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Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 3 - The Sign.

Table of Contents

3.1 Work and home


I slept like a dead man, and the next morning I couldn't remember anything that had happened in the dream. In the afternoon, when I was already at my workplace at MSU, Tyrone called me. He was going to visit the University and assess the energy of my workplace.


The meeting was scheduled near the monument to M. V. Lomonosov. We went to the University, where I showed him the premises of my scientific laboratory. Tyrone did not like the energetic atmosphere of the laboratory.

We went up to the top floor where the palaeontology museum is located. Tyrone was interested in the energy available at this altitude. His attention was also drawn to the other exhibits and he evaluated their energy, but found nothing interesting. We looked at the views of Moscow opened from such a height and went round the museum once again. That was the end of our visit, and we took the lift downstairs.

Then we went to my study, where I prefer to do my scientific and literary work. I showed Tyrone several books of value in my eyes, as well as a book of my poems, already prepared for printing, called "And the golden thin thread leading upwards". Tyrone assessed the energy of my workplace and began to tune in to receive the daily mantras I needed. That was the end of the inspection of my workplace. We drove to my home.

Laser CD player malfunctions.

At home I showed Tyrone my library. He was particularly interested in books on numerology [Numerology is the science of how "numbers rule the world"]... Then we went into the hall, where I put a laser disc of German recordings of magical meditative music on the music centre.

After a while, the equipment suddenly started malfunctioning. Tyrone said it was his doing. He was interested in the possibilities of using lasers for magical purposes, and in the situation described he had tried to tune into the laser mechanism of the music centre, to "enter" it, which had caused the CD player to malfunction.

Change "in the small" is the key to a new life.

"From the small grows much." "Little" - the small everyday stable attachments and habits of a person. Much is "new life". Translating into the language of psychology, we can say that the renewal of a person's psychic life really begins not with good intentions, with which "the road to hell is paved", but with constant changes in small things, in the habits and needs of everyday life.

Understanding this peculiarity of my psyche, I asked Tyrone to give me mantras "for every day". The constant application of these mantras, as well as visualisation exercises, the development of imagination, the departure from the usual logic to the perception of the unreal - this is what will create for me a magical basis for everyday life.

Mantras for every day: sleep, food, background.

Tyrone gave me three types of mantras I need on a daily basis.

Firstly, it is a mantra recited before going to sleep and after waking up from sleep.

Secondly, mantras for the perception of food energy. For effective work of these mantras it is necessary to create an appropriate psychological mood every time when having a meal [A meal differs from "taking food" by the presence of processes of spiritual and energetic filling of a person]:

  •  to clear the mind through self-meditation;
  •  not to think about work or the people around you;
  •  to concentrate on the energy contained in that food;
  • mentally give an order with visualisation: that together with eating you get the filling of energy of the whole organism and peace of mind.

Then the appropriate mantra is recited aloud or mentally. It is most effective to pronounce the mantra aloud. If there are psychological difficulties in such pronunciation, it is advisable to use a muted version: a constant sound is pronounced aloud, and the mantra itself is recited mentally.

Thirdly, mantras for energetic support of constant, background meditation. This meditation can be done anywhere and at any free time.

Biolocation measurements.

I showed Tyrone my biolocation [I understand biolocation as part of the science of practical communication with the subconscious mind based on information obtained as parameters of physiological processes controlled by the subconscious mind. For biolocation such a process is the tremor of the hands, expressed in their slightly noticeable trembling. Unstable object, as which is usually used L-shaped frame, gives the opportunity to identify and estimate the value of the systematic component of tremor, which is formed by the subconscious mind in response to a given question] work. At one time [The description of biolocation experiments is included in the content of the next book of our series] personal experience of biolocation measurements broke the first hole in my materialistic worldview. When working with Tyrone, I stopped altogether, so as not to mix energetics, the use of biolocation, as well as any actions that have a magical meaning, such as divination on runes or Tarot cards. However, in Tyrone's presence I could demonstrate my skill.

For readers unfamiliar with biolocation techniques, I will tell you briefly about the methods I use. When measuring the general energy state of a person it is necessary to imagine that he is surrounded by a luminous cloud with clear boundaries. In order to get the measurement of interest, one should give an instruction to one's own subconsciousness: let the biolocation frame turn on the boundary of this cloud when moving towards the person. Experience has shown that the radius of such a cloud does not exceed two metres for an ordinary person. In biolocation measurements it is interesting and fundamental that their results do not depend on the presence of the person being diagnosed. Absolutely identical results of measurements are obtained when a person is physically present in some point of the room and when mentally imagining that he/she is in this point. This fact, in my opinion, is explained by the fact that in reality the results of biolocation measurements come through the subconsciousness from a single information field, which is indifferent to the place of physical location of a person.

In human biolocation diagnostics, a reading that speaks of a decrease in the energy level as a whole indicates a decline in the body's vitality. If the energy state of individual organs is measured in a similar way, it is possible to diagnose their physical state quite clearly. Decrease of energy of organs precedes their physical changes and diseases. If energy decreases to the level 30% from the normal state, one can confidently speak about painful sensations in the area of a given organ.

