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Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 5 - Invisibility.

Table of Contents

5.1 Invisibility

The Thin World in Photographs.

After completing the necropolis experiment, Tyrone decided to try photographing in total darkness. The Polaroid-image camera, as noted, allows you to switch off the flash and take such a picture. Naturally, without involving magic in the photos you will not get anything. Magic makes it possible to capture what is invisible to the human eye.

The place for photographing was a room with no windows and a large mirror hanging on the wall. We put out the light that could get into this room and disturb the conditions of our experiment.

In total darkness, Tyrone took a series of pictures using various mantras. The camera lens was pointed at the mirror.

Polaroid cameras have two remarkable properties for the purposes of our experiment. Firstly, they allow us to immediately see the results of filming, which makes it possible to make necessary corrections in the course of the experiment. Secondly, there is a possibility of visual observation of the progress of the photo developing, which allows us to see dynamic effects that may be absent after the final development.

So what are the most interesting effects that the experiment revealed?

In the upper centre of the first picture there was a round bright red spot and a light streak across the bottom of the picture. At first I thought that the spot was an infra-red imprint from the heat of a light bulb that had just been switched off and was above the mirror. However, two things spoke against this explanation.

  1. Comparing the first picture with others taken from about the same position, I came to the conclusion that the spot was formed in the plane of the mirror, not above it where the bulb was.
  2. The very possibility of capturing the infrared range of the spectrum in a photograph is questionable.

The following images showed roughly similar configurations. The configurations consisted of some sort of red formation and a bright light point or small curve in the centre of the formation.

The formations did not have such a rich colour as the spot on the first picture. You could say that they were translucent. Their shape varied from spherical to vertically elongated, resembling a hooded human figure.

It was unclear about the small curve in the centre of the formation: whether the energy structure was recorded in this way, or whether a trajectory from a single luminous point was obtained due to the long exposure time and some camera shake, inevitable in manual photography. But if we estimate the size of the possible trajectory, the idea of an energy structure is more plausible.

I also tried to take photographs under the same conditions, but since I did not use magic, I failed: without using magic, the Subtle World was not fixed.

Curiously, some of the details in the photos that showed up initially disappeared as the photos were developed.

The only pity is that the photos received are energy photos and they cannot be placed in the book. Energy photos have to be destroyed.

It would be very interesting to take similar shots somewhere in ancient castles in England, Transylvania, France, and generally anywhere that might be haunted.


It would have taken a long time to continue the energy photos in the same vein, but the Channel warned us not to abuse it.

The conducted photographic experiments on fixing the Subtle World based on the use of magic corresponded to the goals of our work, including the writing of a book on magic. However, in the future the Teachers advised not to be fond of such pictures, but to expect more spontaneous manifestations.

An exercise for working with energy flows.

After photographic experiments in an isolated room, we travelled to an open space - the roof of the house.

First, Tyrone suggested that I experiment with energy flows. I had to tune in to the dome of a visible church and imagine that my right hand was sending an energy flow towards the church, and my left hand was receiving the flow from it. My task was to physically feel the flow of energy streams.

I raised my arms, tuned in, trying to do the exercise, but I didn't catch the sensation of flow. The only effect was the feeling of a slight clockwise rotation.

Invisibility in photography.

We still had a few unused shots in the camera cassette. Without switching off the flash, Tyrone filmed me as I was doing the exercise. We hoped that this would produce energetic manifestations. However, no such manifestations were captured in the photograph.

The second shot could be called historical because it captures a unique phenomenon.

Here's how it went down.

Tyrone handed me the camera and stepped back to the moonlit wall of the lift shaft. He held his hands up, said a mantra softly, and said to me, "Take the picture, it might have an unexpected effect. I pointed my lens at Tyrone and took the picture. I could clearly see Tyrone's figure against the lit wall in the viewfinder window.

The camera produced a fresh picture. We waited impatiently for it to appear. As the picture developed, I felt as if a miracle was happening before my eyes. Tyrone was not in the picture! A closer look at the photograph revealed only the faint outline of Tyrone's legs below the knees.

Energy Portrait Perception.

As an experiment, we checked whether the photograph had an energy trace, i.e. a portrait of Tyrone. For this purpose, we showed the photograph to a person who has the ability of clairvoyance. He immediately recognised that there was someone in the photograph. In response to my questions, the man gave a fairly accurate characterisation of Tyrone without suggesting that he was talking about him. At the same time, he also conveyed the psychological feelings of Tyrone himself, who was connected to the Channel at the moment of taking the photo. Thus, the photograph was energetic and therefore had to be destroyed.

