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Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 4 - Contact with the Necropolis.

Table of Contents

4.1 Why are they interested in us?


For spiritual development, it is imperative to consciously record your lived experiences.

The escalator as a model of consciousness.

A perfect illustration of the behaviour of ordinary consciousness is the situation in the underground when the escalator does not work. Standing on a stationary escalator, some people feel confused, start to sway and even fall, and have to grab the handrails. Why does a stationary escalator cause such a reaction?

Apparently, the reason lies in consciousness. A stationary escalator is something unreal for ordinary consciousness; it rejects the very sight of a stationary escalator. Therefore, commands of orientation in space and body control signals are formed in accordance with the habitual idea of a moving escalator, which leads to inadequate behaviour. The consciousness acts in the same way at any encounters with what it considers unfamiliar.

The way to the Gurus is through the necropolis.

If we try to imagine the world divided into levels, then, in a certain sense, we can say that between the physical world and the world where the life of the Spiritual Teachers takes place, there is the necromere.

There are people who have a gift from above that allows the consciousness of a person to directly perceive the Guru. For the majority of people, in order to reach their Guru, it is necessary to pass through intermediate floors.

Why are they interested in us?

Let us consider the necrocosm and the physical world; how do they relate to each other - is one nested in the other or are they different worlds? Apparently, the understanding of the correlation of worlds as subject-object relations is closer to the truth, in which the necropolis as a subject is determining or even controlling in relation to the physical world as an object. The great difference in the speed of life determines the essential difference of our worlds.

The difference of the worlds makes them interested in us. What kind of interest? Interest can be in our knowledge and abilities. The necropolis is interested in anything a man can create.

Naturally, unknowability can only apply to our abilities to feelings and actions that are well known in the necropolis world. For example, when my dog first distinctly said the word "mum", it was extremely interesting. [I have a German Boxer breed dog at home. Because of their skull structure, these dogs have the ability to make some sort of intelligible sounds.] However, if their interest in us is limited to this, then it's a bit pitiful for us. I would like to believe that the human being living in the physical world is able to go beyond his limits in his creativity, to cognise or create something that is unknown even to them.

Otherworld space and time.

When we discuss the interaction and difference between the physical world and the necromere, we are talking about a significant difference in the speed of life. However, it would be wrong to represent the necromere simply as a faster and less dense physical world. I will try to formulate the cardinal differences between these worlds that are clear to me.

  1. In our world, outer and inner world, consciousness and matter form opposites. In the necromere, everything is one.
  2. The structure of space-time is formed by the consciousness perceiving the external world. If there is no separation between consciousness and the world, there is no need to use space and time as limiting forms of consciousness perception necessary for stable orientation in the physical world.

Finding like-minded people.

Just as people with common interests easily find each other through the INTERNET, so through the system of Channels of consciousness from other dimensions seek mutually beneficial contacts with us.

Grace is the feeling of the Canal.

Tyrone states that true knowledge can only be obtained through Channeling. Channeling allows one to realise the dynamics and methods of practical use of magical knowledge. The Book of Solomon and other well-known books on magic contain only some of the results of certain magical paths. They do not show the evolution that makes it possible to apply these results in our time.

I hope that my consciousness will eventually move closer to the Channel and make a correct assessment of magic and the path to magic.

Tyrone says that The images, pictures, knowledge coming through the Channel give a blissful feeling of touching spiritual perfection. The Channel gives knowledge and a sense of descending grace. The purpose of the music, the paintings, the words that the initiates created was to convey the feeling of the Canal.

The flesh of the universe.

For a magician, the word "Universe" is not an abstract image. The Universe appears to the magician concretely, sensually, figuratively.

Questions and Answers.

It may be that you don't even need to ask questions to have deep conversations on the Channel. Often one question causes a series of other questions related to it. Answers through the Channel come at once to the whole range of possible questions, and the answer is often given in a concentrated symbolic form, in a single stroke, just as a brilliant artist can convey the essence of a landscape or a person with a single stroke.

Such responses can be very difficult to convey in words. Words seem pale attempts to describe the accessibility and at the same time the grandeur of the symbolic pictures shown on the Canal. When trying to express the answer verbally, the words of F. Tyutchev become clear: "A thought uttered is a lie".