What interesting things did the biolocation measurements show? When I tried to measure the magician's energy field, the frame began to rotate immediately, even before I started moving towards him. No matter how much I moved away, the effect was the same. Consequently, the energy of a magician is much different from that of an ordinary person. Maybe it is possible to identify a magician among ordinary people with the help of the frame?

In my opinion, such a high level of energy of magicians indicates that they are almost immune to ordinary diseases. This circumstance in the eyes of an ordinary person can be a significant factor in favour of magical activity.

Using the frame, I also measured the energy of the radiation that Tyrone could purposefully create with his hands. The narrow directionality of the radiation was unexpected for me. The energy of the body and individual organs usually gave a circular shape in biolocation measurement, but the radiation from Tyrone's hand had the form of a petal.

3.2. 3.2. First contact with the necropolis


From Tyrone's dialogue on the Canal.

The next day I arrived at Tyrone's home. The night before my arrival, he had come to the energetically powerful Channel, where he asked about my training. From the information that came through the Channel, I remembered a few fragments. Usually Tyrone does not give or does not allow to use in the book the information received through the Channel and intended for him personally. In this case, there was no such prohibition, as the dialogue was conducted for my perception, so I will try to give the recorded fragments of Tyrone's dialogue on the Channel.

Tyrone. The training takes place [Here Tyrone is showing me the Channel communication. In doing so, he asks a question to which he knows the answer] under your control?
Response. The entire universe is under our control.
Tyrone. Are those Channels that Michael has dealt with in the past interesting?
Response. Interesting to whom?
Tyrone. Interesting to him.
Response. It was a nudge, directing his movement towards the Canal.
Tyrone. How do you rate the information about the Canals published in the books?
Response. Most of this information is the result of a person's communication with his or her own subconscious mind. This communication is given out as a Channel.
Tyrone. What does it take to get Michael on the Channel?
Response [The full response received at the Canal is not given in the book]. You need to show him the unseen, explain the unexplainable, give him the unreal. His mind is ready to perceive, but logic prevents it.
Tyrone. Thank you.
Response. It's inappropriate.

Necropolis Contact.

For the new magical operation, the alchemists prepared us two containers containing water subjected to various types of conspiracies. One container was a large white plastic canister, the other a glass vessel. On the top of both containers were written alchemical formulas denoting the information that the water inside them had absorbed as a result of alchemical experiments. The water in the plastic canister contained 'living water', that is, water that had received the information of the Structures of Life as a result of alchemical influence. The water inside the glass vessel contained "protection water", with the information of the Structures of Protection.

The place of magical operation was chosen one of Moscow cemeteries. For carrying out of operation in addition to containers with conspired water it was necessary to have a jar with components for my pentacle, a red candle, a torch and chalk. These items bore the stamp of my energy, which was necessary for the operation, as I was the one for whom it was being conducted. Tyrone also grabbed a small mirror attached to a long pin.

When we arrived at the chosen cemetery, we addressed the spirits and lairs of the cemetery with a request for co-operation before entering it. Before entering the cemetery, Tyrone placed a container with "water of protection" on the asphalt, drew a magic formula around it and did other necessary magical actions before the main ritual.

I looked around. Like the ritual cemetery, there was also a symbolic dividing line between the world of the living and the world of the dead, in the form of a moat with water. A narrow metal bridge led across the moat to the graves.

We left the jar with the conspiratorial water and headed for the cemetery. Tyrone tuned in to the necropolis channel, which sent us the information we needed for our actions. After the bridge, we stopped without going inside the cemetery, on the steps in front of a small stone platform. Tyrone lit a red candle and placed it on the surface of the platform. I placed the jar of ingredients for my pentacle next to it.

The main action began. Tyrone (I followed him) recited the mantras for summoning and contacting the necropolis. Then Tyrone asked the necropolis to blow out our candle as a sign that they were ready to communicate with us. In response to his words, a wind arose and blew out the candle. We were ready to be spoken to.

As I was writing these lines (I was a little sloppy and didn't describe the events that had happened right away, and the sensations were too vivid), I could remember all the details of the contact with the necropolis. I remember clearly how Tyrone connected to the necropolis channel. I played the role, though not an outsider, but an observer. I will try to formulate at least the main conclusions that I drew for myself as a result of communication with the necropolis.

  1. The deceased do not lie, as I imagined before, quietly in some purgatory waiting for their turn for physical incarnation, but live their rich, turbulent and active life.
  2.  The Necromere in relation to the physical world is not alien and foreign. It is exactly the opposite! The Necromere permeates the physical world. The deceased are dissolved in us and around us, controlling everything, or very much, in the physical world, starting with changes in the weather.
  3.  The physical world, incarnation in it, is not a desirable and cherished goal of life in the necromir. Moreover, its inhabitants speak very unflatteringly (which was heard on the Channel) about those living in the physical world, considering the life of most of us worthless (I quote literally).
  4.  The state of life in the necropolis is not a passive prolonged waiting. Moreover (which was perhaps the biggest surprise for me), the speed of life in the necropolis is much faster than in the physical world. In order to be able to communicate with us during the described experience, the beings from the necropolis had to slow down their movement, otherwise our perception would not be able to keep up with them. Now, in hindsight, I realise that this statement could have been reached logically. Indeed, it is well known that there is a significant difference between the life speeds of the physical and Subtle worlds. The Necromere is part of the Subtle World. Consequently, the speed of life in it must also significantly exceed the speed of life of the physical world. Completely simple and obvious justification, it would easily come to my mind, if it were not for the stereotypes.

