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Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 7 - Materialisation.

Table of Contents

7.1 Materialisation


On this day an experiment was planned, the main purpose of which was to cut me off with a fire circle. In this action, when a person is in the fire circle, there is a short-term disconnection of his consciousness from everyday life. Such cutting off gives an opportunity to perceive by consciousness or subconsciousness information from the Higher Powers.

The fire circle could be made with ordinary combustibles or with magic. Tyrone decided it would be easiest to use the usual means.

For the experiment, I was required to grab a jerry can of petrol and eight pieces of red candles that can stand steadily.

Magic is a bridge.

Magic gives you the ability to communicate with other worlds and cross over to other dimensions.


Tyrone demonstrated one of the most amazing experiments - materialisation. Nowadays, the Indian saint Sai Baba, who has the ability to materialise, is known all over the world. But Sai Baba materialises so-called "sacred ashes", and this substance is dead. Tyrone showed me the materialisation of living objects.

It all started when Tyrone called me to the mirror and gave me an exercise. I stood in front of the mirror, clenched my hand into a fist, concentrated, and imagined that something alive appeared in my hand, absorbing energy from the physical world and, through the mirror, from the astral world. I tried to fulfil the received task, but nothing happened.

Tyrone watched my attempts while he tuned in to the experiment. Then, concentrating hard, he showed me how to do it. And the result was absolutely fantastic: on Tyrone's hand, which had unclenched after concentration and was soaked with tension, lay a black lump, which on closer examination turned out to be a small larva of a living beetle. The larva already had transparent wings and a chitinous covering. It did not move.

The result of the experiment was not entirely satisfactory to Tyrone. He said that he did not have a clear idea of the expected result of materialisation, just wanting to get something alive. Tyrone gathered his strength again and made another attempt.

The next attempts were unsuccessful, but he didn't give up, concentrating and straining more and more. At the same time he had time to explain his actions. According to him, in order to materialise, one must concentrate all faith, attract cosmic energy from the surrounding space, throw away all thoughts and switch on magical powers as much as possible. Only then materialisation becomes possible.

His tension grew stronger and stronger. Tyrone was sweating from the exertion. I, acting as a spectator, began to feel the flow of energy: my stomach began to vibrate and goosebumps started to form in the top of my head. Finally, another attempt was successful: a grain of rice appeared on Tyrone's hand. Now the materialisation satisfied Tyrone, for it was the grain of rice that he had imagined in his attempts.

It would be very interesting to see how the materialised rice grain would germinate. That day I took it home and planted it in the ground. We had never grown rice, and rice is not considered a houseplant, so I had to go through botany books to find a recipe for growing it.

The energy of materialisation.

From the outside, the effect of materialisation of a small rice may not seem quite impressive. To understand the enormity of such an effect, we turn to physics [P. Feynman, R. Leighton, M. Sands. Feynman Lectures on Physics: Space, Time, Motion. - M.: Mir, 1967. - 168 p.] and try to estimate the energy expended.

The famous Einstein's relation between mass m and energy E of a system is known from the special theory of relativity. It shows that in any physical process not mass and energy separately, but the total energy of the system (including its own energy) is conserved.

According to Einstein's formula, even a small amount of matter contains gigantic energy (eigenenergy associated with mass).

We have not weighed the rice, so we will qualitatively estimate the energy contained in one gram of materialised substance.

That's roughly what the first atomic bomb detonated in 1945 was.

7.2 The power of the raven spirit

Still under the impression of the tension associated with materialisation, we moved on to the next magical operation. Tyrone had bought a jar of fresh red caviar for this operation.

The object of the new magical operation was a dead crow, or rather, its spirit. The task of the operation was to obtain the abilities of the crow, which, after the death of the physical body, the spirit could no longer use, but still controlled. In order to obtain the rights to use these abilities, it was necessary to offer the spirit of the crow some energy exchange. Therefore, it was necessary not just a dead crow, but a recently deceased one. Such a crow had yet to be found. You couldn't find a dead crow in any city, you needed some kind of clue.

Tyrone determined that somewhere in the area of the garden we approached was the carcass of the crow we were looking for. To get a more accurate clue, Tyrone turned to the birds through mantra and thought pattern. At first no birds were visible, then several excited birds appeared in the sky. From their flight, Tyrone determined the direction where the crow we were looking for was located. We moved in that direction, but our path was blocked by a tall garden fence. There were no holes in the fence, so we had to climb over it to continue in the direction we had chosen.

Tyrone made a different decision, however. Tuning into the Channel, he received information that a crow was lying very close to the fence. We moved around the perimeter of the fence and indeed found a dead crow. Then I mentally drew a blueprint and it turned out that the crow was indeed lying on the previously determined direction indicated to us by the birds.

Our energy offering to the spirit of the crow was fresh caviar, or rather, the energy that was still contained in the eggs. We began the ritual. Tyrone recited special mantras, and I repeated my constant energy mantra. The crow lay with its paws up. During the magical work, I noticed that a glowing dot had formed above her belly, about five centimetres away.

In the next stage of the ritual, in which Tyrone moved on to other mantras, I placed the contents of the caviar jar on the belly of the crow. Tyrone had warned me not to touch it in any way, so my actions were extremely careful.

That was the end of the ritual, but a little later it had an unexpected sequel. We stopped for petrol, which was required for the fire cutting procedure. While emptying the petrol canister, I inadvertently poured the water from it directly onto the corpse of another crow lying on the roadside, as if to sacrifice something extra to the crow spirit.

7.3 Radiation management

To leave the city, after the magic action with the crow, we drove towards the Moscow Ring Road. To clarify the road, we stopped at a traffic police station before leaving the city. Tyrone used this stop for another experiment.

The traffic police post was equipped with a Geiger counter to monitor the radiation situation. When we arrived, the counter read 8.5. Tyrone proposed an exercise to me: he would try to increase the counter reading, while I would try to influence the counter to decrease the reading.

Such a peculiar competition ended clearly not in my favour. The meter began to rise, with only one downward fluctuation. When the readings reached the 10.5 mark, Tyrone stopped what he was doing. We drove faster away from the traffic police post so that the policemen would not inadvertently think that we had radioactive items. As we drove away, I glanced at the meter. Its readings were gradually decreasing and had already reached "9.0".

I did not understand how the Geiger counter could be affected. I tried to ask Tyrone about it, but he said only that it was necessary to affect the radiation background of the area, not the device itself.

7.4 Uphill

The fog is clearing.

Leaving Moscow, we did not immediately go to the forest clearing, where later the fiery manifestations took place. At first we interacted with the Structures in this place. For this purpose we stopped on the side of a country road and climbed up a large pipe running along the field. A mist was spreading over the field.

Tyrone began to recite mantras, and I echoed him. The fog in front of us began to clear. The fog in front of us began to clear. For example, a plucked branch of wormwood suddenly lost its pungent odour, which was clearly present when it was plucked.