4.2 Living is the basis of magic


The whole conversation today revolved around the structure drawing we had been given. Tyrone, as he admitted, thought the drawing on the jar was a living being. The Channel confirmed that the drawing is a coded manifestation of the energy Structure and allowed to publish it in our future book on magic. Impossibility of direct perception of information of the manifested Structure without preliminary magical decoding makes this drawing harmless for the reader.

Tyrone used the rest of the energy from the jar, in the glass of which the sign appeared, to charge the components for my pentacle. Tyrone's further work on the Channel was required to understand the information and code of the Structure encrypted in the drawing.

A natural question arises: why the sign did not appear immediately as a result of magic conspiracy, but only on the next day? The influencing energy structure caused the formation of macrostructure of glass molecules after some crystallisation process, as a result of work of some change programme given to the substance. Energy manifestations just use macroscopic structural changes of substance. Besides, in the stories of eyewitnesses, who saw people passing through windows or walls, I paid attention to the following important detail: a certain web of energy trace is formed on the passed obstacle.

Tyrone and I discussed the mechanism by which the pattern emerges. I thought of an analogy with the Shroud of Turin, where the image [The Shroud of Turin is probably a self-portrait of Jesus Christ] of Christ is most intense just inside the fabric, not on its surface. This is also the case in the case under discussion. The ethereal structure imprinted itself inside the glass of the jar.

Now the drawing as an imprint of the Structure formed an inseparable whole with the jar, and, therefore, the jar changed into some other quality, becoming a magical object. He remembered the incantation of water in a bottle, which Tyrone threw against phantoms in the graveyard. The water and the bottle were one and the same, and the bottle didn't break even if it hit the pavement hard.

It is possible that the sign that appeared inside the walls of the glass jar is a trace of an energetic essence formed as a result of localisation of the flow during the performed magical action. I did not state this for sure and offered different variants: it was the structure of 1) essence, 2) flow, 3) interaction or 4) conscious manifestation of the Subtle World. This effect may be a complex manifestation, for which the energy of the conspiracy was used.

After discussion, we agreed that the drawing was a spatial-geometric magic key, manifested as a result of a very powerful energy structure. Later in the alchemical laboratory, on the models available there, we made an estimation of the magnitude of the energy giving such an effect. Without giving a quantitative assessment, we can give a qualitative assessment: it required energy comparable to the energy released during a lightning strike.

On the distinction of the Channel view.

When working on the Channel, you need to learn to clearly distinguish who you are in contact with at the moment: only with your subconscious mind or with your Teacher through your subconscious mind. Tyrone says that the Channel has a unique cipher, and the Teacher's speech is well recognisable.

There are cases of connecting foreign structures to the Channel. As Tyrone testifies, in appropriate magical expressions it is necessary to say what in translation into ordinary human speech sounds approximately as follows: "You have connected to someone else's telephone conversation, release our line".

To discern the Channels one must develop in oneself a flair, a "sniff for truth", a spiritual apparatus of discernment.

Connecting with the subconscious mind and archetypes.

Communication with one's subconscious mind is often perceived as Channeling. Such communication cannot be completely rejected. After all, human subconsciousness is able to contact with subconsciousnesses of other people, with the collective subconsciousness of groups and even nations, with a unified information field.

An example of the importance of communicating with the subconscious mind is shown by the theory of archetypes proposed by K. Jung. Jung. Archetype is a basic construction of perception of the phenomena of the surrounding world unknown to a person, and first of all to an infant. The database (using computer terms) on archetypes is in the collective subconscious. At the request of the individual subconscious mind, the collective subconscious mind delivers the necessary construct for perceiving incomprehensible phenomena and thus provides the means for orienting the individual subconscious mind and consciousness in the changing world around us.

Other examples of fruitful contacts with the subconscious mind we find in clairvoyance, foreign language teaching, hypnopaedics, etc.

Don't absolutise information from the subconscious mind.

We should also note cases when in a trance state people begin to give information fundamentally unknown to them and present the most complex worldview constructions. The first reaction of the consciousness encountering such a phenomenon is the recognition of the existence of the Supreme Mind and the possibility of communicating with it. The conclusion itself is true and even cardinal for the materialistic worldview. It can only be welcomed. However, we have to state that in this case there is usually no direct Channeling, and the information comes from the collective unconscious. Theories and constructions that come in this way deserve their respect and study as a result of collective creativity.