A magician should destroy his energy photos for safety reasons, because another magician can use such a photo to connect to the corresponding energy. Such an alien connection can negatively affect both the magician himself and the Channels he works with.

A discussion of the phenomenon of invisibility.

I have been racking my brains for a long time in search of any hypothesis explaining the magic-based effect of invisibility of a person in photography. But so far, based on the read scientific or fantastic literature, I have not managed to come to any acceptable hypothesis. I can only list phenomena that are close in nature.

  • Travellers in India have more than once seen a teacher sitting in the courtyard of a monastery, while the students wander around him, but do not see him. Such an effect, however, could easily be explained by mass hypnosis, but surely such a claim is not justified.
  • "Vampires are not reflected in the mirror", which has been repeatedly used in literature and cinema. If it were possible to explain this phenomenon, we would come close to understanding the phenomenon of invisibility in photography. In general, non-material beings that exist only in our consciousness are not registered by the camera.
  • In the history of invention, there are a number of cases where cameras that could record a person's aura have been proposed for patenting. However, such applications were usually rejected because the invented cameras worked only in the presence of the inventor. The human aura is a non-material phenomenon and therefore cannot be photographed without consciously or unconsciously connected magical abilities of a person. If we consider the magical nature of aura photography, we can come to the conclusion that a person plays the role of a medium in this process. A man gives his energy for manifestation of the Subtle World, being a kind of photoflash in the dark time of day, illuminating the invisible world. Another hypothesis is a change of camera properties in the field of human consciousness.
  • Other close cases can be found in stories about sacred fortune-telling, in testimonies about astral communication, etc. In these cases a person sees in the mirror what is not visible without the mirror. However, our case represents the opposite situation: the camera did not record a really present person.
  • Another possible explanation of the phenomenon of invisibility is related to the ability of human consciousness to change the structure of the surrounding space-time. Such abilities are activated in case of strong emotional shocks. Modern magic is able to switch on similar abilities with the help of mantras.

Aura photography.

In the history of invention, there are a number of cases when cameras allowing to record a person's aura were proposed for patenting. However, such applications were usually rejected because the invented cameras somehow worked only in the presence of the inventor.

The human aura is a foreign-material phenomenon and therefore cannot be photographed without consciously or unconsciously tapping into a person's magical abilities.

Patented photographic systems for aura photography are known. The content of the patents itself is kept secret, but it is possible to understand the basic mechanism of obtaining aura photographs.

It is most likely that the aura is not photographed, but modelled on the basis of electrical potentials taken from biologically active points [The system of biologically active points serves for interaction between the physical and energy bodies of a person]. on the human body. On the basis of statistical processing of readings of psychics possessing ability to see aura, it is possible to reveal correspondences between the state of biologically active points and the state (form, colour range, saturation) of aura. Presence of such correspondences allows to model aura of a concrete person accurately enough on the basis of the received measurements of electropotentials of biologically active points. There remains only a purely technical question of superimposing the aura model on an ordinary photograph of a person.

Reincarnating as a crow


An exercise to tune in before creative work.

Before you start writing a book, you should set yourself up for creative work with the Subtle World. The following exercise is effective for realising this mood:

  • put your palms on two small mirrors lying down;
  • to remember the sensation of Contact;
  • recite the energy (background) mantra several times.

This exercise is not intended to write better or more or to get help from the necropolis. The aim is to create a setting, to find a rhythm.

Reincarnation as a crow.

While walking the dog, the idea came to me to see how my dog perceived the thought patterns created by humans. I remembered one of the first magic lessons on the roof, when Tyrone created a thought image of a bird, and the birds actively responded.

Acting just like Tyrone, I imagined myself as a crow, assumed a bird's pose, and flexed my arms like half-extended wings. I called the dog, who had run away from me during the walk, to see how he reacted. The dog, which had initially rushed joyfully towards me, froze about five metres away from me. Then she looked back and around confusedly, stood there and headed in my direction, but for some reason not towards me, but past me. When it got close to me, still looking past me, somewhere behind my back, at that moment I came out of the image of a crow. The dog immediately recognised me and rushed to my chest with a joyful bark, trying to lick my face with his rough tongue, as he usually does in a burst of joy.

