer. Modern programming uses a number of languages such as Pascal, C++, Java, etc. Each of the languages is most effective in a particular application domain. Similarly, the effectiveness of magical practices depends on the magic tasks to be solved.
  • The inadmissibility of mixing elements of different magical practices becomes clear. A mixed magical practice will not work in the same way as a programme written in a certain programming language, but in which commands from another language are inserted, will not function.
  • Programming languages are traditionally divided into low-level languages, which focus on the hardware capabilities of the computer, and high-level languages, which focus on the user or application domain. Low-level languages contain a set of primitive instructions, each of which represents a detailed instruction to the processor. The commands in high-level languages, compared to those in low-level languages, are macro commands that optimally replace typical sequences of actions. In a completely similar way, magic can be categorised into primitive, i.e. low level magic, and higher, i.e. high level magic. Low and high in such classification means not the worst and the best, but characterises the structure, the mechanism, the degree of detail of the corresponding magical practice. Modern magic is seen to me in the proposed gradation as high-level magic.
  • The above considerations allow us to enrich our understanding of mantras. Mantras appear to us as commands to the spatial computer.
  • Programs, both computer and magical, cannot begin to run without certain keywords that trigger the programs to run.

The Infinity Computer is alive.

To clarify the above analogies, it is necessary to add that there is a fundamental difference between the Infinity computer and the computers we are used to at the end of the XX century. The Infinity computer is alive, unlike the usual computers.

The transition from dead technology to living technology is yet to be experienced by mankind. Probably, a leap in space exploration will occur only when people realise that only a living spaceship is capable of long galactic journeys. Only the living are able to come into direct contact with the Void and achieve their goals on its basis.

Inadmissibility of amateurism.

A characteristic feature of magic lessons on telekinesis and other psi-phenomena is the inadmissibility of amateurism, i.e. a complete ban on homework at the initial stage of training. The rule "it is easier to learn again than to retrain" for magical actions has the character of law.

The point is that magical training is carried out in the energy flow of the Teacher, which allows the initial and subsequent skills to be properly formed. The desire to test one's emerging abilities, to boast before others, etc. can lead to inadmissible amateurism in this process. Inadmissible not only from the point of view of magical safety, which should not be forgotten, but also in terms of developing an incorrect connection to the relevant forces. Such connection, fixed on the unconscious level, is rather difficult to change. The practical consequence of the wrong connection is the impossibility of mastering this psi-capability at the current level of the student's energy. Only much later, at a qualitatively higher level, a new attempt to train the initially incorrectly formed psi-capability is possible.

As a visual image of the above considerations, we can imagine magic learning as a rocket flight, the initial section of which is ballistic, i.e. during the movement along it no independent motion control can be switched on. Even the slightest error during takeoff along the ballistic trajectory leads after some time of flight to a significant deviation from the optimal calculated trajectory. Such deviation can be eliminated only after acquiring the ability to controlled flight, to independent movement.

8.2 A lesson in clairvoyance

In a series of ongoing lessons, the attempts to activate my clairvoyant ability were more active and purposeful. The obstacle to the perception of information through clairvoyance at first was still logic, which in its own way tried to deduce the result from some of its own models, which did not work due to the natural lack of initial data. For example, in one of the initial clairvoyance lessons, numbers in opaque envelopes were offered for recognition. Logical thinking tried to perceive information from clairvoyance by copying other people's techniques. I tried to imagine the figures as surfacing from water, as appearing as a luminous outline through the envelope, as appearing on some internal screen, etc. It was necessary not to copy, but to search for something of one's own. The subconscious rather than the conscious mind should have been the leader in such a search. Probably, the strategy of waiting rather than searching is more appropriate; one should not try to see with all one's might, but wait carefully and attentively for what will appear to you. One should not ask oneself how it happens, but tune in precisely to receive the end result.

