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 Book Introduction to Modern Magic. Chapter 1 - The Beginning.

Table of Contents

1.1 Findings

I came to the meeting with Tyrone [the magical name "Tyrone" is correctly pronounced with the accent on the second syllable] in search of a person who could help me to enter the Channel. The critical hour, i.e. the age of 37, after which my entrance to the Channel became unlikely (this had been mentioned in earlier Channels I had attended), was inevitably approaching. I decided to take every opportunity to reach the Canal. I even advertised a few times myself: I ask for energetic, magical or other help for personal access to the Channel. Spiritual Teacher is known [This statement was made on the basis of information from other Channels. Further on in the text will be mentioned the previous (in relation to the time of the actions described in this book) Channels, in which I participated as an observer, who was allowed to ask his questions]. No one responded, and among all the piles of adverts about clairvoyance, hexes, magic there was not even a hint of people I needed.

At first, I visited several Roerich centres and centres close to them in spirit, Siegel's readings on UFO issues, etc. The result was, as they used to say in the children's game: "cold", "cold", "cold".

I made several more fruitless attempts to find people who were somehow connected with Channels. For example, I went to see a "master of cosmoenergetics" who at least mentioned some cosmic channels in the announcements about his activity. However, the channels in his view turned out to be analogues of radio channels, i.e. oscillations of a certain frequency. It was possible to tune to these channels with the help of certain thought images. Each channel was connected with a certain god, which, in principle, is true and corresponds to the ancient concept of god as a certain energy flow. A channel of a certain frequency affects a physical organ, which energetically functions in a close range of frequencies, so a correctly selected channel provides a rather effective healing effect. All this was clear enough, but not interesting. The Master possessed neither vision nor magic. His abilities were limited to the use of the frame and some sense of energy of chakra movements. A session of "cosmic communication" consisted of meditation [Meditation is a key multifaceted concept. In the course of spiritual practice, many people develop their own definition of meditation. I am personally close to such definitions of meditation as: "a mental state achieved after relaxation and concentration (or dispersal of attention)", -concentration of the subject's attention on an object, in which the subject feels merged with the object"] in a standing position, with closed eyes, to light music. It is difficult to endure such standing for a long time, although in this case the consciousness is slightly switched off and there is a probability of direct perception of cosmic energy [Cosmic energy - conscious Energy dissolved in the Cosmos around us]. I felt hot from standing like this, stuffy. I took off my tie and jacket, but I still felt terribly uncomfortable and barely waited for the end of the session.

It became clear to me that a real contact person would not advertise in the newspaper, and it was unclear where to look next. The solution to my life problem was helped by chance, or maybe by the will from above (after all, since ancient times the principle is known: "when the student is ready, the teacher is also ready").

1.2 Commencement

Tyrone agreed to meet with me after some hesitation. Looking at me the first time I met him, he said thoughtfully: "Well, appearances can be deceiving," and decided to show me one of his magic labs.

The laboratory was located in a small room. The windows in the room were blindly sealed, the floor was covered with thick carpeting, and the walls were covered with mirrored holographic film. Various magical signs were drawn on the walls and on the floor, and along one of the walls were various items of magical ritual. Among the items stood out a small human skull and a clay head of some incomprehensible, as it turned out later, astral, creature. The skull, according to Tyrone, was the skull of a shaman who had lived several hundred years ago. I did not remember any other signs.

I told about my need to get on the Channel, about the anthology series "Spectrum of the Soul", which took up all my free time at that time. I shared my plan to create a laboratory psilogieswhich aims to investigate paranormal phenomena that may be scientific fact.

Beneath scientific fact I understand such a potentially registerable phenomenon that can be perceived by modern science. The first necessary condition for the scientificity of a fact is the possibility of its modelling, explanation with the help of modern mathematical and technical means within the existing paradigm of the corresponding field of knowledge.

Tyrone was initially very wary and sceptical of my words and intentions. He must have thought that I was one of those people who only wrote and wrote, but could not do anything real, did not try, and did not want to. It is more than hopeless to involve such people in magic.