At the end of the Canal from the necropolis turned through Tyrone with questions for me:

  • do I want to communicate, am I willing to co-operate with them?
  • what questions do I have?

They were ready to answer my questions accurately and completely, because many of the scientists who lived on Earth are and continue to create in the necromir.

I did not expect a direct question to me, so I was not immediately able to formulate the questions I was interested in. The only question with which I dared to address them was the question about the structure of space and time. Tyrone was not able to fully verbalise the answer he received. From what he was able to formulate, I remembered only the statement about the discreteness of time and the possibility of the necropolis to influence the physical world at different time points.

Another memorable thing was that Tyrone's question about my prospects of going to the Channel came with the answer that I was on my way to the Channel.

After finishing the Channeling, I was not allowed to take the earth from the cemetery where we were, but was advised to take sand for the pentacle.

When we left the cemetery, we came to a place where we could gather sand. Tyrone froze alertly and asked me if I had heard a rustle behind us. I replied that I hadn't heard any rustling. Tyrone said that with his astral hearing he clearly heard a rustle. Then he energetically examined the place where the rustle had come from and said that a phantom had followed us [I think of a phantom as an autonomously existing astral shell of a deceased person]. Everything calmed down when Tyrone recited a special mantra.

To continue the magical action we returned to the place where the magic formula was drawn. I put the jar with the components for the pentacle next to the container with the "water of protection". Tyrone continued reciting the mantras. With the help of a small mirror he caught the moonlight and directed it to the magic formula, drawing it clockwise (the direction is important). This procedure allowed this formula to manifest in the astral world. This technique is an illustration of one of universal ways of connection of physical and astral world in modern magic. In the described way with the help of a mirror in the astral world it is possible to show what we want to pay attention to in the physical world.

At the same time as reciting the mantras and transmitting the magic formula into the astral world, Tyrone was pouring "living water" onto the asphalt around the formula in a clockwise direction. Suddenly the water canister shook as if someone had hit it from behind. It fell to the pavement. "Okay," Tyrone said tensely, "knocked out of my hands. He handed me the mirror to continue running the beam along the lines of the magic formula, and he began reciting protective mantras.

I waved the beam over the formula, not paying much attention to what was happening, until Tyrone stopped me. We each took a container of the conjured water. Tyrone finally sensed something wrong, and said to me calmly:

"That's it, time to go," but he stopped and, looking behind me, said: "Don't turn around, there's a phantom behind you." After Tyrone scared the phantom away with the appropriate mantra, we grabbed our stuff and headed for the exit.

Probably the phantom was already gaining on us, because twenty metres before the gate, Tyrone stopped abruptly, turned around, and threw the bottle with the "water of protection" back at the pursuer with all his might. The bottle clattered against the pavement, bounced a few times, but didn't break. We stopped. The danger had apparently passed. We came closer to the bottle. The glass of the bottle was scratched, even chipped, and part of the label with the alchemical formulae had been peeled off. The bottle should have shattered from such a hard blow, but it didn't. Most likely the reason for this was that the incantation of the water prevented the bottle from breaking.

Tyrone noted with satisfaction that this was how the quality of magical items was tested, in practice. If the bottle had broken, it would have been evidence of the weakness of the water conspiracy, of the poor quality of the alchemical work. Now we had in our hands a proven tool for more serious magical work.

We left the cemetery, cutting off the entities that had lingered in the standard way: we drew a cutting line with our right foot and recited a mantra that cleansed us of foreign energy.

Let us note a curious detail illustrating the difference between physical and psychological (or is it magical?) time. It seemed to Tyrone and me that all our actions took about 10-15 minutes, but it turned out that we were gone for more than an hour.

Working in a bomb shelter.

Next we went to the bomb shelter described earlier. Now my task was to try to see energy structures and entities in total darkness.

We drove up to the bomb shelter building. It was a three-storey building, empty, with broken windows. Apparently, the astral structures that had taken a fancy to this place did not allow it to be inhabited. The bomb shelter (see Fig. 3.1) belongs to the class of open-type bomb shelters, which can be freely entered from the street. However, our bomb shelter was difficult to enter because of water accumulated behind the door (see Figure 3.2). Such an abandoned room is attractive to astral entities.

The extraterrestrial structures within

@@@@ Figure 3.1. Bomb shelter with foreign material structures inside.

On the landing in front of the last flight of stairs leading down to the entrance to the bomb shelter, I saw the things Tyrone had used earlier in his magical operations Tyrone: three metal circles (according to the commandments, the most complex operations with necromir are carried out necessarily in a circle) and a small beaker with a narrow neck, which contained a white gelatinous substance. Upon seeing the beaker, Tyrone noted that some sort of essence had formed in it, whereas before it had been filled with ordinary water. Noting this effect for ourselves, we went downstairs to the bomb shelter.