There was a large mountain of rubble beside the road, which served as the basis for the creative visualisation experience. I had to imagine that I was attracted to the moonlight. My task was to let go of all ordinary thoughts and doubts and walk towards the moonlight on the crumbling gravel under my feet in the absolute conviction that it was really attracting me and that I would reach the top of the mound.

Tyrone ran up the mountain first, followed by me. He made it to the top easily, but I took the last few steps the hard way. Standing at the top of the mountain, ignoring the occasional passing cars below, I tried to feel the pull of the moonlight, to physically feel the structure of space.

Going downstairs was also an exercise in creative visualisation. You had to imagine that under your feet were not gravel, but stairs, and calmly walk down the stairs as if they were stairs.

7.5 Fire phenomena

Fiery cut-off.

Now we come to the most interesting part. We drove to a suitable forest clearing, took petrol and candles with us, put on our amulets, and walked down the road to the forest clearing. Tyrone told me that today we were not working with the necropolis, but directly with the League of the Faithful.

After the initial mantras, we arranged the candles in a circle and I sat in the centre of the circle. I had to continuously recite a special mantra. At times I could feel the night mosquitoes attracted by the candle fire landing on my back, and at other times I did not feel them for some reason.

After a while, Tyrone put two lit candles in my hands. I continued to recite the mantra. Tyrone connected directly to the Channel and periodically gave me information from the Channel.

Then I stepped out of the circle. In the next exercise I had to run round the candles in a clockwise direction with increasing speed. As I ran, my attention was focused on not stepping on the candles or running away from the circle. When Tyrone gave the command to stop, the world around me shook. I even had to grab onto Tyrone to keep from falling.

What was the purpose of this run? As Tyrone said, while running around the circle, I had no everyday thoughts (I was only thinking about not stepping on the candles), so the Structures were able to give me their information and energy. Running along the circle of candles was a means of distracting the mind from everyday thoughts.

And then the real manifestations of the Structures that came into contact with us began.

I sat down in the centre of the circle again. Tyrone took a can of petrol, stepped about half a metre to the outside of the circle and began to pour a thin stream of petrol to form a wider circle. He started pouring in front of me and moved anti-clockwise. Halfway round the circle, he was at my back.

Suddenly the petrol burst into flames, not just in one place, but all at once. Tyrone hadn't set it on fire, the small candles were far away from the spilled petrol, so it was a direct effect of the Structures. Tyrone immediately threw the petrol canister away into the bushes, so that the fire manifestation wouldn't take over the petrol in the canister.

I continued to recite the mantras until the fire began to fade. This was the end of the procedure, but not the end of the fiery manifestations.

Fiery manifestation.

At the conclusion of the procedure of fiery cutting off, Tyrone addressed the Structures with a request to indicate My Way. In response, Knowledge was given, the process of transmission of which was accompanied by a fiery manifestation.

Tyrone flicked the lighter and began to bring it to the ground. When it was about forty centimetres from the ground, the grass in front of Tyrone burst into flames. The fire drew a straight line across the grass ten metres ahead. There was no petrol this way, the fire flash had a completely spontaneous nature. The flash of fire gave me the feeling of an upsurge, a break into the unknown.

We watched the fire, which after a while began to die down. Tyrone did not put it out, saying that this fire was controlled by the Structures.

We collected the candles and went to the car. We were on our way back, but we had to stop. The path of fire, which was a manifestation of the other world, was gradually fading, but at the end of the path the fire did not even think of fading. On the contrary, it was growing stronger and could spread to the trees.

It was getting serious, and there could be a big fire. Just in case, we decided to put out the fire. We took all the water containers we could find in the car and set off to extinguish the forest fire.

As we approached the fire, we filled it completely with water. Amazingly, the fire continued to blaze with the same vigour. It kept burning through the puddle of water! When we saw this, we realised that we had rushed to put it out by physical means. Only mantras worked on this fire. Taking a closer look, we could draw the following conclusions about the structure of the "miraculous" fire.

  • It consisted of two components. In addition to the normal flames, there was also a blue transparent fire that seemed to form the basis of the entire flame.
  • The blue fire was not extinguished by water. An attempt to extinguish some place occupied by the fire, for example, by stepping on it with a shoe, resulted in the shoe itself being covered by the fire.
  • No sources of blue fire were visible. It appeared as if from nothing, the "area of birth" was a certain layer of near-Earth space.
  • The blue fire pulsed periodically. At each pulse beat, the fire covered the entire "birth area".
  • The blue fire occupied a permanent area. If there was no longer any flame even from above in that area, it was enough to step on the ground in that area and the fire would reappear.
  • The blue fire was like a laser beam or the light from a neon lamp.
  • The blue fire had a constant burning rate and did not die out. At the same time, the presence of a limited material source of fire usually leads to a gradual decrease in the intensity of the burning process, which we did not observe.

Next to the large fire, three small blue lights with a similar structure pulsed for a long time. It was possible to examine them in detail, which was a safer matter than scrutinising the large fire. Each flame emerged from a small layer that looked like a circle with a diameter of three to four centimetres, about one centimetre deep. The fires pulsed with the same periodicity, about once every ten seconds, as the big fire. Where the flames had already died out, it was possible to stir up the place where they had originated, but no flammable substances were found.

I wanted to try whether the blue fire was scalding or some kind of cold plasma type phenomenon. But Tyrone kept me from wanting to touch the blue fire, warning me to be extremely careful with any energy phenomena.

A thorough inspection of all the places where the fire originated showed that there were no traces of petrol or other flammable substances. Peat or natural gas burns in a similar way. However, the closeness of the burning phenomena here is only external. Perhaps the blue fire that sometimes appears near the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is of a similar nature.

Finally, under the influence of a purifying mantra that interrupted any energy flows, the fire suddenly went out.

We headed home, ending an eventful day with our standard cleansing magic treatments.

7.6 Those who work in the Void


About the Straight Path.

After reading the book "Mystics and Magicians of Tibet" I have an impression that the Straight Path even for Tibet is a miraculous path of the chosen ones, most Tibetans follow the common path, observing the statutes of the traditional religion, which is more susceptible to foreign material manifestations compared to the religions of Europe. And the Manifestations themselves due to the highest natural energy of Tibet occur much more often than in other countries.

At present, an ever deeper analogy is being discovered between the super-modern achievements of world scientific thought on the one hand, and the super-archaic concepts of ancient, mainly Eastern, wisdom on the other. And now let us try to imagine what the highest level was reached by the consciousness of those whose upward journey began in deep antiquity from the level to which modern science is only now approaching!

About the words "mysticism" and "magic."

The language of any nation reflects the structure of its consciousness. If the consciousness weakly perceives some area of the external or internal world, the corresponding gap will be felt in the language. For example, instead of one word "kiss" existing in the Russian language, the Arabic language has 18 words; 11 words are used to designate different types of consciousness in Tibet.

We have only two words to describe the vast spiritual realms of knowledge and action of the human spirit - "mysticism" and "magic". Therefore, we should not be surprised at the existence of a multitude of the most bizarre interpretations with which these words are associated by different people. The impossibility of verbally distinguishing one's own field of study and the necessity of pre-defining the concepts used in every communication with other people concerning this subject is felt.