Suddenly, from somewhere in the crown of one of the trees, which had grown abundantly this May, a real crow rushed to my "defence" - it was clearly attacking my dog. I had to run away from the angry bird. No matter how many times we walked in these parts, the birds never once attacked us. There was something that made the crow behave so aggressively.

After reflecting on what had happened, I came to the conclusion that the behaviour of the dog and the crow meant that in their eyes I had indeed ceased to be a human being and had become a bird for a while.

5.3 Magic is the key to the self


An exercise to set the mood when creating.

Today Tyrone offered me another variant of an exercise for creating a mood when creating. The mood is created by activating the attunement to the astral world and the necropolis, when a mirror is placed on the forehead in the area of the "third eye" and the corresponding mantra is recited.

Magic is the key to the self.

Any person is capable of reaching the Highest. For the path to be successful, it is necessary to find the key to oneself, and this can really be done by turning to magic.

The possibilities of magic allow man in the twentieth century to find the key to himself. The monk can cut himself off completely from the world. The more difficult task is to aspire to the Supreme, remaining in the world but not subject to it.

Magic awakens the brain.

It should be taken into account that a human being, being in the "plane" of the physical world, actively uses only a very small part of himself. It has become a common fact that man uses only two to four per cent of his physical brain. What then is the rest for? Mantras and formulas used in magic awaken dormant forces in ordinary conditions and activate brain areas that are not used in everyday life.

Man is truly awakening. Magic is the key to the self. Only an awakened man can realise the greatness of his goals and the limitlessness of his possibilities.

Magic is a means of consciously entering the Network of Channels.

Magic is a means of conscious access to the Network of Channels. Moreover, magic takes a person out of any limiting limits. If we continue the above analogy, with the help of magic the human brain is able to work more than one hundred per cent. In what way? As an answer, we can construct a profound analogy of conscious human life activity in the noosphere [Noosphere - biogeochemical envelope of the Earth, a cumulative product of human consciousness] and the functioning of a computer in the INTERNET network. In such an analogy, the brain of a single person can be likened to a local user computer, which has its own processor, its own permanent and RAM memory, and its own input-output devices. Extreme situations, tasks solved for a long time, as well as intuition use the unconscious output into the unified network of the noosphere. Magic enables a person to purposefully and consciously access the "server" of his "provider", the Channel, thanks to which there is access to infinite wisdom.

Magic Labour.

Magic is not a magic wand, as it seems from the outside. Magic is a hard and persistent labour of a man, his consciousness and subconsciousness. In the course of this labour the real needs of man are met. Tyrone says that everything comes by itself, everything that is really needed, be it money, career, etc. If a person sought in magic only a means of satisfying personal desires, then before letting go on all four sides magic will pay for magical labour a hundredfold, at least so that when the time of disappointment in desires comes, a person will have a chance to return to the true Path.

Not outside, but inside.

Just as one cannot do something half-heartedly, "be a little bit pregnant", one cannot do magic lightly. Magic does not work outside, but inside a person. It is only externally that a person recites mantras, draws formulas, performs magical actions. External effects occur only after changing the inner world of a person, when he immerses from the ordinary world into the magical world.

It is more accurate to say that "magic embraces man" instead of "man does magic". Here we can draw an analogy with human feelings. The ancient Greeks emphasised that man is not subject to true feelings, that it is not "I have fallen in love", but "love embraces me". The same deep interaction exists between human consciousness and the forces of magic.

The power of rethinking life.

A man turns into a magician, starting to live and create in the magical world. Magic gives him the means to control the nature inside and outside of a man, the elements of the physical world and his psyche, the power to rethink life.

Magic takes care of those who go to it.

The principle "magic guards its own secrets" correlates with another principle: if necessary "magic takes care of those who seek it and go to it." [From the Infinity Teacher's message to Tyrone]..... The forces of the magical world themselves realise certain equivalents that ensure the stability of the magician's existence in the surrounding society and physical world.

Eastern Martial Arts.

My own example of short-term "reincarnation" into a crow made me look differently at the ideology of Eastern martial arts, where there are schools of Snake, Tiger, etc. Behind the outward imitation of animal behaviour lies a magical reorganisation of the fighter's inner world, a short-term mental reincarnation into one or another animal.

Without the energy of magical action, it is difficult for a fragile girl to break thick boards or bricks.

The world of magic is "perpendicular to the plane" of physical reality.