The danger in uncritically communicating with one's subconscious mind is to absolutise the truth of the information received. The subconscious mind is capable of contacting various sources of information, so it can very easily absorb false information. This false information, intertwined with really true information, becomes the spoon of tar that spoils the whole barrel of honey.

Besides, it is necessary to take into account the presence of mental complexes, which a person displaces into his own subconsciousness. These displaced complexes lead to the fact that a person receives distorted, or even simply false, information about himself from communication with his subconsciousness. This phenomenon partially explains the existence of people who sincerely (because they are told about it by a voice from above!) think that they are Christs, prophets, incarnations of the Absolute, gods, etc., as well as more people who believe that God, Jesus Christ, the Great Teachers of mankind contact them personally.

About the information from the Akasha Chronicles.

A special talk is about historical information that you can get from your subconscious mind, for example, it is pictures of your past reincarnations and other data from the Akasha Chronicles [Term The Akasha Chronicles taken from esoteric literature, it denotes a complete ethereal base of historical data]. Pictures of past incarnations are usually explained by short-term tuning of the subconsciousness "radio receiver" to the sensual-informational wave of a particular historical character. Information interferences, which are inevitable due to the impossibility of precise tuning to another's wave, lead to a strong distortion of the received information about the "past incarnation". For the same reasons the data received from the Akasha Chronicles are distorted.

Another reason for distortions lies in the non-linearity of time, in the possibility of part of the stream of reincarnations to be realised not only in the historical future, but also in the historical past.

Only the soul knows about the real previous incarnation, so without merging with the soul, without Enlightenment, it is almost impossible to get true information. And for the Enlightened, the very questions about past incarnations become meaningless. It is rightly considered that knowledge about previous incarnations can only harm a person in the current incarnation.

Search for information about magical research

After the book devoted to the introduction to modern magic will be written and the magic laboratory will start its permanent work, our next task will be to create our own information page in INTERNET network, and also search on this network of information about magical researches carried out abroad.

The first thing that comes to mind when implementing this line of work is the use of existing search servers. For example, to search the INTERNET, the following keywords can be assigned to search servers:

  • MAGE, WIZARD - magician,
  • PSIONICIST - psychic,
  • CHANNELING - Channel-based communication.

Clearly, using keywords associated with magic to search the INTERNET will yield a shaft of rubbish associated with the use of such words in computer games. Most likely, magical research is disguised under some neutral scientific or religious name.

Living is the basis of magic.

Everything in magic is based only on the living.

Man is the idea of man.

I read in one of the commentaries on Tarot cards that. We are not so much those who act as those who decide. Man is not matter, but that which drives matter, the controlling and directing idea. Following Richard Bach, one could argue that man is thought clothed in the form of man.

Thought as modulation of energy flow.

If we use analogies from radar, the energy flow can be considered as a carrier wave. Then the information, thought, the carrier of which is the flow, is a modulation of the carrier wave of the flow.

Deeper analogy is possible at attraction of physical models connected with primary and secondary quantisation of the unified field.

Photos of perfume.

One of Tyrone's photos clearly shows the succubus' leg [Succubus - a female-type astral entity that feeds on male sexual energy]. And, unlike other photographs known to me, which depict spirits in whole or in part, this succubus turned out to be not a whitish misty formation, but bright, clear and coloured. Such brightness of the manifestation of the foreign material being is due to the high power of Tyrone's energy. Here we can draw an analogy with a modern television set, which shows a black-and-white image at low power of the received signal, and at normal or high power - a colour image.

Generally speaking, black and white photography picks up ethereal manifestations more easily, which is due to the higher sensitivity (compared to colour) of black and white film and the use of silver in the process of obtaining the photograph. However, it is considerably more interesting to obtain a colour photograph of spirits. Let's note for further, that in magical manifestations there are colours which are not perceived by the ordinary eye.

Ideal for photography of fine-material manifestations is a camera capable of photographing objects at illumination of the order of tenths, or better hundredths, of lux. A promising and interesting direction is photography in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. In principle, and in ordinary photography captures part of the spectrum, invisible to the simple eye. And simple cameras are endowed with this ability, perhaps even more than professional equipment. The matter is that inbuilt light filters, brightened optics and other properties of high quality photo equipment play the role of a strong filter that enhances the image quality in the visible part of the spectrum and, at the same time, suppresses the appearance of the invisible part of the spectrum on the image.