"Magicians of the Faithful operate in the Void."

«Magicians of the Faithful operate in the Void, controlling unstructured chaos". These words from the message of the Teacher of Infinity to Tyrone require for their perception a deep understanding and detailed comments. Let us at least try to outline the ways of understanding. The key in the above definition of the action of a magician is the concept of "emptiness".


There are certain associations with the concept of the Void.

  1. The simplest understanding of Emptiness is the absence of things. One can come to the feeling of such emptiness by mentally visualising any picture and then successively erasing one by one all the elements of the picture. This emptiness can be compared to an empty canvas on which a picture is painted.
  2. The closest image for physics to perceive the Void is the vacuum. This image is close to the previous association, but expands it. In vacuum there are no material objects, but there are some physical fields. According to the intensity of the available fields we can distinguish types of vacuum. It is obvious that the interplanetary vacuum must be very different from the interstellar vacuum, and even more so from the intergalactic vacuum.
  3. The next physical image for the perception of the Void arises if we turn to cosmogonic hypotheses. The most popular of such hypotheses states: our physical world arose as a result of the Big Bang, after which the universe was born; after the explosion and up to the present time the physical universe is undergoing a stage of expansion. From this picture of the world it logically follows that there is some primary Void beyond the physical universe.
  4. The next step in understanding the Void is given to us by quantum field theory. The life of elementary particles, from which the material world is built, in quantum field theory is described by wave functions. According to the definition, wave functions reflect changes in probability amplitudes. An elementary particle turns out to be a statistical result of Observation. Thus, outside the measurement, in the absence of the Observer, both the elementary particle and the whole physical world appear to be non-existent. From what, then, is an elementary particle born? It turns out that the particle itself arises from the extra-material reality under the influence of the Observer on it. The extra-material reality itself looks empty from the point of view of the material world. Thus, we naturally come to a completely different concept of the Void than the one we had before. The Void turns out to be not "nothing" but "something", not the absence of things, but the receptacle of all possible variants of all things. The transition to another concept of the Void turns out to be practically identical with the transition from the understanding of the necromere as the world of the absence of life to the understanding of the necromere as the world of .Life, the world encompassing and giving physical life. Obviously, such an analogy is not at all accidental. It is possible that the words "emptiness" and "necromir" are simply different sides, different terms for the designation of the One, hidden from physical perception and material science based on it.
  5. Modern physics turns out to be very close to the philosophy of ancient India, the understanding of the Void as the Absolute.

Magician's Action.

Finding out the meaning of the concept of "emptiness" brings us closer to understanding the essence of the actions of magic.

Quantum theory allows us to interpret the magician as part of the Observer, shaping the physical world by measuring immaterial reality. However, the magician not only observes, he also performs, actively shaping matter for a certain purpose. Purposeful observation of non-material reality is the "Creation in the Void".

How does this Verification take place? The material for it is the fabric of the Void - unstructured chaos. The method of Verstering is the structuring of chaos. The structure is communicated to the Void through thought-forms. The interaction between thought-forms and the Void is done through mantras.


The principle of mantras.

Mantras are one of the main tools of modern magic. On what is the power of their action based? We can discuss several possible variants of the principles of their action.

  • The whole world has a wave nature. Sound excites acoustic vibrations. Electrical fluctuations of brain activity initiates vibrational processes on the non-material level of the world.
  • The physical world is pervaded by the vacuum, the magical Void. Mantras through human consciousness come into interaction with the Void.
  • The sounds of mantras excite vibrations in the energy body of a person. As a result of such energetic excitation a person acquires the capabilities of a receiving and transmitting antenna.

Before resting.

It was time for the planned holiday. On the one hand, I didn't want to interrupt such an interesting experiment in learning magic. On the other hand, the accumulated fatigue was already making itself felt, and my body had set itself up for a pause, giving me a chance to recover. Besides, it was becoming clear that magic lessons were not only an extraordinary fragment of a rather ordinary life, but a real beginning of a new life, which would require tension and concentration of all available forces.

Before leaving on holiday, Tyrone gave me some recommendations.

  • One should not engage in conversations on mystical topics while on holiday (this was relayed to me by Channeling).
  • The goal of a holiday in a foreign country is to free yourself from the ordinary.
  • Mantras cannot be recited while flying on an aeroplane, otherwise considerable energy will be required from the Higher Powers to create and maintain the shield-protection.

Communication is slowing down.

My consciousness is now at the stage when the power of ordinariness is being destroyed. But any communication inhibits this process, fixes the consciousness at the achieved stage. In monasteries, when talking, they try not to look into the eyes, so as not to destroy the spiritual state achieved in prayers.

There are no little things.

Informal communication with others is capable of confusing, knocking you out of the Flow. Any change of a fragment of the pattern changes the pattern as a whole. The possibility of such a sharp change follows from the model of the holographic structure of the world. We can say that there are no trifles at all.

When carrying out a magical operation, nothing should be changed in it on the basis of logical reasoning. It is not necessary to try to reason about the logicality of this or that magical action or to discuss the possibility of any improvement of the ritual. It is necessary to accept everything as it is, because that is how the Universe is organised at the moment.

The subconscious mind as interpreter.

The Direct Channel has a very powerful energy, which the human consciousness is not immediately able to withstand. Therefore, at first an intermediary or connection of a person through the indirect Channel is required. The intermediary can be a person's subconsciousness.

The subconsciousness acts as a translator, transformer of information, a shock absorber of energy of the direct Channel. The language of the subconscious mind is the images that are associatively understandable to a person. For example, in a dream the subconsciousness gives the necessary information in the most accessible way, that is why one should be able to understand one's dreams. Similarly, the subconsciousness presents the information of the Direct Channel to the consciousness in the most accessible way.

The information of the direct Channel is in the language of the Higher Forces, therefore, an interpreter is needed to translate it into the usual language of consciousness.

As Tyrone says, the direct Channel is clear, but it is very difficult to express it to others. Divine music is much easier to perceive than to transmit it to people, to describe one's impression of it. What is received through images and thoughts through the indirect Channel, i.e. what has already passed through the available system of subconscious interpretation, is much easier to tell, to convey to people.

Understanding in the Channel-to-Channel system.

Channels give the possibility not only of contact with Teachers, but also the possibility of understanding any other person in the absence of knowledge of their language. For Channels, the situation is the opposite of ordinary communication, in which to understand a person it is necessary to talk to him. Channel-Channel is understanding, but not communication with another person. Communication requires a common language.

Understanding is a creative process.

Understanding is a creative process, because it materialises the meaning of a higher level of Being on a lower level. Such translation is impossible without creativity, creation of a new, though at a relatively lower level. Creativity itself is the translation of the divine into human language.

Hieroglyph of sound.

When trying to analyse mantras and their magical effect, one wants to rely on the usual scientific methodology.