We stood at the threshold of the bomb shelter, where a massive metal door led to. Tyrone poured the "water of protection" we had just seen in the cemetery into the water separating us from the inside of the shelter. He tossed the empty bottle inside, where it shattered against the stone wall. The alchemical formulas fused with the accumulated water and formed a powerful protective barrier. Such a barrier allowed safe communication with the Structures.

At first, we recited the invocation mantras together. Tyrone was instructed to leave me alone after we connected to the necropolis channel. Closing the heavy metal door, he left upstairs, and I was left alone with the unknown. I turned my head inside the bomb shelter. My task, the one Tyrone had set before he left, was to switch on my subtle perception and see the Structures that dwelled here. I tried in good faith to do so. The word "conscientiously" may not be applicable in this situation, because I did not understand at all, although I had read about it in books, what subtle perception was for me personally, how to switch it on, what to expect from it.

Extraterrestrial structures, input

@@@@ Figure 3.2. The entrance to a bomb shelter. There is water inside it, so nobody goes in there. The threshold of the entrance door served in magical experiments as a place of contact with the structures of the necromere.

How did I feel in the pitch black darkness of the bomb shelter? Practically nothing. The only unusual phenomenon I noticed was a beam of light shining upward from the water. However, my mind immediately wondered if there was light. In addition, I could hear water dripping inside the bomb shelter. At times, the sound made it seem like it wasn't water, but small pebbles falling from the ceiling. What else? Once or twice the sound of someone walking on water was heard. That's about it.

After a while, Tyrone returned. That was the end of my experiment.

We left the bomb shelter and went to Tyrone's house. At his house, we performed another ritual to preserve the energy accumulated as a result of the experiments. To do this, we poured water into glasses (in general, water absorbs information and energy very well) and went up to the roof of the house. Having charged the water with the help of mantras, we drank it. Such a ritual completes any experiment.

Refine perception.

In order to perceive the Subtle Worlds, one should thin the perception, learn to move in the imaginary world. One should use various ways of modifying one's consciousness. The experience of visualisation will help. For example, clearly imagine flowers, their fragrance, colour, sensations of leaves.

3.3 Tuning into the Subtle World

Another visualisation exercise.

To develop my visualisation skills, Tyrone gave me the following task. "Try to imagine a line of red that then changes colour, the number 1, a conversation, a silk cloth, the most familiar smells. Try to lightning-fast rearrange the colour, the shape, moving from simple shapes to increasingly complex ones."

Attunement to the Subtle World.

Tyrone says that attunement to the Subtle World is gradual. Thinning of perception allows you to concentrate your attention and direct it in the right direction, to switch off from everything except the object of meditation. Mantras help this process. It is possible to give a command to perceive the Subtle World with the help of visualisation, through weak signals from the senses. Then the perception of the Subtle Worlds can occur spontaneously, and also spontaneously - through the Subtle World - influence on events in the physical world. For example, one can stop a car with the help of a thought-form: "I raised my hand, I vote".

A wide variety of effects are possible, which are usually classified as parapsychological phenomena: "entering" into the circuitry of electrical devices; the emergence of X-ray vision, when you can, for example, see the internal organs of a person or the whole person through. The most important thing, says Tyrone, is that all these processes are under your conscious control. The next step is to control your body, its general recovery and strengthening, and the possibility of utilising its powerful dormant forces.

Magical formulas denote "Actions in the Void", where symbols denote both objects and actions at the same time. They allow you to use a higher level of communication with the Subtle World.

3.4. Book


The immediate task is to write a book devoted to an introduction to magic. Now, as they said on the Channel, "it is necessary to plant the seed and help it to germinate".

Write a book.

I think that a book devoted to an introduction to modern magic should show different roads to magic, different introductory paths to it from different starting points. For example, a physicist can come to concepts of magic by reflecting on modern ideas about the structure of space and time, the conclusions of quantum theory, cosmological hypotheses.

Magic is knowledge neither ancient nor lost, but knowledge inherent in man in the future, it is the science of the future.

The book does not have to be esoteric. Of course, magical knowledge proper is secret. However, a book presenting an introduction to magic should give an idea of the tasks, methods and concepts of magic, but not contain any secret recipes, so desirable for thrill-seekers.

Postpone writing a book, but then you can lose the information, the irreplaceable value that is needed here and now. What is postponed is forgotten. So, one should try to write down all impressions, because they make the information to be presented alive.

Tyrone's opinion: "Writing a book is already a definite mission. Experiencing your own movement is what is invaluable. You can switch and teach how to switch from one life to another. And that's to show. You've been led by a Higher Power. This is your mission, your calling."

To show the way, but not to persuade. To help the seekers, but not to push the doubters.

I've got time to write a book."For only the Lord is in charge of the timing of His creation" (from the Infinity Teacher's message to Tyrone).

Do we develop children's abilities?

Children can go to the Channel on their own. The task of parents is to take the position of a bystander, not to help or hinder. Access to the Channel should be natural.