4.3 Exit in the necropolis


Magic is like a holiday.

Magical operations are getting more and more interesting. I already catch myself thinking that I go to them as if they were a holiday.


In preparation for the night out on the Canal, film was needed for Tyrone's existing Polaroid Image camera. This camera has an option to switch off the flash when taking photos. The point is that physical manifestations of otherworldly existence are sort of "lit up" by the flash. To capture spirits and other manifestations, you need to manually adjust the camera.

Before leaving for Tyrone, I dressed in black clothes, took four large church candles and an amulet, for which I had made a leather pouch with a neck strap the day before (all personal magical items must be made by myself).

Tyrone had planned an experiment with the necropolis. A mat with magic formulae written on it was prepared for my arrival. It served as an analogue of a magic circle for working with the necropolis. In the room where we were, there was a coffee table, a candle, a mirror, a Tibetan smoking pipe, a scheme and a saucer for spiritistic contacts. On top of the diagram, reflected in the mirror, lay Tyrone's amulet. It was charged with astral energy through the mirror. To recharge my amulet, I placed it next to it.

We took our amulets and put them on ourselves. Here Tyrone began to tune in to the Channel: where to conduct the experiment? We were given several options: a cemetery, a bomb shelter, a flat, the roof of a house, a laboratory. Contact with the necropolis required complete darkness, so the roof of the house was not suitable for the experiment. Initially, Tyrone decided to go to the lab. We hid our amulets under our shirts, grabbed a torch, a mat, a rough rope, a knife, and headed out. Note that hidden amulets do not have the same protective power as those worn over clothes.

We called the lift to go down to the lab, but then Tyrone got some new information through the Channel. So we didn't go to the lab, but went to the roof of the house.

Experimental setting.

We opened the door leading from the stairwell to the roof. After closing the door behind us, Tyrone tied it with a rope on the inside. This detail was already part of the magical ritual that aims to contact the necropolis. According to magical tradition, the entrance to a place or room where contact with the necropolis is made must be tied with a coarse rope, which is a magical defence of the place. We saw that the entrance to the attic was open, so we went there. When we entered the attic, Tyrone also tied its door from the inside with a coarse rope.

There was no one in the attic. There was electrical wiring, but not a single light bulb was working. All bulbs were burned out or unscrewed. There were no windows in the attic.

The ceiling of the attic was low. Beams protruding from the top divided it into sectors. While we were looking for a place to conduct the experiment, I hit my head on those beams several times. Tyrone, using his energy vision, found a suitable spot in a corner of the attic, where I laid the mat I'd brought. We sat in lotus position on the mat, switched off the torch, and plunged into total darkness. The silence was broken only by the occasional creaking of the ventilation system motor. The most likely cause of this occasional creaking was the wind coming from outside the ventilation system into the chimney and causing the blades of the ventilation motor to crank slightly. No other sounds were heard.

Opening the passage between worlds.

At the beginning of the operation, Tyrone assured me that, at the behest and with the help of his Master, he had put up a rigid energy screen against any influence on the living structures (even on indoor flowers) in this house. Any influence would go exclusively to us as participants in the magical experiment. Only short-term impulse influence on inanimate objects and subjects was allowed.

Now let's begin to describe the experiment. So, we sit in complete darkness on a mat with magic signs written on it. We crossed our hands and took hold of each other's hands. The amulets, which would turn out to be very important for further events, we did not take out, thus starting the experiment without magical protection. Tyrone began to recite various mantras that I had not heard before, occasionally commenting on the energy actions taking place.

Tyrone first tuned into the necropolis. His efforts then focused on synchronising the pace of the physical world and the necroworld, after which Tyrone proceeded to open the transition bridge between the worlds. As the passage opened, Tyrone summoned beings from the necromere ready to make contact.

After opening the transition between the worlds, I had a feeling of a different kind of darkness than I had experienced before. There was no visual difference in my perception, but the "new darkness" had a different quality, a different, I would say, texture, density, consistency. The source of this sensation could be my real perception of the necromere or the activation of some of my inner images of this world.


Next, interesting but creepy manifestations of the necromyth began to happen. The floor of the attic (or perhaps the entire building) shook. The first to call out to Tyrone was a creature from the lower levels of the necromir.