The analytical approach in science includes:

  1. breaking down the phenomena under study into elementary components;
  2. highlighting the links between them;
  3. element analysis;
  4. creation of private models of elements and their connections;
  5. obtaining a general model of the phenomenon under study on the basis of private ones;
  6. assessing the adequacy and applicability limits of the generic model;
  7. conducting research on the model;
  8. interpretation of the obtained modelling results.

According to this approach, analyses of the effects of mantras can begin by investigating the effects on the individual sounds that make up the mantras.

A sound or chord (combination of sounds) can mean more than a word. For example, in the film "Kin-dza-dza", the combination of "ku" had many meanings, depending on the pitch of pronunciation and the accompanying gestures.

The above statement looks, at first glance, surprising, because in habitual everyday speech sounds are only elements of pronunciation of words. How can a part be greater than the whole?

To accept this possibility, let us recall the initial stage of the emergence of writing. At that time letters were connected with hieroglyphs, i.e. symbolic designations of a whole class of phenomena. Any combination of letters led to the interaction of classes of phenomena, and hence to a multiplication of the number of possible interpretations. Over time, each word, originally composed of hieroglyphs, was associated with an ever smaller number of its meanings. In the business speech of modern man, the use of words tends to the uniqueness of the corresponding meanings, eliminating the possibility of misinterpretation of words. Only in poetry and in humour is the polysemousness of words the basis of speech, not a negative property.

7.7. Black rice.


Tasks during rest time.

While on holiday in the south, I tackled three challenges:

  1. to clear the "RAM" of the mind, to learn not to think at all for a while; "
  2. try the practice of continuous energy work using energy mantras and a system of mantras for working with the chakras;
  3. to remember on rides the sensation of taking off.

Energy cleansing.

The day after I returned from my holiday, Tyrone came to my house. He performed a magical energy cleansing procedure.

For the procedure, Tyrone took some rice and, with the help of certain mantras, prepared it to receive the foreign energy.

The purification procedure itself consisted of pouring the prepared rice on the open palm of my right hand. I clenched my hand with rice into a fist and imagined that all the negative energy and information was transferred into the rice. After that I threw the spent rice out of the window.

Black rice.

The above described magical procedure of cleansing from alien information was accompanied by a certain manifestation: a black rice suddenly appeared among the white ones. After the procedure was over, we wanted to take a closer look at this rice, but it had disappeared. Having examined the floor, we found nothing. Either the bean had dematerialised, or it was not material at all.

Thus, we have clearly seen the result of cleansing a person from foreign energy.

Change in stone.

The unusual phenomena did not end there. When I mentally imagined that the light energy was entering the pebble brought from the holiday, it changed in response: the line of white inclusions in the rock increased its length by several millimetres, turning from a broken line into a closed line.

Aura sparks.

When we were going down the lift, which had a burned-out light bulb that day, Tyrone's apprentice saw our auras clearly. The auras, he said, were in a normal state, with sparks glinting on the surface.

Apparently, the appearance of sparks on the surface of the auras was caused by a thunderstorm approaching Moscow, accompanying a terrible hurricane, which had not been seen in Moscow since 1904.

7.1 Hurricane

Tyrone had offered me a magical operation to work with elemental energies that day, if I wished, but left the choice up to me. After resting, I was still not up to speed and did not want to participate in the operation, and as a result I missed a unique opportunity to experience the most powerful elemental energies. This missed opportunity served as a good lesson for me for the future.

And on this day, or rather at midnight, something unimaginable was happening in Moscow. Two air fronts, warm and cold, met over the city, resulting in a huge pressure drop in the area where they collided, which caused winds of unprecedented strength. The next morning, the television showed uprooted perennial trees, mangled billboards, torn crosses from churches, and other telltale signs of the hurricane.

Surprisingly, in doing so, not only did I not end up on the roof with Tyrone, but I missed the whole cataclysmic event altogether.

Even before the storm, Tyrone had been given the assignment to work on the roof tonight with the energy of the elements, even though the magnitude of the natural phenomenon had not been announced in advance. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be up on the roof that night, with hurricane winds and lightning flashing beside you.

During the storm, Tyrone was working with elemental energy on the roof. I decided to write a book instead of participating in the operation, but the lights went out after the storm, and I didn't have time to write anything.

The missed opportunity served as a lesson to me for the future: the main thing is the direct magical work, and not all discussions about it, however useful they may seem to others. The natural desire of the conscious and subconscious mind for cosiness and comfort in the matter of learning magic is a terrible brake and therefore must be ruthlessly discarded.

Returning to Tyrone's rooftop operation during the hurricane, he said the lightning bolts struck practically next to the house and the hurricane winds almost blew it off the roof. In the rarefied atmosphere, there was a special thrill of contact with the raging forces of the elements. Tyrone's task during this operation was not to absorb the energy of the elements into himself, but to transform it into the energy of the League of Summoners. Tyrone didn't register any special effects like miracles. What was of interest were the lightning bolts, or rather a system of lightning bolts, which together made up certain signs of the Higher Powers, and several times, as Tyrone noted, these signs were very similar to the system of lines that made up the sign that had appeared at one time (this effect is described above) inside a glass jar after a home defence conspiracy.

7.9 On the usefulness of magicians

About amateurs.

In magic, as in any other business, there are many dilettantes per one master. We are not talking here about charlatans who deliberately and for their own benefit deceive people and discredit magic. They form their own judgement and are not worth our attention. Here we are talking about those who are satisfied with the achieved level, begin to exploit it and do magic only for their own pleasure. Such people can reasonably be called dilettantes [Recall that the word dilettante comes from the Italian "diletante" - to please, amuse, and denotes amateurs, superficially familiar and engaged in any art or science without special training, for their own pleasure].

The Straight Path does not tolerate stoppages resulting from satisfaction with what has been achieved. Just as a short-term stoppage of the heart carries with it a mortal danger for a human being, so also a stoppage of movement for a magician is fraught with the possibility of the end of his life in the magical world. By the way, the same principle applies in science. Movement carries life with it.

The question arises: and if a person is overwhelmed by everyday life and therefore he is no longer able to actively lead a magical life, is there any benefit for those who continue to move from it?

The first thought that comes to mind is regret about the weakness of man and the assertion that he is useless and unworthy of being a magician. However, not everything here is so simple and obvious as it seems at first sight. Let us consider this problem in a broader formulation.

On the usefulness of magicians.

In-depth reflection yields a number of surprising conclusions in defence of dilettantes and magicians.