Subtle Perception.

Let's discuss the question, what is subtle perception?

Consciousness perceives the physical world through the sense organs, the totality of which limits the perception of consciousness. However, there are numerous facts of information perception by consciousness when the sense organs were not involved. The question arises: how is the reception of additional information possible? Let us consider possible approaches.

Sleep. The first thing that immediately comes to mind is a dream. The effect of "prophetic dreams" proves the possibility of perception of fundamentally new information by the consciousness in the dream state, which is not reducible to a combination of already existing impressions. Besides, as documented experiments testify, in the dream state consciousness has the possibility of long-range communication with other consciousnesses.

Fantasy. The second thing that can give information to the consciousness besides the senses is fantasy, imagination. We are accustomed to consider dreams and fantasy as something secondary, as if a kaleidoscope of those impressions, which were received earlier from the senses. However, there are many cases of complete coincidence of pictures of fantasy and the real world, in which the details of fantasy contained information that was previously unknown to man and not logically deducible from the existing knowledge.

Subconscious, unconscious, superconscious. Information coming from the subconscious, from the unconscious, from the supra-conscious is perceived directly by the consciousness. The mechanism of such perception is not known to me. Perhaps it is a change in the parameters of vibrational processes, i.e. a change in the "vibrations" of consciousness itself, which are induced by much higher-frequency vibrations [It is necessary to clearly distinguish the use of the terms "vibration, wave, vibration". Fluctuation - is a periodic change in the motion of a particle. Wave - is a periodic change in the field. Vibrations - periodic changes in the motion of a particle under the influence of the field] unconscious processes.

Other approaches deliver religious epiphanies, ecstatic experiences, shamanism, alien encounters (the list goes on if you wish).

Above we spoke about the possibility of subtle perception of physical reality, which, in principle, a human being can perceive through the senses. However, subtle perception is not limited to an additional channel of perception of physical reality, it gives an opportunity to perceive other realities, information from other levels of Being.


A way out into unreality.

Stepping out into unreality [Unreality is a generalised name for that which is not physical reality accessible to human consciousness through the senses] is the key attitude of the psyche. To achieve it, Tyrone gives the following advice.

  • Begin with fantasy, with the imaginary world, and end with the reality of the Subtle World.
  • Imagine that you are already perceiving the Subtle World.
  • Do not fear that everything perceived will be a fantasy, for in time it will be possible to distinguish clearly between fantasy and reality.
  • Try using different levers to move from the real to the unreal. For example, if the weather is cold, imagine a bright and vividly warm day, imagine having X-ray vision.

Drugs won't help.

Drugs will not help in the transition from the real to the unreal, because they lead to the other side - to uncontrollable unreality, where a person is like a splinter thrown into the ocean of impressions and powerless to choose his own way of movement and return back to the shore. Only what one achieves by oneself is valuable. It is necessary to learn to involve oneself in the Subtle World, to consciously plunge into its "ocean", and also to get out of it on the physical shore independently.

The magician's "fluidity" is a means of controlling destiny.

In order to get out into unreality, it is necessary to loosen the frame that we put on the world, to weaken mental and psychological attitudes. It was said on this occasion on the Channel that people see constant hallucinations of reality. Mental attitudes turn the human condition into a comfortable bondage. Therefore, the most important property of a magician is "fluidity" [K. Castaneda's expression].

The set of attitudes to which a person voluntarily obeys forms the basis for his or her control by fate. The more mechanistic a person spends his life, moving like a train, according to the schedule of days, months, years, the easier it is to control him. The more his desires and goals are predictable, the less time is required for such control. The magician is another matter. Even fate cannot own the magician. It can be said that a magician owns his destiny.

3.5 Amulet

Magic items are of pristine material.

I wanted to borrow a video camera for a while to film magical experiments. However, it turned out that a camcorder already used by someone carries the imprint of the energy of the one who owned it, which does not allow to capture the energy effects. But as discussed on the Channel, vessel must be clean.

This provision applies to any magical item. A magical item must have an appropriate magical base, which is effectively created only from intact material.


The appearance of a personalised amulet.

The first action on this day was the choice of a stone, on the physical basis of which energetically, with the help of various magical operations, my personal amulet was created [Amulet usually fulfils the function of magical protection of a person.' In addition to its protective function, an amulet can function as a talisman or pentacle. In a broader sense of the word, an amulet is understood as a means for magical support of the whole life activity of a person].

Tyrone and I went to a gallery shop that has a large selection of stones. It was the beginning of a break when we arrived, so the woman manager didn't want to let us in. Tyrone had to send her a thought-form "come for a specific question". As a result, Tyrone was let in, and I stayed outside the door.

After a while, Tyrone appeared with a stone. It was starolite, also known as star quartz. The stone chosen for the amulet had a unique structure: it was composed of two interpenetrating rocks, one of which naturally formed a cross on the surface of the other.

I needed a leather pouch to carry the amulet. They sometimes sold them in church shops, and we went to one of them. The stone had already begun to be labelled as an amulet. During a visit to the Orthodox temple where the church shop worked, it had already absorbed the energy of the temple.