Such a creature would not have dared to come to us if the amulets we were wearing were open and on top of our clothes. It turns out that the necromere is as heterogeneous as our physical world. If you go out on the streets of Moscow or any other city late at night, the probability of meeting hooligans who like to parrot random passers-by is much higher than meeting a professor or an artist. The same situation, as I have seen, is possible in contacts with necromir, if one does not take precautions.

The appearance of the necromir creature was preceded by a powerful noise effect. First there was the sound of metal scraping against stone, then a clinking sound, followed by another scraping sound. We clenched our hands tighter. One of the unburned light bulbs exploded and shattered into pieces. In the ventilation system, instead of the periodic creaking of the fan, deep monotonous sobs began to sound. As it turned out later from the residents' stories, at that time the water in the plumbing began to pulsate, rising and falling, making sounds similar to sobbing.

The entity that appeared, which Tyrone saw with his energy vision, announced to him that it was much more powerful and stronger than he was, and demanded that he submit to it. If we honoured its demand, it was prepared to give Tyrone knowledge of the creation of the world, to which Tyrone responded with an angry and resolute refusal: "No! I do not need this knowledge. I want to remain in my own consciousness." But the creature persisted in its threats and intentions, so Tyrone had to invoke the name of his Spiritual Master with an energy that such a creature could not withstand and disappeared.

Examination of the poltergeist site.

When the necromere manifestations disappeared and everything calmed down, Tyrone switched on his torch, and we began to scrutinise the scene, the places where the sounds were coming from. Tyrone was using his energy vision to look for traces of the necromir's energy. I was required to look at these places in as much detail as possible with my physical vision. It turned out that the grinding sound was first produced by a piece of a rather massive (3-4 cm in diameter) metal pipe about 5 metres long, which had been moved from its place. A smaller metal bar (1 cm in diameter, 1.5 metres long) produced a weaker grinding sound.

Around the metal bars, a network-like trace of the energy structure was visible in the dust in an area about 20 cm wide. It was similar to the sign that was formed inside the walls of a glass jar after a conspiracy to protect the home. Apparently, such a trace structure is characteristic for any energy manifestations.

Tyrone sequentially lit the entire attic to show me that there were no living things that could have caused the sounds, so that no one could move the metal bars that were making the scraping noise. Tyrone moved quickly from place to place, fixing his eyes and hands on every detail of the poltergeist's location.

As I climbed under one of the pipes running through the attic, I cut myself on the glass from an exploded light bulb. It was not clear why I had scratched myself, whether by accident or as a result of the thought-form I had been compelled to use. Either way, knowing full well that blood carried almost all the information about a person, I was worried, but when I saw that Tyrone hadn't paid much attention to the scratch, I calmed down, even though it was still bleeding.

Contact with the necropolis has been made.

We sat down on the ritual mat again. Tyrone recited a protective mantra that dried the blood on my finger. I thought we were done with the necropolis contact experiment, but it turned out that what had just happened had been an unfortunate beginning.

Tyrone told me to pay attention to the sensation on the outside of my palm. I felt a slight chill, which was exactly the sign of the necropolis.

The contact with the necropolis continued, but now the ones Tyrone had been waiting for came to contact us. They expressed regret for what had happened, complained that their world had its own "bandits", and pointed out that it was our fault, too - we had not removed the amulets and therefore were not under magical protection. The lack of protection elsewhere, in a bomb shelter, for example, could have been disastrous.

A dialogue began with those who now came from the necropolis to contact us. They asked if we were willing to co-operate with them, and if so, on what issues. We replied that we were willing to co-operate on any issues. They asked me personally what I was specifically interested in. I wanted to learn from them about my capabilities, and also repeated my question about the structure of space-time.

They said that, for their part, they were willing to co-operate with us and give us their help and support. Thus, we came to a mutual agreement.

During this dialogue Tyrone saw the representatives of the necropolis with his astral vision, while I, unfortunately, saw nothing. The channel was about to end as Tyrone said to me: "Hush. Behind you is the leader of the necromir. Try to feel his presence. He is approaching you now." However, to my dismay, I felt nothing, though I tried to do so.

That was the end of our work with the necropolis. We left the mat in the attic, so as not to carry with us the energetic traces of contact with the necromir, and left. But something was still happening in the house where we were: something squelched somewhere, something fell, but the physical world was gradually returning to normal.