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Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 2 - Ritual.

Table of Contents

2.1 The counter-movement of magic


Find your key.

The main thing is to tune in to yourself, to your inner sensations. Everything external is cancelled during meditation.

Tyrone says that I'm you have to find the key to unconsciousness yourself..

Magic goes out to the seeker.

In response to a question about assessing the beginning of my magical journey, Tyrone said. my Spiritual Master will speak to me in my own language. Now I and magic are coming towards each other. And the question is: who will come faster: magic to me or I to magic?

Nonviolent Movement.

The teacher needs a non-violent form of communication, so powerful but forceful Channeling mantras should not be used.

Hypnosis can help, but in the form of self-hypnosis, self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is better than external intervention.

Consciousness is a seed.

Consciousness matures to the Spirit, to the Light like a seed. It will awaken sharply when the sunny season comes.

Outsiders are destructive.

For those who are already on the spiritual magical path, it is important not to be a spectator, but a co-participant; interaction is interesting. An outsider, even a friendly spectator, changes the structure and balance of the action.

A rain of mantras.

Spiritual abilities are inherent in every human being. Figuratively speaking, everyday life extinguishes them, while the rain of mantras germinates and protects them.

Improving operational efficiency.

I have now taken a voice recorder and decided to organise my work more efficiently: to record my impressions and thoughts on a voice recorder and then to type and edit them on a computer. Working directly on the computer is not always efficient. In the course of work one has to change from the creative work of remembering the sensations of magic lessons or perception of a thought to the logical work of typing on the computer. The result is frequent switching of rather inertial mechanisms that ensure the functioning of different types of thinking, which reduces the overall efficiency of work.

The magician's sense of his chosenness.

When communicating with others, a magician has a completely justified feeling of his own chosenness. Indeed, a magician, and not only a magician, but any of his disciples, a person who has entered the path of magical work, already (or is it so initially?) ceases to be like everyone else, which can be reliably recognised and clearly understood. However, there is a dangerous pitfall in the feeling of one's own chosenness.

A magician is not like everyone else, because he lives in a magical world, he knows and feels magical laws and acts according to them. The psychological aspect of this feeling can make a fundamental change in a person's position in the world, in his worldview. The idea of one's own chosenness should not be the food of a person's self. The statement "the magician is not like the others" cannot be applied in the physical world, to this or that accepted human hierarchy in it. The state of "being different" in the human hierarchy gives a certain regal sense of exclusivity, of the particularity of one's hierarchical position.

One of the fundamental drives of the human psyche is the desire for a sense of self-importance. Therefore, the thought of one's own chosenness can very easily become food for this feeling, which can reach completely hypertrophied proportions, up to the feeling of being a god in the physical universe, capable of doing anything, giving a heady feeling of immense power. The feeling of one's own limitless possibilities is fraught not only with some negative effects, but also with the loss of the Straight Path given by magic, which entails stopping the movement of life both as a person and as a magician.

Tairon's way of life.

Tyrone leads a way of life, which from the outside can be called monastic. For me, this way of life is an example and a sample of the fact that the maximum effect in magical activity and spiritual pleasure from this activity is achieved by people over whom habitual values and goods lose their power.

2.2 Ritual cemetery

Preparing for a trip to the cemetery.

Tyrone had conceived a large-scale magical operation, to which Tyrone's students were summoned. We all piled into the car and hit the road.

Telepathic Exercises.

On the way, Tyrone gave me two exercises in telepathic influence.

The first exercise was to get the person sitting in the back seat of the car in front of me to turn around. This exercise is not done in the way I had imagined before. I recall a childhood game where you had to make the person in front of you who was sitting or walking turn around. In doing so, it was thought that you had to concentrate your attention and mentally call out, knocking on the person's back. Now Tyrone's exercise consisted not in remaining in one's place and telepathically touching the attention of the chosen person, but in mentally imagining oneself to be this person, as if to "get into his skin", and to feel, being in his place, a persistent desire to turn round. I tried it, and the man did turn round. Then he turned round continuously, unable to look forward.

Next, when we overtook the test car, Tyrone made the task more difficult. The object for the second exercise was a passenger car travelling ahead of us in the left lane. The exercise was to get the driver of the car to move from the far left lane of traffic to the far right lane. I, by analogy with the previous exercise, felt myself in the driver's seat and imagined that I had to turn to the right. And, indeed, after a while the car started to gradually move to the right and eventually ended up in the right-hand lane. Then Tyrone said: "Stop. Finish the exercise and divert your attention." He cited a case in which a student doing a similar task had not switched off in time, and as a result the test car had driven off the road into a ditch, which, of course, was not the purpose of the experiment.

Ritual Cemetery.