3.6 The Spiritualist Experience

The Spiritualist Experience.

Then we went to Tyrone's. The next thing I did was to test my ability to communicate spiritually. Modern mages do not practice spiritualism, and in Tyrone's eyes this activity is something like a child's toy. Learning through play is an effective pedagogical technique. I began to test my abilities with interest.

The so-called "Ouija board" served as an auxiliary means of Ouija communication, which was a sheet of paper with an eye drawn on it, areas of answer options, and a circle indicating the initial location of the saucer. The saucer itself was placed on the sheet with the bottom up. The zones of response options for the spirit coming to contact were located up the sheet from the circle indicating the initial location of the saucer. They included

  • the question, "did you come?"
  • answers: "yes" and "no."
  • answers: "true" and "false."
  • letters of the alphabet and numbers for a more accurate answer.

The spiritist séance consisted of two sessions. First, Tyrone summoned the spirits together with me. Then I, together with another person, tried to do the same thing relatively independently.

Tyrone could communicate with the spirits directly, without the aid of the Ouija mechanism. However, I was not yet ready for this level of communication, so Tyrone also disconnected from direct communication.

For mediumistic communication with spirits in magic there is a rule denying solitary work. The reason for this negative attitude is not safety requirements, but to ensure the quality of the information received. Spirits cannot affect two mediums at the same time. An analogy can be drawn with the perception of visual information: stereoscopic vision is not subject to the distortions of monoscopic perception.

Tyrone did not need to psychically transfer some of his energy to activate the channel of communication with spirits. To summon spirits, modern magic uses more effective means, using a special mantra.

After reciting the mantra for summoning spirits, Tyrone covered his head with a black blanket, impenetrable to light, for the sake of persuasion, before beginning the spirit communication. We held the saucer with our fingers, he on his side and I on mine.

In a spiritistic séance, the fingers touch the saucer in such a way that it can move easily on the spirit table. In order to get an answer to a question asked to the spirit, one must allow his hand to move spontaneously. It is similar to work with a frame in biolocation. The eyes of the participants of a spiritistic session are closed. Movement of a saucer occurs from pressure of fingers of two participants. There is a line on the saucer, which every time the saucer stops, indicates the chosen answer option.

The spirit, summoned by Tyrone, gave its name and age from the physical death of the person in whom the spirit was embodied. As a test of the reality of the spirit communication taking place, Tyrone asked him a few questions, to which the spirit answered correctly.

Then I tried communicating with the spirits. Apparently another spirit had now come to us. First we asked the spirit if it wanted to communicate with us. After receiving an affirmative response, we asked the spirit to identify itself. Since my eyes were closed, the questions and answers were recorded by Tyrone. Overall my attempts at spirit communication were unsuccessful. The letters that came out after the saucer movement were incomprehensible word combinations. When Tyrone asked me about the accuracy of my answers, the spirit answered in the negative. So I was no medium.

The indicator of the real spiritistic presence was the behaviour of the candle. When a lit candle was brought to the saucer during the séance, it was extinguished. Some time after the end of the seance the lit candle did not react when it was brought to the saucer.

About Ouija boards.

Spiritualistic séances were a favourite pastime in the aristocratic salons of Russian society in the nineteenth century. When I encountered references to communication with spirits in fiction, the very organisation of a séance was always a mystery to me. As far as I could imagine, the séance required a spinning table or saucer and a person with mediumistic powers. I used to regard such séances as a certain psychological toy, in which not any spirits, but only psychomotor reactions of the séance participants took part.

After I discovered biolocation, the possibility of communicating with my own subconsciousness through consciously uncontrolled physiological movements like tremor became clear to me. The mechanism of biolocation is one step from biolocation to a spiritualist séance: biolocation involves the individual subconsciousness, while a spiritualist séance involves the collective subconsciousness, the existence of which was discovered by the famous psychologist C. Jung.

It is interesting that those who completely deny Ouija sessions and those who completely accept them are right in their own way. Let us try to look at this question from different points of view.

  • Total deniers say it's just psychomotor reactions. Yes, that is true, but psychomotor reactions are controlled by the subconscious mind. How do we evaluate the role of the subconscious mind? Some believe that it is only providing automatic processes of vital activity in the human body and standard reactions of the peripheral nervous system. Others believe that subconsciousness is still capable of some conscious activity, as well as to the processing of information received on the basis of the activity of not yet fully understood mechanisms of perception, which are usually listed under the category of "sixth sense".
  • Partial receivers say that it is only information from the subconscious mind. Yes, this is true, but who or what is the subconscious itself in contact with? Some believe that the subconscious mind is capable of perceiving the physical world more fully, and is also in contact with other individual subconscious minds and the collective subconscious mind. Others believe that the subconscious mind is still capable of perceiving non-material levels of Being.
  • The fully accepting say "it is communion with the dead who know more than we do". Yes, but not all those whom we consider dead continue active life in the necromir and on other levels of Being, the necromir has much higher, than the physical world, speeds of life and thinking, so it is rather naive to assume that such a primitive way, as in a spiritualistic séance, can be communicated in the scale of physical time.