  • In any ecological system each part plays a certain role. If any part of the system is destroyed, the harmony of the whole is disturbed.
  • Real masters will not show their miracles in front of the public. They are not interested and do not need it. But then who will show these miracles to a modern man who has long since given up on them. The actor playing the role of Father Christmas really gives children a sense of wonder.
  • Magic deals with very powerful energies. Demonstrating real effects, the magician has to use a lot of energy for a protective shield, not to mention "fool-proofing". Therefore, a real magical phenomenon is unique and dangerous to the uninitiated surrounding. The task of magicians is to show miraculous phenomena without resorting to magical energy.
  • Dilettantes play the role of popularisers in science, who are far from its current level, but play the extremely important role of disseminators of scientific achievements.
  • The magicians work with the masses, while the master works individually or with a few students.
  • Magicians are on the plane of the material world, so their efforts must have a monetary reward. People in the physical world attach value to what they have paid money for. Accordingly, the more money paid, the greater the value of the spectacle seems to be.
  • The actions of a magician depend on many factors, so the time, place, type of magical operation is often difficult to determine in advance. All the more that it is difficult for a magician to conduct a magical action like a performance.
  • Magical action is creative and cannot follow a strictly defined script.
  • The actions of a magician are influenced by the consciousness of the audience. At magical action an outsider by his passive and sceptical attitude can slow down or change a course of magical operation. It is possible to tell that at magic action at all there should be no spectators.
  • The magic action involves the Forces, which can pursue their own goals, as a result of which the result of the magic action can be unexpected for the magician himself, much less for the spectator.
  • The magician's job is to provide an insight into the possibility of magically changing the world and a sense of wonder.
  • Magicians as if protect the magician, taking the weight of attention of people greedy for spectacle, their natural desires and questions.
  • An example from geology. Diamonds and gold are not lying around. When searching for precious rocks, geologists always look for associated rocks. Finding elements of associated rocks indicates the possibility of finding the gemstones or metals sought in the area. The presence of a large number of amateurs in the area indicates that there is real magic in the area.
  • Perception of the magical world requires a person's complicity and a great expenditure of physical, mental and psychic energy for the conscious perception of the magical action. Not everyone can afford such a high fee. Not everyone can wear jewellery, so costume jewellery is in great demand. Amateurs and magicians fulfil the same need for costume jewellery in relation to magic.
  • Testing the power of aspiration. Often a person, having mastered the simplest magic actions and become interesting or significant in the eyes of others, loses interest in magic and stops. Another variant: a person, having made sure that the tricks shown to him are not miracles, easily generalises this statement and does not seek further. So, he is not yet ready to perceive the world of magic. Only the serious seeker is able to continue his purposeful search and reach the real magic. Thus, dilettantes and magicians also fulfil the role of a sifting sieve.
  • Magicians with their actions give a sense of wonder, a sense of touching the higher world, a sense of celebration. This breaks the power of everyday life, the illusion of materiality of the surrounding world, limiting ideas about the possibilities and purpose of man.

7.10. Purpose of the tests


How do you imagine going to the Canal?

Many times in the dialogue with Tyrone the topic of his feelings when connecting to the Channel was touched upon. One cannot expect the same experiences from oneself - it is a personal perception of a living miracle. What then can the feeling of the Channel be compared to, how can it be imagined? Tyrone says. In the affairs of the world the soul aches, but on the Channel it soars. The state of the Channel is as difficult to explain to another person as it is to convey colour sensations to a person blind from birth.

Tyrone told me the following Eastern parable: When the disciple asked the Master, "Is the water in the well cold?" the Master replied by pouring a bucket of well water on the questioner. This parable in this case can be understood as the impossibility of imagining the sensation of the Channel until one enters it oneself.

Where to get away from the ordinary?

Sometimes a tempting picture arises before the inner eye: to lock oneself away from the world in some small cell and pray, and think, and create. This is how people used to go into hermitages to free themselves from the ordinary.

However, wherever a person goes, he carries himself everywhere. Therefore, going into a "monastery" does not mean automatic liberation from the power of everyday life. If a person leaves the world for a certain period of time, then when he returns to the world, ordinariness embraces him with increased force. The inner mechanisms of overcoming the power of everyday life may atrophy during the time of being out of the world. If a person leaves the world permanently, then in his chosen "monastery" he falls under the power of another ordinariness.

The real field of struggle against everyday life is the inner world of man. Every time one leaves the ordinary, it is a creative act, a breakthrough to inner freedom.

Indirect Channel.

Tyrone says I'm getting an indirect Channel now. What is that? A channel not with consciousness, but only with subconsciousness? Or the ability to use only the images and concepts available in the consciousness and logically connected with them when perceiving information?

Openness of consciousness.

Fragments of a magic place, intervals of magic time - all this is an impulse perception of Infinity. In this case the structure of the habitual space-time changes or disappears. In these intervals the human consciousness is open for perception of the Highest.

Become a Channel yourself.

What does the Direct Channel give to a person and people around him/her? Perception of energy and information of the direct Channel gives an opportunity to transmit them to people, and thus to become a conductor of the Channel.

The incentive is there is a limitation.

Do I have an incentive to practise magic? For a long time I was puzzled by this question, until I finally realised that I had no incentive to practice magic. This negative answer confused me at first. However, this denial means that in the visible future I have no reason to stop practising magic, being satisfied with the level I have reached. Moreover, practising magic has become the driving force of my spiritual growth. Therefore, I was able to answer such a question to myself with another question: does a person need an incentive to breathe?

Any goal has a twofold effect: an inducement to move when it is ahead of the person, and an inhibiting effect when it has already been achieved. Therefore, any stimulus to magic or other activity represents at the same time a potential limitation of this activity.

Incentives are good at the initial stages of movement, when it is difficult for a person to see beyond his own narrow horizon. Then stimuli encourage a person to move on certain parts of the path. At the end of a section, a new stimulus must be formed. The same is the case in science: a task is only fully solved when a new task appears on the horizon and arouses interest.

The unknowable is a fundamental element of magic.

There are fundamentally unknowable Structures. Unlike scientific disciplines, no area of magic can be fully cognised. The unknowable is beyond the boundaries of science. At the same time, the unknowable is inside magic and is one of its fundamental elements.

Why does religion limit a person's access to knowledge?

Religion restricts human access to knowledge. This restriction is not because it is "opium for the people" and wants to keep people in the dark of ignorance, but because such a restriction follows from the very essence of religion, from its foundation on faith. Muslims say: "Why should we read books when everything is in the Koran; any book has only a part of what is in the Koran, then it should not be read, or it contradicts the Koran, then it should not be read.


The astral world and travelling in it have been much discussed in esoteric literature. In addition to the knowledge gained from the literature, from Tyrone's stories about his personal astral experience I have learnt some new details about the structure of the astral.

  • Through the astral it is possible to travel to any star, to any particular world.
  • You can read any book without cracking it open.
  • In the astral, it is possible to encounter foreign material consciousness.
  • Necromir is kind of like the astral for the astral.
  • The astral has a space' and time that is different from physical space.
  • The soul can travel not only in the astral, but also outside of time, outside of space.

Understand without thinking.

Usually understanding comes to us after long reflection. A long way of assimilation is inevitable for external knowledge. Besides the physical consciousness that processes information about the external world, there is the spiritual consciousness that perceives information from the inner world of man. For knowledge whose source is the inner world, there is a shorter path where one can understand without thinking.

Algorithms are the essence of ordinariness.