The only concrete reciprocal gesture on his part was a display of telekinesis [telekinesis I understand it as a person's ability to move objects without physical effort]. Tyrone asked me if I had any small objects. I had a photograph with me. The mage placed the photograph in front of him on the couch, held out his hands in its direction. There was about 20 centimetres of space between his hands and the photograph. And - the photograph began to move on the sofa. For the first time in my life I saw telekinesis with my own eyes. Theoretically, such a phenomenon did not carry elements of surprise for me, so there was no vivid mental reaction on my part. Besides, mastering the wonders that magic is capable of - in the eyes of an outsider - was not my goal. I had already experienced the need to become famous and look "cool" in one sense or another. My only meaningful goal at that time was to go to the Channel, to get in touch with the Spiritual Master.

Later Tyrone showed telekinesis of objects heavier than a photograph. So, for example, during the second lesson (I'm getting a little ahead of myself here) of magic work on 13.05.98 Tyrone moved an amulet together with a massive chain used for carrying the amulet. According to his testimony, telekinesis can move objects weighing up to 20kg.

In addition to telekinesis, Tyrone showed the ability to tune in to the location of the photo and see more of what was captured in the photo. For example, he could see exactly what geographical location the photo shown to him was taken in.

37 years old.

Under Tyrone's influence I got rid of another trap of my consciousness. Long before my meeting with him on the Channel, I had been told that the age of 37 was the limit for me, and that if I reached that age, it was unlikely that I would be able to enter the Channel in the future. This figure was constantly "hanging" in my consciousness like a sword of Damocles and was associated with the words from some song by V. Vysotsky: "And the counter clicks and clicks, and still at the end of the way I will have to pay for it".

So when Tyrone asked me about the length of time I intended to practise magic, I immediately gave the date of my 37th birthday without a second thought. Then I thought about the harmful role of that date. The reason for thinking on this theme was Tyrone's remark during the discussion of the texts of my previous Channels, where in one of the sessions it was said that the optimal time for my going to the Channel was Monday night to Tuesday night. In response to this statement, Tyrone emphatically said: "No. There can be no such time. Going to the Canal is possible anytime and anywhere."

After reflection, I concluded from his words that expecting to access the Channel only at a certain time automatically limits, if not even prohibits, such access at any other time, other than the scheduled time. The consequence of this conclusion is the necessity to refuse from any specific date, in advance of the set time of going to the Channel. This is an example of shooting at a shooting gallery: if you wait for a shot, your hand will certainly shake and the bullet will go into the "milk"; the condition of successful shooting is the absence of such waiting.

Besides, a fixed deadline date for entering the Channel leaves a good loophole for the consciousness. It can reasonably decide that it is enough for it to hold on until the fixed date (in my case, it is the day when I turn 37), and then nothing can threaten its dominance.

Mind Reaction.

The encounter with real magic signalled a danger to the cosy, domineering existence of my mind. It began to whisper quietly that, let us first complete the Anthology; let us make sure that Tyrone can really contact my Spiritual Teacher; let us check that magicians are able to contact Spiritual Teachers at all, and not only - through the astral - with their teachers living in the physical body in Tibet, etc.

Therefore, in response to Tyrone's question about the seriousness of my magic studies, I had already started to formulate a negative answer, that I was not ready to start a new life yet, that I had to realise my plans first. However, knowing my own psychology, which tends to weigh all assessments for a long time beforehand, which leads to indecision, I stopped these hesitations and made a choice in favour of magic.


Tyrone's first step in the direction of my joining the magic circle was to organise a meeting with me of one of his advanced students, with whom we met in Tyrone's magic laboratory, This student turned out to be a rather confident young man in his magical knowledge. He was as sceptical of me and my plans as Tyrone had been when we first met. The only area in which he would have agreed to engage me was to participate in a trip to Tibet in the autumn. On such an expedition, he thought it would be interesting to have a scientist present who could record and scientifically describe the phenomena.