Books and everything that is given in books is knowledge detached from the sources of knowledge, and therefore is only a fact of consciousness. Magic, mantras, Channels - all this refers to things outside of consciousness, outside of its "plane", so one should go to them with the source of knowledge - with the Teacher, and go by roads inexplicable for consciousness.

Magic gives means to control the physical world, means to change its reality. However, the world of pure magic is "not bound" to the real physical world. One can figuratively say that the world of magic is "perpendicular to the plane" of physical reality. Any physical actions, successes or failures in the material world are not directly related to the movement in the magical world. Yes, magic influences the physical world, can embody financial or other material help, but only for the purpose of freeing the human consciousness from the control of the surrounding world, creating a push for the human soul to move upwards.

The role of the physical world.

On the Channel, the physical world was compared to a vestige, like an appendix in the human body. The comparison is offensive, but apparently fair. This imaginative comparison helps to better understand the role of the physical world. It appears as an atavism of an inevitable stage of growth. However, in spite of being unnecessary, the destruction of the physical world, like for a human being the operation of appendix removal, leads to a sharp weakening of the immune system of the World.

On the other hand, the role of the physical world in the development of the spirit can be compared to the role of the earth for the grain growing in it.

5.4 Sacred pains and worship of the Gurus

Are sacred pains necessary?

In esoteric books [e.g., A. Naumkin's "Kalagia"]. it is stated that a person's accession to the Subtle World is a so-called Fiery Transmutation accompanied by severe pains in various parts of the body. Do such pains always occur? As Tyrone says, not at all. Only a distorted human consciousness, which has created a thought-image of the Teacher exclusively as a kind, wise and affectionate mentor, to which esoteric books contribute a lot, cannot distinguish between the action of the "stick" and the action of the "carrot".

A teacher is responsible for his students, so approval of successes does not preclude a "flick on the nose" for safety violations or other deviations. When a person believes that the Master cannot punish and regards any pain as sacred, everything is turned upside down. Instead of realising his mistakes and correcting them, the disciple persistently repeats them, resulting in even greater punishment, and so on to the extreme. Maybe this is how "sacred pains" arise, which often testify not to transmutation and growth of spirituality, but to the limitations of human consciousness.

Sacred pains may be an accompanying phenomenon on the Path of some people, but they are not necessary. On the contrary: the absence of pain is a sign of one's maturity in the spiritual life, just as a ripe apple falls by itself and a green one holds on tightly.

Truth is found in the Infinite.

The true action of magic takes place in Infinity (from the Infinity Teacher's message to Tyrone). Magic within the physical world, can only be fully understood from the magic of the infinite. 


The feeling of an easy clue.

For the last few days I have not been able to write at least a few pages into a book, although the impressions from the magic lessons were transferred to the dictaphone. The inertia of past aspirations, everyday life, and current work again took over the energy of my consciousness and loaded my subconscious. Tyrone felt this inhibition and had a two-hour conversation with me, after which I realised the necessity of willful and conscious efforts to keep faithfulness to the Path.

Apart from the case with the reincarnation as a crow, my asset for the last few days has been the feeling of a slight clue, heard especially clearly when I paused while writing a book in search of an image or words necessary to convey an impression or formulate a thought.

Stereotype representations.

The mass consciousness has formed a certain stereotype of ideas about magic. The word "magic" brings up pictures from Gogol's "Viy", Edgar Poe's stories, Goethe's "Faust", and various horror films. At its best, magic is associated with Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita" or David Copperfield's magic tricks. People get their ideas about magic from books by Papius or novels by Carlos Castaneda.

In general, we can say that the general stereotypical view of magic has a negative connotation, which often discourages magic seekers.

Spontaneous effects as a result of residual energy.

Today, Tyrone shared an experience of coming out into our real world without fully parting with unreality. After coming out of the Channeled state into the real world and entering the market, Tyrone involuntarily switched off the lights in a commercial stall and broke the cash register in another. This would have continued to be the case had it not reached Tyrone's consciousness that he was the cause of the breakages. The energy accompanying the residual connection to Unreality began to manifest in the world around him in the form of various spontaneous effects. A similar cause underlies the manifestations of poltergeist.

Conclusion: when leaving the Unreality, one must reset all the energy of the connection so that there are no reflections of it in the real world.

Don't lose momentum.

Now that the time of initial enthusiasm is passing, it is very important not to lose your rhythm. In the transition from the state of "battle reconnaissance" to the constant daily magical work there should be no breaks, stagnation and periods of rocking.