In any fact, action, there is a logical and illogical side. If our attitude is to search for the logical, then, after its discovery, we reduce the whole phenomenon to its logical part, discarding everything illogical.

In teaching magic it is necessary to leave the everyday life. Actions in everyday life occur according to a set of logical constructions in the form of algorithms and programmes. For learning magic it is necessary to get away from the power of algorithms, to see in any phenomenon first of all unusual, illogical, not forgetting about logical explanation.

Resistance of algorithms.

Any person living in the physical world is under the control of everyday life, at the mercy of algorithms of everyday life. These algorithms make it possible to save energy and perform routine operations "on autopilot". However, everything has to be paid for. The price for using "autopilot" is the disappearance of details in the perception of details, refusal to accept illogical actions of oneself and the surrounding world, simplification of the world and people to the level of simple models that are easily explained and predicted.

Algorithms resist perceptual thinning.

Test Objective.

Why do Spiritual Teachers give their disciples tests? The obvious answer is to test the knowledge and skills learnt, but this answer may be far from the truth. I think that Teachers who have an incomparably higher level of knowledge and vision do not need to test their disciples. By means of tests it is possible not only to evaluate the degree of assimilation of known knowledge and skills, but also to reveal the creative potential of the unknowable lurking inside the test subject.

A human being in ordinary life can be likened to a biorobot, so the farther away from the everyday life a person is during the test, the higher the probability of discovering in him the creativity that manifests itself in the most unexpected ways.

The opposite is also true: any departure from the ordinary is a test of the individual.

According to the modern definition of "information", data about an event carry the more information the less probable the event is. Similarly, in the tests of pupils: the more unexpected qualities they show, the more information about the pupil the Teachers receive.

7.11 Illumination of the amulet


Illuminating the amulet with the energy of the League of the Faithful.

On this day, the task of practical magical action was to illuminate my amulet with the energy of the League of the Faithful.

I carried the amulet with me everywhere during my holidays so that it could absorb the energy of different geographical locations. The amulet only "develops" through magical operations with it, but to a certain extent it is also capable of developing on its own. During my holiday I collected stones and water samples from the sea and mountain springs, which were needed today for additional charging of the amulet during its illumination with the energy of the League of the Faithful.

After my arrival at Tyrone's house, the amulet was placed on a special sheet with mantras and magical formulas prepared for the consecration ritual. Tyrone took a stack of magazines and offered me to choose one of my favourites, which I did. Then the magic ritual began. During the preparatory stage of the ritual, I was required to recite an energy mantra while opening all the pages of the magazine one by one and holding my palm on each of them. This magical procedure, as Tyrone explained, allowed me to make the pages of the magazine visible in the astral.

After the preparatory stage of the ritual was over, I put on the amulet, took the stones and jars with water samples brought from the holiday, a journal, a folder with a sheet on which Tyrone had already written the magic formulas and mantras necessary for the ritual. We went to the roof.

On the roof, Tyrone drew my attention to the strange-shaped dark silhouettes in the clouds. A small bolt of lightning flashed for a moment in the sky at the indicated spot, though there was no thunderstorm; there were light clouds above and below that spot.

The whole magical operation of consecrating the amulet was performed in accordance with the instructions on the Channel. At first, on Tyrone's signal, I put the amulet on the place allocated for it in the centre of the magic sheet, put bottles with water and stones on the roof surface to my left and right and began to recite the mantras written in the lower right corner of the sheet. I had to end the recitation of the mantras also on a signal. After a few seconds the reading was paused as Tyrone received information through the Channel that I needed to move a few metres forward. I moved to the right place and continued reciting the mantras.

The time was past midnight, the text of the mantras was not clearly visible, so I had to hold it close to my eyes to read it. All my attention was directed to the reading of the mantras. It was not until Tyrone signalled me to finish that I took my mind off the mantras.

Tyrone stood about eight metres ahead of me, performing magic on the magazine lying in the rain puddle at his feet. The pages of the magazine were turning themselves.


Suddenly, the magazine burst into flames, and it burned in the middle, not at the edges, even though it was partially submerged in water. Tyrone noticed the fire, but not only didn't stop, but even stepped up his actions. The fire went out after a while, then flared up again.

When the fire went out a second time, Tyrone walked quickly over to me. At his sign, I took my amulet from around my neck. My haste even tore the leather rope on which the amulet hung. Tyrone grabbed the amulet, rushed to the open journal and placed the amulet on the centre of the journal. At this time, I continued reciting mantras from the magic sheet, while Tyrone was operating with the amulet lying on the burnt magazine.

After finishing the actions, Tyrone brought the amulet to me. The final step was to place the folder with the magic sheet on the surface of the roof, lower the amulet onto the centre of the sheet, pour water from the bottles onto my hands, from which the water flowed directly onto the amulet below. When the water from the first bottle was pouring, I had to recite my energy mantra, and when the turn came to the second bottle, I had to express my wishes to the Teachers of the League of the Faithful.

After the end of this action, the amulet was wrapped in a wet sheet in order (as I understood) to absorb the information of the magic formulae from the sheet into the amulet. All other elements of the magic action had to be left on the roof. 24.06.98

Turning on the Channel is like a gunshot.

You need to be ready for Channeling at any minute, not just under some special conditions of magical operations.

When shooting, good shooters do not wait for a shot, but pull the trigger smoothly, striving to keep the target in the crosshairs at all times.

Learning through Indirect Channel.

My magical training now also goes through writing a book. Spiritual growth, perception of information from the Channel - all this happens directly or indirectly while writing this book.

I experience the Indirect Channel as a faint mental clue, which is especially clear when I hesitate to formulate a thought while writing.

The Indirect Channel only "touches" the consciousness. Its information can be hidden in trifles, shades, fleeting sensations. Consequently, when describing everyday and magical experience, it is advisable to try to realise all trifles. The global can be hidden in small things.


There should be no gaps in the spiritual movement. A well-known chess law says: "loss of pace and quality is worse than loss of quantity". Tempo is a characteristic of the rhythm of energy. Dynamics is very important, there should be no ending, no stopping, no looking back, as it is told in the sad myth about Orpheus and Eurydice.

Magicians are the bridge between worlds.

In esoteric literature [For example, in the books of A. Bzzant] it is stated that Jesus Christ "by his incarnation and deeds of his known earthly life broke through the energy barrier separating the physical world from the mental world". Through Jesus Christ as through the Channel of connection of worlds ideas and beings of the mental world flowed into the physical world, which was the reason of exponentially rapid intellectual development of mankind for almost two thousand years after the coming of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was the greatest magician. And not only he, but also other saints, magicians, guided by the Higher Powers, the League of the Faithful, are bridges, Channels through which the Divine Wisdom and the Light of the Golden Path are poured out on the world.

Why are ideas about magic so distorted?

Analysing my recent perceptions, existing literature, images of art and models of modern science, I have come to the conclusion that perceptions of magic are highly distorted. One could even say that there is not even a close representation. Nowadays magic is confused with anything. Why is there no understanding of magic in the modern world?