Before starting the experiment.

So, we're going to start actively working with Tyrone. This is a real opportunity to get on the Channel.

My attempt, considered as an experiment, will show whether a scientist, who has axiomatically admitted the existence of the Subtle World [the Subtle World, as I imagine, covers the non-physical levels of existence that can be perceived by the human consciousness], but who is in the modern world and under the pressure of all his previous knowledge, can practically and actually enter the Subtle World. Therefore, it is necessary for me to record all my thoughts and experiences in the course of learning magic.

Besides, on one of the previous Channels I was told that my task is to show the possibility of rejecting scientific substantiation of any problems on the basis of bioenergetic approach.

So, my task is to record my personal discoveries and sensations. This experience, at least, can be useful for beginners.

1.3 First attempt


The first session of magic work lasted 4 hours, from 18-00 to 22-00. Besides me and Tyrone, there was A., Tyrone's pupil, who has, among other things, abilities of a medium. The session included the following stages.

1) Preparing the room of the magic laboratory for work: warming the air in the room, heating the tambourine, etc.

2) Preparation of participants for magical work: we left the laboratory room, sat down with A. on the sofa in the corridor, relaxed, tried in meditation to cleanse ourselves from everyday worries, to aspire to the Highest.

3) Energetic preparation of the lab space: while we students sat and meditated outside the lab, Tyrone, dressed in a ceremonial black dressing gown with floors to the ground, energised the lab.

4) The beginning of work: we enter, sit in a circle (here it turned out that I do not have a comfortable posture: I can't physically sit in the classical oriental lotus posture, in the position on my knees my leg muscles get tired quickly, in the sitting posture with one arm - the supporting arm gets tired), we joined hands, started with the joint performance of the mantra "AUM". The task for future classes: to find a comfortable posture for meditation. Such a posture can be "half-lotus". [that's my working name for this pose], when you sit cross-legged on a small bench instead of on the floor. Another option is to use for meditation a chair with a high straight back, which allows you to keep your spine upright for a long time without much strain. This way of meditation, apart from magical purposes, also allows you to get rid of the usual slouching.

5) Energy work: we imagine that while saying the mantra energy [note, the energy in question does not fit any known definition (electromagnetic, strong, weak, gravitational) of energy interaction. The closest concepts are pranas in Indian philosophy and chi - in Chinese]. goes into the open palms of the hands. We try to create a thought-form in the form of an energy ball and feel it with our hands.

6) The beginning of personal work with me. Tyrone and disciple A. from both sides are loudly singing universal mantras into my ears, the magic formula-mantra "Eternal Life", beating rhythmically on a tambourine. I try to concentrate on the images Tyrone suggests: fire, sea, outer space, chaos. My consciousness behaves like a rubber band: it lets go a little, then brings me back, even involuntarily opening my seemingly completely relaxed eyes.

7) Work with objects. The task is to transfer energy (or information?) to an object - a small wooden rolling pin - so that it behaves relatively independently and, being unstable, nevertheless stays upright. I was able to accomplish this task several times. Tyrone did the same experiment with the ritual sword, but my presence prevented it from falling. When I left the room, the sword stood in my absence. After Tyrone's more than usual efforts, the sword stood for a while in my presence.

8) The attempt to bring me to the Channel included: active influence on chakras, general energy, maximising the energy of the flow in the laboratory. So far, no success. Active pushing of my consciousness onto the Channel has not been successful. I tried to switch off my consciousness by myself, going away as if to the side and imagining that I am already on the Channel, and my Spiritual Teacher is speaking through me.

9) Attempted psychic connection to my Channel. A. tried to medioumically feel my Channel, but he did not succeed [a question arises: is it possible to connect to Teachers medioumically at all? In addition, I was unclear about the following: in previous channels it was said that Channeling with a particular medium occurs when their energy exceeds the energy of those gathered in the room, however, Tyrone's energy level was much higher than that of A.'s student].