In these exercises, Tyrone was no longer guessing, he was getting accurate information as a mage. All his attempts, which could only be counted several dozen during one lesson, were successful. It is meaningless to speak about the probability of events when the determination of the desired results of clairvoyance, for example, the value of the numbers in the envelope, is absolutely accurate at any number of attempts. This is the fundamental difference between a psychic possessing the ability to clairvoyance and a magician activating clairvoyance to solve certain magical tasks. A psychic, although he gives results, the probability of which significantly exceeds the confidence limits [Confidence limits in probability theory mean the limits of the confidence interval, where statistical values fall with a probability not lower than a given one], is still not capable of obtaining knowledge, i.e. accurate information.

8.3 A lesson in pyrokinesis.

The next magical lesson was to learn pyrokinesis. Unlike telekinesis, it is difficult to suggest some object for pyrokinesis, for which the weakest efforts are enough to ignite.

Maybe pyrokinesis training should begin with the development of the ability to purposefully change the temperature of a selected object remotely, which can be controlled with a thermometer? Such an assumption seems obvious only at first glance. Those conditions which are necessary for physical mechanisms of fire occurrence are not necessarily those for non-physical effects. The ignition of objects of experience at pyrokinesis may not be connected with the preliminary increase of their temperature. And the flame itself can be cold, i.e. not burning. Here an analogy with the appearance of such a flame and so-called "cold thermonuclear fusion" comes to mind.

When learning pyrokinesis, one must learn to work directly with the structure of fire. As an initial exercise, Tyrone suggested that I try not to light a candle, but to put out a candle that was already burning.

In my attempts to extinguish the candle, I tried using 3 thought patterns.

  • At first I imagined water pouring over a candle flame.
  • Then my thought image was a glass, impervious to air, placed on top of a candle.
  • Then I tried to strengthen the previous image by imagining not a glass, but a ball of air-impermeable material gradually shrinking around the fire.

My attempts had no success. No changes in the flame of the candle were recorded.

8.4 Changes in flame structure

Connecting to the powers of the League of the Faithful.

In order to activate the energy flow, Tyrone sent me together with student A. to the balcony. We sat on chairs opposite each other, held hands crosswise, thus forming the outline of the infinity symbol. Disciple A. began, and I followed him in reciting the great mantra "Supreme Faith".

The words of "Supreme Faith" are secret because this great mantra gives a direct link to the Teachers of the League of Faithful. Tyrone had received permission from them to give me the words of "Supreme Faith" just before this magic class, so I didn't know them firmly by heart yet. Saying the mantra together allowed me to memorise its words well and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

The main effect of our joint pronunciation of the mantra "Higher Faith" was the inclusion of a powerful energy flow of the channel of communication with the League of the Faithful. I think that the subsequent change in the structure of the fire would not have been possible without this switch-on.

Changing the structure of the fire.

After reading Higher Faith, we returned to the room. The pyrokinesis lesson continued. Tyrone now gave me the task of increasing the flame of the candle and added: "try to change the structure of the fire." By changing the structure of the fire, as it later turned out, he meant exactly increasing or decreasing the flame. However, I took Tyrone's words about the need to change the structure of the fire literally and began to search my mind for a suitable image.

The last time we worked with fire was during the magical procedure of fire cutting, already described in the book. From that magical operation I remembered well the feeling of explosion, explosion, which arose at the spontaneous appearance of fire at the last stage of the operation. On the basis of this sensation still fresh in my memory I tried to form a thought-image of a change in the structure of fire and to direct it to the flame of a candle. The result of the experience exceeded all our expectations.

Let's try to reconstruct all the details of the events as accurately as possible. The candle was on the table, and besides it there was a table lamp. The electric light in the room was switched off. I was sitting on a chair about a metre and a half away from the table with the candle. Tyrone and apprentice A. were behind me at a distance of 2.5 to 3 metres from the candle. The candle itself was a semicircular glass jar about 7 centimetres high, with red coloured wax inside. Such candles burn long enough. The candle was not new. About a centimetre of wax had already burned out, and along the edge of the jar there were a few half-burned matches stuck into the wax.

Everyone was silent. I tried to tune in and change the structure of the candle flame with the help of the formed thought image. For some time no changes in the burning process were observed. Then the candle went out for a short time, and then lit up again. Such an effect happens when melted wax floods the wick. A design flaw in the type of candle to which the candle we used belonged is that it faded out quite frequently. I thought that our experiment had come to an end, for in order to light the candle it was necessary to free the wick from the wax.