In magic, as in chess, it is very important not to lose momentum. This requires both volitional and conscious effort.

"Thou shalt not make an idol of thyself."

The path of modern man to God is to a great extent individual. However, as long as the Teacher does not take charge of the human movement on this path, the individuality of the path should be soon forgotten. The initial movement really takes place in the channel of that powerful energetic Stream, where a person is located according to national or geographical coordinates. Usually it is the bosom of the Church. For Russia it is the bosom of the Orthodox Church, the Way of centuries of proven rituals, prayers, temples, spiritual asceticism. From the outside, this Way seems archaic, long and slow. It is extremely difficult for a modern person to step on it and move along it. However, without the Supreme Guidance, there seems to be no other realised path.

Often the guiding force in human activity is not God, but the desire to satisfy personal desires. Of course, any personal goal cannot be rejected outright, but it can be "guiding" only at a certain stage, at the end of which such a goal turns from a guiding star into a brake.

A great temptation for a person is the apparent ease of a direct and quick way to God. Often an attractive image arises to compensate for mental unrest: why do we need years of fasting and prayers, spiritual vigils and renunciation of worldly values, pilgrimages to temples and the silence of monastic cells, if it is enough to turn on some light music, light up some fragrant smoke, sit in the lotus posture, immerse oneself in meditation, go out into the astral or mental world and meet the Master, under whose sensitive guidance one can reach the Lord cheerfully, without anguish of doubt. Mastery of the powers of the astral world enables one to perform miracles in front of an enthusiastic crowd and even to feel oneself to be "God".

The number of famous Teachers, published Channels with them, and even portrait photographs of the Highest Essences has recently increased considerably. It seems that the whole Spiritual World is just standing there, holding its breath, waiting for a human being to deign to pay attention to it. We are not talking now about those who do not accept the Higher World on principle; their position is actually not so hopeless: sometimes "from hatred to love is one step". However, the question arises: is it enough for a person who has accepted the existence of God only to raise his eyes to the sky to be there?

What's going on? "Demand gives birth to supply". And so the subconsciousness of a person, fulfilling an individual or social order for contact with the Teacher, forms the image of the Teacher in accordance with the ideal image from the consciousness. In order to persuade, the knowledge of the individual is used, as well as information from the collective unconscious. The model thus obtained easily satisfies religious needs and gives a pleasant feeling of self-selectedness and exclusivity.

The situation is aggravated by the inhabitants of the lower levels of the astral world. They like to dress up in other people's clothes, presenting themselves as Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, an alien, Teacher El Morya, etc. The child psychology inherent in these creatures is the reason for their desire to parrot, show off and play games.

Do you remember the biblical commandment "Thou shalt not make an idol for thyself"? The models of Teachers, created in the way described above, become just such idols. Man finds a surrogate of God, satisfying the human need to feel his own importance. So often Channels are actually contacts with one's own subconsciousness.

Communication with subconsciousness is not a negative phenomenon in itself. Moreover, when subconsciousness becomes the leading in human activity instead of consciousness, this transition is revolutionary in the spiritual development of modern man. By evolution, the subconscious is much older than consciousness, and only a narcissistic and hypertrophied mind can consider itself higher.

It is another matter, as in the case under consideration, when it is not the subconsciousness itself that is leading, but the realisation of the "order" of the consciousness in it. In such an arrangement of forces a person is cut off not only from the Higher Powers, but also from normal contact with his subconsciousness.

If such a situation were an intermediate state of a person's inner spiritual development, a deeply personal matter, one could reasonably hope that the dynamics of spiritual growth would lead a person out of the sphere of stable influence of such idols. It is much worse when a person who believes in his connection with the Higher Powers stops in his spiritual development, goes out into the outer world, where he starts to supposedly heal and teach, preach and bless, judge and punish.

One should be wary of all published Channels. Of course, there are reliable and powerful Channels, but when the publication of their materials tickles the ego of the contactor, an order for a model of the Teacher with the given qualities is immediately switched on in the subconsciousness. Only in this case the model does not replace, but as if complements, retouches the Teacher. And such Channels, which served as the beginning of whole esoteric currents and religious teachings, turn out to be especially dangerous. The information necessary for self-affirmation, which, intertwined with true information, is trustingly perceived by neophytes and followers of teachings, serves as a "spoonful of tartar in a barrel of honey" and poisons the whole Channel.