Thus, during a spiritistic séance there is a communication through psychomotor reactions with the individual or collective subconsciousness, which in turn has the possibility of contact with non-material [In esoteric literature instead of the word "non-material" the term "other-material" is used to emphasise that the non-physical levels of Being also have their own matter, although more subtle than the matter of the physical world] beings.

The question of identification of non-material participants of a session is quite non-trivial. In essence, we are in contact only with the subconscious mind, and only it can answer whether an immaterial being is involved and who it is. Let us imagine that at a spiritistic séance we have addressed the spirit of Napoleon and someone answers us. Who exactly? There are several variants of spiritistic communication. When discussing them, let us distinguish the concepts of soul and spirit of a person. Simplistically, we can accept the following provisions:

  • the soul goes through a chain of reincarnations, and the spirit [It is necessary to distinguish spirit as the energy structure of the physical body and Spirit as the divine origin of man] is formed for one life;
  •  spirit and soul function on different levels of Being, the spirit level is directly adjacent to the physical level, the soul level is above all levels associated with the physical world.

That is why it is practically impossible to make contact with the developing and perfecting soul of a person at a spiritualistic session. Simplistically speaking, the part of the soul available for contact lives either in the necromere, with which it is impossible to contact without special synchronisation measures because of the great speed difference, or is already in the next incarnation.

It is also important to understand: what kind of emotions are connected with a particular historical person whose spirit is invoked. If the emotional colouring is intense, the spirit invocation can easily be answered by some lava-like beings, "astral personifications" and other non-material beings, prone to pranks and hoaxes.

Thus, if there is a contact with the spirit of a particular historical person, it is a contact not with the person himself or his soul, but with some gradually decaying astral shell, which stores information about the deeds and thoughts of this person. Therefore, such contact is not of great value. However, we should not forget that the spirit is on a level connected with ensuring the safety of the physical world, so at its disposal may be information about some major catastrophes that threaten those present. Such information can be listened to.

The spirit of a deceased person can be compared to a balloon from which almost all the air has gone out. In order for such a balloon to "come to life" at least a little, it must be inflated. Energy in the astral shell can be breathed in by a medium or the collective subconsciousness of the participants of a spiritualistic séance, when they form a circle. By the way, the ancient Slavic round dances around the birthday boy have a similar energy basis, directed to the spirit of the living person.

Note that for real contacts with the spirits of the dead, as well as for any magical operations, the consciousness of people also plays an important role. We know that consciousness is able to change the forms of its perception of the world, the structure of space and time, which can affect the success of spiritistic communication. The energy of positive attention can empower and enable any manifestation. A similar effect occurs when visiting the house-museums of famous people in the past.

3.7 Energy of food

Meal Preparation.

To prepare the meal, the food is separated: meat - separately, fish - separately, vegetables and fruit - separately, bread - separately, etc. For energy processing, the food is placed in a closed volume, such as a black or silver coloured cellophane bag or foil. To prepare the meal, Tyrone dictated to me the following sequence of actions:

  1. You light a small wax candle.
  2. Dip the food clockwise and repeat the mantra three times, which serves as an invocation to the spirits.
  3. Look at the reflection of the candle in the mirror and imagine that the energy streams coming from you penetrate the mirror and the bag and charge the food. Do this until you feel that it is enough.
  4. Then you extinguish the candle and, while it is smoking, with the same mantra, fumigate the food with it.

Completion of the meal.

The food used in the above described ritual is wrapped in foil after dinner and put in such a place, which is higher than human height. In the morning of the next day the foil is unwrapped and the food is thrown away. A mantra - an invocation to a particular spirit - is used. The spirits that are around home hearths always use the energy contained in the remains of food. When addressing a particular spirit, one can still hope for an energy exchange.

You can do the same when you are a guest or in a public canteen. It is enough not to eat the food completely, but to leave a little on the plate for the spirits. The spirits feed not on the physical food itself, but on the energy that was concentrated in it.

If a person is going to go to the Canal after the meal, it is even better not only to remember about the spirits, leaving them some food, but also to get their support. For this purpose a certain sacrifice is necessary - it is necessary to leave to spirits the most tasty piece from the meal.

3.8 Protection of the home

Magical home defence.

To carry out conspiracies it is good to use rice. Rice performs the function of a keeper of magical information. Rice conspiracy for magical protection of a dwelling is made as follows:

  1. With the left hand, pour rice in small portions into the centre of the right palm;
  2. Clench the palm of your hand into a fist with all your might, so that the muscles of your hand tremble from the tension;
  3. Bring the clenched fist to the face and press in the area of the "third eye",
  4. recite the spell mantra;
  5. drop the rice into the wine [Pour about three quarters of the red wine into a glass beforehand] ,
  6. catch the undrowned rice without touching it with hands(!), e.g. with a piece of paper, and throw it away in a place that is difficult for other people to reach.
  7. The final step is to pour off any residual red wine that has not been absorbed into the rice and pour the rice into some sort of covered glass dish.

Control of "angry" ricers.