However, further events took an unexpected turn. The candle went out for the second time. It should be noted that both times the candle extinguished without smoke formation. Then its entire surface flashed for a moment. After the flash, the flame had a new structure: now it had two sources.

  • A piece of match sticking out near the edge of the jar burned white.
  • A blue flame blazed in the centre of the candle, in the place of the usual concentration of flames.

We moved closer to the candle to get a better look at the new structure of the fire. As we bent over the candle, we could not feel the heat coming from it, although the flame was quite high.

Our main attention was attracted by the blue fire. We took the white flame as an ordinary flame of a lit match, and only later it became clear that this fire also had unusual properties.

Tyrone forbade us to touch the fire, which was already clearly an energy phenomenon. He recited a mantra to himself, took a knife that was lying nearby, and used it to put out the match fire. Only a blue flame remained on the surface of the candle.

Now we had the opportunity to observe the blue fire in its pure form. The wick, located at the place of concentration of blue fire, did not light up. The blue fire had some invisible to the eye own source, not connected with the candle wick. Unlike ordinary fire, the blue fire had a fairly well-defined surface. It could be compared to a luminous ball inside of which a blue gas was burning. Inside such a ball any points of fire concentration were not noticed; glowing or burning had a uniform character.

The size of the ball gradually decreased. Tyrone called a man who had been in another room during the previous events to look at the miracle that had appeared. However, this person was apparently an outsider in his energy, because when he arrived, the ball of blue fire began to rapidly decrease in size and then disappeared.

The blessed fire.

When comprehending the conducted experiment, it would be interesting to understand the reasons for the change in the structure of fire. It is difficult to give a precise answer here, but nevertheless we will make some preliminary considerations.

Let us first briefly dwell on white fire. Let us list its properties, which in our opinion seem extraordinary.

  • Normal flames have a yellow hue, but the flame observed had a white hue, which is why I started calling it a "white" fire.
  • The white fire had no smoke or the smoke was not noticeable at all.
  • The flame of the white fire was much higher than that of the blue fire.
  • The height of the white flame was much higher than the possible height of the flame of the fire from the piece of match sticking above the surface of the candle.
  • In its properties, a piece of sticking match does not resemble the wick of a candle. Later we tried to light such a protruding piece, but it was not easy to do so. When we succeeded in lighting a piece of match sticking out of the wax and having the same height as in the experiment, its flame had very small dimensions - a little more than the height of the piece itself.

In search of analogies, I watched the film "Graceful Fire" from the video edition of "Orthodoxy in the Holy Land" produced by the Russian Spiritual Mission in Jerusalem of the Moscow Patriarchate. The white fire we observed bore a complete resemblance to the Grace Fire lit from the Heavenly Fire on Holy Saturday at the Holy Sepulchre. Additionally, I asked pilgrims who had been to the Easter celebration at the descent of the Holy Fire. They noted that the Holy Fire

  • Has a lighter flame than a normal fire;
  • doesn't burn, at least not for the first time after lighting it;
  • gives off almost no smoke;
  • has a flame height much greater than that of a conventional fire.

The listed properties allow us to speak, if not about the complete identity of the Blessed Fire and the white fire observed by us, then about the very close nature of these fire phenomena. The visible difference between them is that the Blessed Fire does not burn, and white fire has heat. Though the mentioned property of the Blessed Fire can only be a consequence of a certain magical action, occurring at the mass ecstatic mood of believers, arising at the ceremony of the descent of the fire. In various spiritual practices there is a rite of firewalking in which even a slightly trained person walks barefoot on burning or smouldering coals or even on lava without any burns. Whether this is so or not could be decided by a little experiment with the Grace Fire. The basis for such an experiment could be the following essential detail of fire-walking. When passing through fire, only the open surface of the human body is not susceptible to it. Any things are deprived of such a marvellous protection and catch fire in the same way as in the absence of a magical ritual.

Heavenly fire.