Then, after visiting the alchemists, we went to the main goal of our journey - a ritual cemetery [A ritual cemetery is a complex that includes the actual cemetery where burials are made, an equipped place for funeral rituals, and a funeral home], located in the Moscow region. The area where this cemetery is located is highly energetic. According to press reports, passing UFOs and other anomalous phenomena have been repeatedly recorded here.

Tyrone had instructed me to buy a sandwich on the way, sure to have beef meat, which then served as my offering to the spirits and lairs of the ritual cemetery.

We arrived at the cemetery when it was already dark, at about 22-40. The cemetery is located in a small forest outside a town near Moscow. We drove up and stopped at the area in front of the cemetery gate. Just outside the gate we could see the place for the burial, which is a granite pedestal about a metre high with steps leading from ground level to the surface of the pedestal. The pedestal itself is a square. The roof over the pedestal is supported on four stone pillars standing on the tops of the square. In the centre of the pedestal there is a parapet about a metre high. On this parapet the coffin with the body of the deceased is placed during the funeral service. Directly above the parapet there are 4 triangular holes cut in the roof. If these opposite holes are mentally connected by lines, a cross is formed.

The cemetery itself extended to the right as one looked towards the burial ground. The lanterns in the cemetery illuminated only the space from the gate to the pedestal. The graves and their monuments were plunged into darkness.

Preparatory Ritual.

Preparation for the ritual began, which, as I understand, was intended for my exit to the Channel. It should be noted that many rituals are performed in energetically unique places. Magical actions have to be performed from the improvised material of the place where the ritual is performed. This restriction is due to the specific energy of a cemetery or other energetically unique place. Any materials from other places violate the energy of the chosen ritual place.

The preparatory ritual was as follows.

Tyrone drew an equilateral cross in front of the cemetery gate, the vertical line of which was orientated in the direction of the ritual burial place. In each of the four sectors of the cross Tyrone and his disciples inscribed magical signs. I observed the same structure - an equilateral cross and four magic signs in the sectors of the cross - in other rituals.

The next action was to inform the necropolis of this cemetery about me, for which purpose a vessel with my urine was used in the ritual. The vessel was placed in the centre of the cross. Four of us took hands, stood facing the cemetery and chorused mantras. Then, holding hands, we formed a circle around the drawing with the magic formula. Other mantras came into play. I didn't know most of these mantras, so I had to learn them as I went along, but at first I only needed to recite them repeatedly, just repeating them after Tyrone.

Then I had to face the direction opposite to the cemetery, intuitively choose a direction and take thirty steps in the chosen direction. Having done this procedure, I stopped and began to recite the mantras standing, facing the chosen direction. Then I had to turn round, take a few steps and recite another mantra several times.

While I was working with my mantras, Tyrone and his students were spreading out in different directions and doing their energy training. Then, on Tyrone's command, all four of us began to converge at one point. We converged, formed a circle, my vessel was placed in the centre of the circle. My next task was to try to visually or subtly perceive the energy that the vessel had already acquired as a result of the energy work that had already been done. Tyrone saw this energy in the form of a small cloud around the vessel. I tried to relax, then concentrate (this is how I imagined the meditation process) my attention on the vessel. As a result of this exercise, the vessel in front of me simply disappeared from my field of vision. I saw no cloud, no glow, nothing that could be associated with an energetic object.

The next stage of the preparatory ritual was to return to the magic formula written before the entrance to the cemetery. The next step was to work with another set of mantras, which ended (Tyrone was constantly monitoring the time) at twenty minutes to midnight.

Entering the cemetery.

To enter the cemetery, Tyrone gave everyone certain mantras and words of address to the spirits and larvae of the cemetery. The message said that we had come to co-operate, our purpose was to experiment, we did not want to disturb their peace and asked them to indulge us and not to interfere with our actions.

Tyrone went in first, then me, followed by the others. As we entered the cemetery, we faced the place of burial, a very powerful place of energy, which was where the main part of the experiment would take place. To move to the place of burial required crossing the road going inside the cemetery. The crossing of this road, as it seems to me, symbolises the crossing of the boundary separating the world of the living from the world of the dead. Later I saw that cemeteries necessarily have some element bearing the same symbolic load. The roads, one leading from the gate to the pedestal and the other running inside the cemetery, formed a crossroads.

We reached the crossroads and stopped in front of it. Tyrone asked me if I felt any barriers or discomfort, that is, if I was allowed into the necromir. I did not feel any negative influences or barriers. We calmly crossed the intersection, climbed the pedestal. We stopped at the necessary points and recited the necessary mantras.

Dead man's pose.