Apparently, because there are very few magicians who actually contact with the Higher Worlds. For those few magicians who really work in their Stream, there are more important and urgent tasks than enlightenment and education of the population. Maybe I, too, having come to the direct Channel, will give up reading and writing any books. Then the book, which you are holding in your hands now, will be born due to the transitional state of my consciousness.

Tyrone says: the highest path of knowledge and perfection is the path of magic. The Channel also said: The necessary ones will follow the path of magic, the unnecessary ones will drop out. The seeker will feel himself and will not lose this feeling. The supreme mission is to enter this path.

Magic is not a part, but the basis of a worldview. Therefore, when it is taken seriously, it breaks the existing but not coinciding parts.

League of the Faithful - the consciousness of Infinity. The modern Indian saint Ramakrishna showed through his personal experience that all world religions lead in their movement to one supreme point. There is an optimal way up.

In my opinion, the Straight Path has such an optimal path. It is connected with Christianity, Buddhism, Freemasonry, etc. Magic does not deny other paths, including religion. The Straight Path is an excerpt, a quintessence of the One Path.

The saints have been walking to the Channels for centuries. Having the Supreme knowledge of those who have reached the Channels, it is possible to speed up this way considerably.

If we go further and imagine an infinite number of parallel worlds included in the dimensions of manifested Infinity, and even an infinite number of dimensions of Infinity, the highest points of all worlds appear to form a single attracting set of Infinity.

Infinity Consciousness is, in my mind, the League of the Faithful.

A path of daily discovery.

The path of magic is a path of daily discovery.

A modern scientist during his scientific life is able to reach one, less often - to several discoveries, discussion of which and conclusion of the consequences are more than enough for his life (reflections, titles, positions, publications, etc.).

My task is to reach the direct Channel without being satisfied with any travelling discoveries.

The needle pierces the Channel.

After the stage of chaotic search in different esoteric schools and systems, one should find something of one's own, one's own wave and follow it only. For example, it is impossible to get meaningful information on a radio receiver if you constantly turn the tuning knob.

It is necessary to accurately tune oneself to one chosen wave. At such a tuning personal energy is concentrated in a narrow part of the range, which leads to a sharp increase in sensitivity in this frequency area.

An analogy can be drawn from modern science: while studying at school or university, knowledge from various scientific fields is beneficial for development. When independent scientific work begins, in order to reach the modern scientific level, and even more so to obtain new results, it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible on the chosen narrow specialisation.

Being like a needle, it is possible to penetrate through the thickness of accumulated knowledge to areas not yet known. If a young scientist will "spread his thoughts on the tree", he will not achieve any success. And only having already broken through to the modern level, it is possible to expand the broken channel and come to wide generalisations in one's field of knowledge, and then in the neighbouring fields. Only with such an approach the creative potential that is inherent in a creative scientist can be fully realised. In talented people it can be fully manifested even in different fields of knowledge. However, if a person immediately grabs everything in which he/she wants to achieve success, nothing works.

Soul and magic.

Where does the human soul participate in magical experiences? Such a question can confuse the consciousness, which is used to divide and rule in its perception. In the dividing perception man himself is divided into body and soul, or into body, mind and soul. Thus, by definition, it turns out that everything in man that is not body and mind belongs to the soul.

However, such division, or rather separation, implies non-intersectionality of the separated parts and opposes the parts to each other. In a human being everything is one, so it is closer to the truth to interpret the body, mind, and soul not as separate parts of a person, but as different sides of a single whole.

Another question: is the soul in man or does man belong to the soul? It is difficult to come to an unambiguous answer if we reason under the a priori assumption that the human soul and the man himself belong to the same world. Without touching here the question about the real world of the soul's life, let us try to present the simplest model of a human being, taking into account the presence of his non-physical part (it would be more accurate to say soul, but then the phrase would sound completely soulless).

It seems possible to represent the duality of "man-soul" by analogy with the simplest corpuscular-wave model of the electron. Such a model for a human being allows to take into account two sides of his life activity:

  1. man as a particle is enclosed in the shell of a physical body;
  2. man as a wave is a drop in the ocean of world consciousness.

In the corpuscular-wave model of man, it is wave properties that are naturally associated with the soul, or, perhaps more precisely, resonating with the wave nature of the soul. Then all actions in magic, carried out on the basis of energy flow waves, just happen to take place in the area controlled by the human soul. And in magic, as I believe, the soul is not an image, artistic or religious, but a direct participant, initiator and conductor of magical actions.

7.12. Video footage of the Channel's emergence

Tyrone's students have learnt about the creation of a book dedicated to an introduction to magic and have already started to offer information about the effects they have observed. Systematisation and publication of such information can be a topic for a separate book. Here we will also tell you about the videotaping of the emergence of the Channel.

Let's stipulate right away that we were not present during the filming, but Tyrone has no reason not to trust his students.

The channel appeared spontaneously. Tyrone's students, who were setting up a black-and-white video camera, felt that an energetic phenomenon was occurring in a certain place in the room, and directed the camera lens there. The recording was made directly onto a cassette tape that was in the VCR at that moment. It should be noted that the energy phenomenon was not observed visually.

Viewing the recording made showed the dynamics of the energy channel [I use the word "channel", although it is possible that the registered energetic phenomenon was not a Channel in the meaning of this word as we put it in the text of the book].

In the beginning, two beams appeared, vertically striving towards each other from above and below. It can be assumed that one ray carried the energy of the Earth and the other the energy of the Cosmos.

Video footage of spontaneous energy channeling

@@@@ Figure 7.1. A frame of video footage of a spontaneous energy channel. The phenomenon was not visually observed. The previous frames show two vertical rays moving towards each other. When the rays meet, a central luminous area appeared, which is captured in this image.

When the rays met, a flash occurred (see Fig. 7.1).

As a result of the flash, a luminous region with the centre at the meeting point of the two rays appeared. When the luminous region appeared, the thickness of the rays decreased.

Further, the luminous region pulsated (see Fig. 7.2). In addition, rays emanating from it appeared.

Continued video footage of spontaneous energy channeling

@@@@ Figure 7.2. Continued video footage of the spontaneous energy channel. The central luminous area has increased. In the following frames this energetic phenomenon had pulsation. 26.06.98

There's no coming back from the magical world.

People who have undergone magical training begin to perceive the world differently and do not go back. This is similar to the fact that after leaving the plane into the three-dimensional world it is impossible to go back. That's what going into the magical world is. There is no going back from it.

The Dynamics of Magic.

The idea of magical knowledge as witchcraft recipes contained in ancient handwritten books is quite stable. Hence another name of a magician - "blacksmith".

This view is true to a certain extent for village and primitive magic, but is almost untrue for modern magic.

Of course, there are mantras and magic formulas that have not changed for thousands of years. For example, according to Tyrone, the "Higher Faith" mantra has been around since before the birth of the Earth. However, most practical specifically working mantras have a short life span; more specifically, only specific mantras (or system of mantras) work to achieve a certain goal in a certain area of space and time. Leaving that realm invalidates the current mantra.