If the white fire can somehow be explained from a physical point of view, the phenomenon of blue fire seems to be a real miracle, arising and living according to heavenly laws. We have already encountered blue fire in the fire cutting, but today's phenomenon was even more unique.

  • The blue fire was not so much a spontaneous phenomenon as the result of deliberate magical practice.
  • The place where the blue fire appeared was not a forest, but an ordinary city flat. We can say that the phenomenon of fire was less spontaneous and more conscious.
  • Blue fire was observed in its pure form, without any physical combustion. This fact testifies to a completely autonomous source of blue fire, which could not be reasonably asserted when it was observed mixed with ordinary fire.
  • The structure of the blue fire was clearly visible.
  • The blue fire had a continuous glow, while in the fire cut-off the fire had a pronounced discrete pulsation type character.

Comparing white and blue fire, we can suggest that white fire is a transitional phenomenon to blue fire. Blue fire appears to be a purely non-material, celestial phenomenon, while white fire has the features of both a material phenomenon that retains its connection with material sources and with the mechanisms of physical combustion, and a non-material phenomenon characterised by its extraordinary properties.

Let's try to find analogies of the observed blue fire with known miraculous phenomena.

The first thing that comes to mind is the analogy with the Heavenly Fire, which periodically appears and serves as the source of the Holy Fire on Holy Saturday at the Holy Sepulchre. However, a careful viewing of the film "The Graceful Fire" did not confirm such an assumption. The VCR allows you to take a freeze frame at the flash of the Heavenly Fire. On the freeze-frames clearly visible structure of flashes, having the form of horizontal lightning with several branches.

I once again asked the pilgrims to clarify whether there were any phenomena of continuous fire on the columns or elsewhere in the temple. The pilgrims said that they were not aware of such occurrences, but they reported a different character of the Heavenly Fire on Holy Saturday behind closed doors, directly at the Holy Sepulchre, where only the patriarch enters for the lighting of the Holy Fire. According to the testimony of His Beatitude Diodorus I, Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and All Palestine, at the descent of the Holy Fire on the surface of the Holy Sepulchre itself, glowing droplets of bluish Heavenly Fire first appear on the surface of the Holy Sepulchre, which then become larger and larger, finally merging into a large drop of blue fire, from which the Holy Fire can be lit.

Thus, the blue fire, observed by us, has full similarity with the Heavenly Fire. It is interesting, whether the appearance of blue fire is connected exclusively with Orthodoxy or is inherent in general contacts with the Higher World? After a cursory review of the available literature it becomes clear that the phenomena of Heavenly Fire are quite universal.

  • In Orthodox practice, apart from the descent of the Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulchre, there are known cases of icons glowing with blue light. For example, such a blue glow is mentioned in the life of St Seraphim of Sarov.
  • In the paganism of the ancient Slavs, one of the greatest holidays was the Feast of Perun. On this feast there was the appearance of blue fire and lightning.
  • Е. I. Roerich in her letters tells how once while travelling in Tibet she found a ball of blue fire on her bed. This ball did not burn, one could immerse one's hands in it.
  • Theosophy speaks of the blue fire of Space, which is present everywhere in the world. Achieving a certain concentration in Fiery Meditation allows, as H.P. Blavatsky states, the blue fire to manifest in the physical world.

Comparison with celestial phenomena allows us to draw an analogy between the phenomena of blue fire and the appearance of ball lightning. You will probably immediately say that ball lightning is a gigantic clot of electricity, which is obviously far from a blue ball in which you can immerse your hands. Dipping your hands into ball lightning is apparently suicidal. In fact, modern science does not know the reasons for the formation of ball lightning. However, it is known that a thunderstorm is only a concomitant phenomenon. Repeatedly recorded ball lightning in completely calm weather, passing ball lightning through people without any harm to them. So, not everything is as simple as they teach in school.

Who caused the blue fire?

When comprehending the phenomenon of blue fire, when trying to change the structure of the flame, two questions remained unsolved for me.

  1. Who exactly was the originator of the blue fire?
  2. Why does the blue fire pulsate in one case and not in the other?