At the last stages of the conspiracy one should be very careful and be sure to check whether the "evil" ricinas have not returned back to the house. If this happens, the involution will happen [Involvement in this context means the introduction of an alien energetic essence] into a person's self, which threatens extremely undesirable consequences.

I immediately had the opportunity to see for myself the cunning of the "evil" ricinas. When Tyrone showed me the incantation, a couple of the ricinas did not sink, thus showing their connection to the egregore [Egregore is the energy structure] of evil. Tyrone carefully fished them out and threw them out the window. The paper with the ricinas flew along the wall of the house towards the balcony, the exit to which was in another room of the flat. Tyrone, well aware of the dangers of having "evil" ricinas in the house, decided to check to see if they had made it to the balcony. And here's the interesting thing: the rice paper flew away, but the rice fell exactly in the crack of the threshold of the balcony door, where it is difficult to find them by chance and they could play their sinister role to the maximum extent. Naturally, they were finally thrown away, and their behaviour served as a clear lesson to me.

Thus, it is necessary to remember very well that the unsinking of the ricinas in the conspiracy fall into an energetic connection with the evil egregor and become its instrument. As Tyrone says, such ricinas can even be used for involtation, however, it is extremely dangerous. The division of rice into sunken and unsinkable is like the division of positive and negative charges in an electric field.

I'm doing a home protection plot.

Next, I tried to make my own conspiracy of ricinoks for protection for my house. No "evil" ricinas were detected. Then I imagined that I was charging the ricinas to protect my house against any negative influence. In doing so, two of the ricinas surfaced. And, at last, I imagined that I protect my house from negative influence of a concrete person. With this conspiracy to protect the home, many ricinas surfaced. Tyrone did not comment on the cause of this effect, but only said thoughtfully: "Yeah, I don't envy that man."

The man is like a laser.

Tyrone believes that laser energy can be completely transformed. Man himself, because of the light-bearing nature of his true nature, can become a laser beam by sensing its structure.

A person can become anything.

To summarise the above, it can be argued that man can become all things, for as Tyrone says, what absolutely everything in the world, in the physical world and other worlds, can be modelled, copied.

Parallel Worlds.

There are many parallel worlds characterised by their structure of space, rhythm (pulsation), time, consciousness. It was said on the Channel.

3.9. Sign

The appearance of the sign.

The sign was a unique manifestation of the Subtle World. We discovered this phenomenon the next morning after we performed a ritual of charging rice in red wine to protect the house. Namely, inside the glass of the jar, where we poured the charged rice after the ritual, a complex pattern appeared (see Fig. 3.3, 3.4), resembling a butterfly, a flower and a spider at the same time.

The clear lines of the pattern were formed by cracks in the glass itself. On the outer side of the jar there were no traces of the drawing, on the inner side only a part of the lines could be felt with a finger. Thus, the drawing was the result of the appearance of some Structure inside the glass of the jar.

The central fragment of the pattern resembled a network of cracks on a car windscreen caused by a stone hitting it. The essential difference between the manifested pattern and the crack on the car windscreen was that the glass of the jar remained smooth from the outside. The edges of the cracks in the glass did not go outwards, but inwards. Besides, cracks from a pebble on a windshield have a radial structure with the clearly expressed centre - a place of a pebble hit, and the picture presented to our sight, though it had the place of the greatest concentration of lines, but had no centre. As another analogy to the manifested pattern we can cite the trace of lightning on the sand.

Towards an understanding of the sign.

The next day Tyrone arrived and I told him about this interesting effect. He immediately realised that this drawing was a manifestation, like a business card of otherworldly forces and Structures, which showed interest and joined our work. Moreover, according to him, the manifested drawing carries in itself a map of interaction of worlds, a code for contact with the corresponding energetic Structures.

The sign inside the glass jar

@@@@ Figure 3.3. Sign manifested inside the walls of a glass jar after performing the ritual of charging rice to protect the dwelling. Full-face view.

The sign inside the jar after the ritual, profile.

@@@@ Figure 3.4. Sign manifested inside the walls of a glass jar after performing the ritual of charging rice to protect the dwelling. Profile view.

Tyrone tried to make contact with them right away, but it didn't work. Then he put the jar aside, intending to move on to the planned exercise with me, and said: "Don't wash that drawing off yet." He thought the pattern was a trace of wine or rice that had been put in the jar. I told him that the pattern was not a divot on the glass, but a change in the internal structure of the jar glass. We postponed the planned classes and began serious work with the manifested Structure. Mantras and a candle were used for this purpose. From the energy that began to accumulate in the room, my stomach trembled in the area of the solar plexus. A pen rolled and fell from the table, something rustled under the table.

Finally, Tyrone broke away from the drawing and said decisively: "Leaving. This Structure needs to be handled on the Channel." Then he went to the balcony to dump the accumulated energy through the window. A few seconds later, there was a slight rumble between the neighbouring houses opposite our house, and yard dogs barked in the street.

We could not get down the lift. When the lift arrived, it shook, the doors started to open and close continuously, but the buttons did not work. Apparently, the excess energy in the flat had put the lift in a malfunctioning state. So we walked. After I saw Tyrone off, I returned home and calmly rode to my floor on the already "calm" lift.