On the parapet, where the coffin is placed at the funeral, we laid newspapers brought with us from the car. Under the headboard of the parapet, on a small stone ledge, I placed my vessel. Then I climbed up on the parapet and sat in the lotus posture and started meditating, trying to somehow activate my subtle perception. After that I lay down on the parapet and crossed my arms on my chest, assuming the posture of a dead man.

Around me, the basic magical ritual began. It included mantras, an old Russian ritual rite of repose, which Tyrone decided to use for this particular magical action. The ritual began with a threefold proclamation of the initial phrase from the ancient rite. Such a non-standard ritual action was used specifically to influence my consciousness.

I had to feel myself moving away from physical life, and try to enter the opening necropolis [Necropolis - is the field of consciousness of the inhabitants of the necromere (the world where the human soul goes after the death of the physical body)]. Tyrone noted the approach of fires - energy entities, the descending of the Stream upon us, the arrival of Structures [Flow и Structure are generalised names of entities and beings of the Subtle World]. The spirits flew to the place of ritual action.

My body was relaxed and numb, my soul was at peace, and I was in a state of light sleep. I could periodically hear what was going on around me, how Tyrone and his students were talking, and periodically I was plunged into a kind of darkness from which I remembered nothing. At the same time, it turned out that there was something rustling heavily on the top of the roof. Tyrone thought, as he said later, that I had already gone into the astral, and that all these noises were an after-effect. I didn't hear any rustling, no information from the astral body was reaching my consciousness.

At exactly midnight, Tyrone and his students stood around me and shouted three times, "It is done!" which meant the end of the magic. Then, as Tyrone explained to me later, there was a time limit. The ritual had to be finished before midnight, because the time within an hour after midnight is a period of high necropolis activity. It was a time when the effects of the necropolis in such a powerful energetic place as a ritual cemetery could be too harsh for me.

I climbed down from the parapet, brushed off the newspapers that covered it, and picked up my vessel. We descended from the pedestal and reached the crossroads. I placed my vessel in the centre of the crossroads, took a still-warm sandwich out of my pocket, and crumbled it around the vessel. Tyrone asked the spirits and larvae of the cemetery to use the energy of the food we had brought, which we were leaving them as our gift, a sign of cooperation.

Gathering the components for the pentacle.

Before leaving, I collected in a glass jar herbs and earth from the cemetery, which is necessary for the production of the pentacle. Leaving the cemetery, each of us, according to the safety technique, outlined a semicircle with his right foot, cutting off possible pursuers and said the standard mantra for cutting off alien energy.

We got in the car. Tyrone checked to see if we'd forgotten anything at the cemetery. It's another element of safety: no accidentally forgotten things should be left at the place of magical action. It turned out that Tyrone's magic notebook was missing. We couldn't leave without it. We started to remember who was the last person to hold it. It turned out that Tyrone himself had been the last to keep it, and he remembered where he had left it.

Closed cemetery

After visiting the ritual cemetery, we returned to Moscow and drove to another cemetery, where we reached by two o'clock in the morning. It was a closed cemetery where no one is buried anymore. We started to perform the ritual. A magic formula was written in front of the cemetery gate (this time we had to walk around and look for a pebble that would leave at least some trace). This time the main person of the ritual was no longer me, but Tyrone's apprentice. All I had to do was to supplement the contents of my jar, containing the components for the pentacle, with grass and earth (instead of earth you can use pebbles) from this cemetery.

The apprentice recited the mantras for setting up contact with the necropolis and after Tyrone's instruction, stayed the rest of the night to perform ritual activities in this cemetery. His task was to climb over the fence into the cemetery, position himself in lotus pose in the centre and make contact with the necropolis through the formulas given by Tyrone. I thought that for an ordinary person to spend the night in the centre of a cemetery, not passively but actively summoning spirits, was a very creepy procedure. Later I learnt that Tyrone's apprentice had succeeded in his task.

To the Orthodox church.

Next we stopped by an Orthodox church. Here my task was: to take some land and grass near the church. Unlike the cemetery, there was a watchman here who asked me fearfully what I was doing here. I said the first thing that came to mind, "I've lost something here. I took some earth and grass and quickly left the frightened watchman in the car.

End of operation

That was the end of our travels that night. Everyone was taken home. Before going to bed, at home, I performed the final part of the magical operation.

The closed jar with the three components contained in it was to be placed on a mirror with its face upwards, light a wax candle and pass it clockwise over the jar several times, repeating Tyrone's mantra. Then I wrapped the jar in aluminium foil, put the jar on the mirror and before going to bed put the mirror on the floor under the bed near the headboard.

The last task of this experiment was for me to try to imagine myself again, now in a dream state, on the parapet of a ritual cemetery and to realise the changes that were happening to me there.