The first question is important for me in the following sense. If we take the external side of all previous magical actions, we can say that I took a passive position in them, close to the position of an observer. Some of the telepathic effects that took place during my endeavours could be described in a quite materialistic way. Of course the previous stage was not my personal introduction to magic, because in magic theory and practice cannot be separated. Learning magic cannot have a preliminary stage, so it began immediately when I began to make purposeful contact with Tyrone. However, there was no talk of any outward progress in magic training. Again, if we look at the purely external side of the phenomena, the change in the structure of the fire can be considered the first real evidence of my progress on the path of magic.

The question as to whether it was I, or Tyrone, or the Gurus, or someone else who initiated the change in the structure of the fire, is really meaningless. Such a question comes from the habit of the physical consciousness of separation. In the magical world, however, the key is unity, not separation. We are all part or likeness of the One, we are all immersed in the intelligent and creative Infinity. The question: Did I do it or did the teacher do it? - separates you from the teacher, while any energetic communication is possible only by the law of communicating vessels (if we take a physical analogy) or by the law of resonances (if we mean the wave nature of the fields of consciousness). The laws of energetic communication allow us to say that in any action you perform under the guidance of the Teacher, you yourself act as a part of the Teacher, his power and image.

One thing only I would like to emphasise: the change in the structure of the fire occurred after reciting the universal mantra "Supreme Faith", which seems to be one of the main reasons for the observed phenomenon of blue fire.

The cause of the pulsation of the blue fire.

In conclusion of the discussion of the blue fire phenomenon observed by us, let us dwell on the clarification of the question about the causes of its pulsation. The analysis of all the facts related to the pulsation of the blue fire allows us to put forward a hypothesis: the pulsation of the fire characterises the quality of the established channel of communication with the Fiery World. Fire pulsation is a sign of unstable communication. The duration of the pulsation interval is an indicator of instability. At the extreme degree of instability the duration of the communication session tends to zero, fire pulsation looks like lightning. A stable Channel gives a continuous glow.

The scenario of establishing a stable connection with the Fire World can be visualised in the following characteristic pictures.

  1. There are brief flashes in the form of blue silent lightning. I observed this initial stage during one of the magical actions on the roof.
  2. The frequency of flashes becomes more frequent and their strength increases.
  3. Flashes are no longer instantaneous. During the flash one can already clearly see the structure of lightning. Such stages are well traced in the film "The Blessed Fire" when the moment of the descent of the Blessed Fire on Great Saturday is approaching.
  4. The flashes begin to form a whole grid of lightning. The trace of such a grid of lightnings we observed in the form of a sign pattern formed inside the glass walls of the jar used in the ritual of protection of the dwelling.
  5. The thickness of lightning increases. Within the general area where lightnings occur, whole regions of space, occupying a much smaller total volume in comparison with the general area, begin to flash.
  6. The duration of flashes of regions of space grows to a brief glow.
  7. Within the pulsating regions of short-lived luminescence, much smaller regions of continuous luminescence appear. Such phases we observed at the fire cut-off.
  8. Areas of continuous luminescence expand to the size of the corresponding pulsating areas.
  9. The pulsations stop. We see one or more spatial areas of continuous blue fire, having a spherical or flattened shape. This is already a stage of a stable channel of communication with the Fiery World. The areas of blue can continuously deform, increase or decrease in their geometric dimensions, according to the change of the power of the signals transmitted through the Channel.

In the same sequence, only in reverse order, there is disconnection from the communication channel. We are dealing with non-material phenomena, so the stages can occur instantaneously in the physical time scale. For the same reason, some of the stages can take place on the energy level and not manifest themselves in the material world.

8.5 Appearance of the colour image

The change in the structure of the fire completed the magical lessons for the day. It was time to start the ritual, which is no longer described here in the book. Before leaving, Tyrone decided to show me the quality of the black-and-white video camera that was going to be used in the magic laboratory to record other-material manifestations.

The video camera was connected to a colour television set in the same room where the change in the structure of the fire had just taken place. I looked at the image on the camera. For the tiny size of the video camera, it gave a fairly good quality.

We didn't expect any miracles from the camcorder. At first there were none. The viewfinder of the camera was directed to a part of the room where there was a table with a table lamp and we were. We looked at ourselves from the outside for a while, which is always interesting. We were about to finish this viewing when I noticed an unusual detail on the TV screen: the space above the table was yellow in colour.