You can imagine how many combinations of purpose-place-time-mantra exist. To write them all down in one or more books or even to place them in the INTERNET on the hard drives of modern computers seems to be a hopeless endeavour.

On what, then, can practical magical activity really be based? There are two approaches.

Firstly, based on the cyclic nature of time, it is possible to give practical prescriptions, acting in a given area of space at certain points of time cycles. Such recipes were written down in ancient witchcraft books. This approach to practical magic is the basis of ritual religion, pagan and Christian holidays, ceremonial magic. It has a number of disadvantages and limitations.

  • It is necessary to store magical knowledge, which requires encryption of sorcery recipes, security of storage, large reserves of human and material memory.
  • It is possible to make an error when losing a part of the code, when transmitting and interpreting the recorded algorithms of magical actions.
  • There are no assessments of the limits of applicability, both in space and time. Simply put, it is not clear whether, for example, in 1998 in Moscow, magic recipes from the secret knowledge of the Kahunas (ancient Polynesian magic) obtained before our era will work.
  • There is no possibility of ongoing control of the effectiveness of a particular mantra or magic formula. When witchcraft suddenly stops working, the sorcerer feels helpless and abandoned by his spirits and gods.
  • There is no means of interpolating the available sorcery recipes to other areas of space and time. In short, with this approach the sorcerer has real magical power only in some time intervals, and all other times the available sorcery recipes do not work, the sorcerer needs considerable efforts to maintain, as they say nowadays, his image.

Secondly, the practice of magical activity can and should be based on the most effective mantras received by the magician through an indirect or direct channel of communication with the higher powers. This approach allows to optimise magical actions and, what is very important, to improve the magician himself. Besides, this approach seems to be the most viable, because only self-organising systems can survive and achieve certain goals when functioning in a changing environment.

Living matter is the basis of alchemy.

Everything in magic is based on living things, therefore alchemy must be based on living matter. How can a living substance arise? In my search for an answer to this question I found clues in the books of A. Bailey and G. Gurdjieff.

The Tibetan (Jul Khul), whose teachings are set forth in A. Bailey's books, speaks of the consciousness of the atom. Consequently, even at the lowest, from the point of view of chemistry, level of the structure of physical matter, there is mental life. Let molecules be constructed from atoms according to the known chemical laws, and there is little room for the manifestation of psychic life. At the molecular level the substance may still look dead. However, at the next level, where macromolecules, long-range bonds between molecules and other types of macrostructures are formed, there are all conditions for the emergence of the simplest forms of life.

Г. Gurzhiev in his conversations with P. Uspensky speaks about the superstability of atoms with atomic weights over 200. Such a statement for materialistic chemistry looks absurd, because with increasing atomic weight the connection of atoms in a molecule becomes less and less stable. The last of the discovered elements of Mendeleev's system lived for less than a billionth of a second. However, chemistry does not take into account the mental components of the atom. Molecules with high atomic weights already require their own mental effort to maintain their existence, that is, even at this level we can already talk about the simplest forms of life.

The emergence of the simplest life requires not only a critical psychic mass, but also the most important thing - the structure of the critical mass, its own, so to speak, "unifying idea". The presence of structure means harmony of elements, coherence of radiations. The birth of structure seems to me similar to the emergence of laser radiation. Structure cannot emerge from the chaos of movements and connections. It must be induced from outside, in the case of alchemy - by the field of consciousness of the alchemist himself.

With this understanding of the basis and role of alchemy, the connection between the external representation of alchemy as sorcery for the transformation of one substance into another, for example, lead into gold, and the internal representation as the magical science of the birth of a new spiritual man in oneself (which was encoded in the alchemical image of the birth of the homunculus) becomes obvious.

Levels of consciousness.

Human consciousness through the network of Channels is able to interact with the consciousnesses located at different levels of Being. Interaction between consciousnesses is only a Contact when mutual understanding is possible between them. Is human consciousness able to perceive non-human consciousness? It is difficult to answer this question. Then let us simplify the situation and consider the possibility of contact between different levels of consciousness at the same level of Being.

A close example: in our physical world, individual and group consciousness are at different levels. The world of social consciousness can be radically' different from the world of individual consciousness of the members of a society. How to imagine the world of social consciousness? We will discuss this question a little later. Now we are interested, first of all, in the correlation between the levels of individual and social consciousness. Can we say that the level of one of them is higher or lower than the other?

Let us first take an example from nature. Biologists have long noticed that a structural association of individuals in a population (an anthill, a pack of wolves, a swarm of bees, etc.) demonstrates a higher level of consciousness than a single individual. For example, we see that ants, having clung to a necessary tree limb, amicably drag it to the anthill. At the same time, it turns out that there is no friendship at all: among ants, a fourth or third part drags the twig in the opposite direction from the anthill.

We can still imagine the consciousness of an individual ant acting in the same physical world as ours. But how can we imagine the world in which the consciousness of the whole ant hill operates? After all, it functions, perceives, realises and controls, in some other world, completely different from our usual physical world, although assembled at the elementary level from the same components.

Let's move on. When you ask someone if our Earth is a living being, you usually hear an affirmative answer. But how can we imagine a world that is perceived by the consciousness of the Earth?

In the human world the case, at first glance, is different. A crowd has a more primitive consciousness than a single person. However, the crowd is chaotic and has no clear structure. Apparently, the level of social consciousness is directly related to the degree of social structuring.

There is a concept in the church sobornosti. Collectivity enables the church as a whole to perceive divine truths that are not accessible to individual consciousness.

How do we visualise the world of social consciousness?

In order to imagine the world of social consciousness, let us try to start from the usual world of individual consciousness. One can only guess what transformations can take place during the transition from the level of one type of consciousness to the level of another type of consciousness, even in the same physical world. Being a mathematician by education, I immediately reformulated this question for myself in the form of a task: to imagine the change of the surrounding world when various mathematical actions are applied to it. For certainty, let us consider two associative examples [From the mathematical point of view, such examples may seem not quite correct].

Example. Let's imagine that we live on the complex plane and we can be represented by a circle with centre at zero and unit radius. What will happen to us at the inverse-proportional transformation? At such transformation the outer and inner worlds will change places. Our shell (a circle of unit radius) will remain stationary. The outer infinity will become zero inside us, and the zero of our inner world will pass into the outer infinity. Maybe the ancients spoke about a similar transformation: "know yourself and you will know the whole world", "the Kingdom of Heaven is within us"?

Example. Let's apply the Fourier transform to the world around us. It will take us to the frequency domain, i.e. to the world of waves. Without enumerating all the psychological properties of such a transformation, let us note a fundamental one. A discrete spatial object (a table, a house, a person) turns out to be distributed over the whole wave space. And vice versa, objects that in our space had no discreteness, for example, a radio wave of a certain frequency, turn out to be a point in the wave world. I wonder, to which of the dual worlds does human consciousness actually belong?