At first I thought that it was the result of some defect in the equipment: either there was a weak magnetic spot on the screen of the TV kinescope, or there was a design flaw in the camcorder. I took the camera in my hands and started shooting from different points. The assumption of a hardware defect had to be discarded. The following curious effects were observed when moving the video camera.

  • The yellow blur of the camera stayed where it was.
  • The colour of the spot disappeared when the camera moved. When the movement stopped, the colour appeared smoothly.
  • The colour of the spot was not observed from some shooting points. At certain angles the spot became green or pink in colour.
  • The area of space, which acquired a certain colour when filming with a black-and-white camera, had quite clear boundaries. The area was spherical, slightly elongated vertically, i.e. had the shape of an ellipsoid. The dimensions of the area were approximately: 0.8m vertically, 0.7m horizontally, 0.5m in depth.
  • In the dynamics of the manifestation of colour, there was an initial stage in which the region of space that would then acquire colour was first filled with light.
  • The light that filled the area of colour was outwardly similar to the glow that envelops a table lamp when viewed from the street in foggy weather. However, a closer look revealed unusual properties of this light. It had a kind of denseness in which this area of space and the lamp in it were immersed (when looking at the image given by the video camera on the TV screen) when the video camera lens was pointed in their direction. One could assume that this effect could be explained by the low resolution of the video camera. However, the camera easily recorded even the glowing tungsten filament of the bulb at a close distance to it, so this assumption was dropped. It was possible to put a hand into the dense glow, which dissolved into the light in the image on the TV screen.

In comprehending the recorded effect of the appearance of a colour image from a black and white camera, I had the following questions.

  1. Was this effect of energetic nature? Is it possible to propose a physical model of such a phenomenon?
  2. Is the effect permanent or temporary, occurring only for the duration of the energy work?
  3. Is the effect related to the magical experience of changing the structure of fire that was conducted around the same place?
  4. Can a black and white camera in principle produce a colour image?

To answer these questions, we reproduced the situation a couple of days later, with the same lighting, position of the video camera and objects in the room. No effects registered before were observed. Consequently, the effect had an energetic nature and was manifested when the interaction with foreign material structures was activated.

Next time, when working in a similar or similar energy, it will be necessary to record the effect of a colour image from a black-and-white camera on a video recorder. Such a recording will allow us to understand whether the perceiving consciousness is involved in such a phenomenon. If the recorded effect remains on the tape record, it will confirm the presence of physical changes in the process of film shooting. If viewing the VCR record will not give the seen effect, it follows that we deal as if with an additional channel of perception of the surrounding world by our consciousness. At such Channel the image, given by video camera, has an additional physically not registered energy component, at perception of which in our brain the sensation of colour is formed. The solution of this alternative will further allow to answer the questions formulated above or to come up with clarifying experiments.

In order to understand the question whether a black-and-white camera can produce a colour image in principle, I turned to special technical literature and additionally consulted with experts. The conclusion is unambiguous: a black-and-white camera cannot, in principle, produce a colour image. This conclusion is conditioned by several circumstances, including the following:

  1. sensitivity of the receiving elements in a black-and-white video camera is much lower than the minimum required to form a colour image,
  2. A black and white video camera generates a single signal that is fed simultaneously to all three electron beam guns, each of which in a colour TV set is responsible for generating a particular colour (red, yellow, blue). At the same time, for the formation of any colour it is necessary to differentiate the signals. For example, only the "yellow" gun is involved in the formation of yellow colour; green colour is produced by the "yellow" and "blue" guns, and pink colour is obtained as a result of the work of the "red" gun with the additional inclusion of the other two guns.

8.6 End of the described experiment

Today Tyrone called me and announced the decision of the Teachers, who considered the stages of the experiment to be sufficient for the introduction to magic. Now my task is to quickly complete the description of the miraculous phenomena that have taken place, so that the perception of new ones does not erase the details of the past ones from my memory.

Next, perception and learning that cannot yet be described in books awaits me.