1.4. Second lesson in magic.


This was already the second magic class. The class started at 10:00 p.m.

Working the amulet.

Tyrone's amulet was taken as the object of the first exercise. The amulet is a brown wooden circle (sandalwood, I think) with a diameter of about 10 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. Both sides of the amulet are engraved with some magic formulae that I don't know yet. The amulet is worn around the neck on a massive, weighing about half a kilogram, chain with large links.

The task of the exercise was to try to mentally immerse oneself in the amulet. Tyrone once again demonstrated telekinesis: the amulet moved in small, sudden jumps and completely independently. The next exercise was to try to visualise the amulet's energy. I looked at the amulet against a dark background, spread out a little, saw shadows running off its surface, and then saw the space around it glow [perhaps it was an afterglow effect characteristic of a state of gazing] and fluctuate.


Tyrone picked up 10 items that came to hand: 1) a Tibetan cap, 2) a roll of paper, 3) duct tape, 4) a pen, 5) a comb, 6) a TV remote, 7) cologne, 8) bubble bath, 9) soap, and 10) a torch. We each took a piece of paper. He went into another room, which I locked behind him with a key. The demonstration exercise consisted of the following: at his signal, I took an object at random, put it on the table and wrote down on a piece of paper what I had taken. Tyrone, in the other room, wrote down the name of the object he saw with his inner vision.

A total of 10 guessing attempts were made, of which all but the first were completely accurate. The first attempt was unsuccessful because, as Tyrone said, he didn't have time to tune in. It's easy to calculate the probability of such an event happening. Given that, from the point of view of combinatorics, this situation is a return sample, the probability is 0.1 to the ninth power, that is, 0.000000001 - one billionth.

I then tried to replicate his actions using a clairvoyance-activating mantra, but only guessed once. *

A place of power.

The next exercise was a visit to a place of power, or rather a place where astral entities congregate. We drove in the pouring rain, at midnight, to an open-air bomb shelter. We could barely make it from the road to the entrance in the soaked mud. Before entering, Tyrone put on his amulet, which he had used during all the previous sessions to charge himself with astral energy by lying in front of a mirror. We then descended into the pitch darkness of the bomb shelter, but did not go inside as water had accumulated on the floor there after the rains. Then Tyrone recited a mantra that causes astral entities to move. However, I did not notice any astral movement.

Tyrone's recommendations: in such situations we find ourselves in the position of uninvited guests, but still, we should not be afraid of any of the astral entities. And one more thing: when leaving such places, one should make an arc with the right foot, cutting off possible pursuers, and also recite a cleansing mantra.

First homework assignment.


The exercise consists of concentrating your gaze on one point, for example, 2 metres away, for a certain period of time (up to 5 minutes).


The initial visualisation exercise is to mentally concentrate on the colours in the following sequence: red - black - green - blue - white.

Concentration is made on a full background. To increase the brightness of the represented colours it is useful to use auxiliary thought images: the image of green colour - leaves of trees and grass, the image of blue - cloudless sky.


One of the main tools in magic are mantras [mantras, in my opinion, are certain sound combinations that cause psychic and spiritual-soul effects when pronounced]. They are sound codes for magical work.

The system of mantras was developed in the course of centuries of magical practice in Tibet. This system continues to be improved even now. There are well-known universal mantras, for example, "OM", "AUM", "OM MANE PADME HUM". The whole system of mantras is secret. The required mantra or set of mantras is determined for each particular case and the particular disciple.

When formulating the first homework assignment, Tyrone wrote me the following about mantras.

  • Mantras cause an energetic vibration on the astral and spiritual level.
  • From the vibrations in initiates the processes of controlling the magical reality are switched on, a similar effect occurs for a while in novice magicians-apprentices during the probationary period.
  • The effect of the mantra is strengthened if its pronunciation is accompanied by a thought-image and an energetic message from the "third eye" [the third eye is the centre of perception in the human energy body, which corresponds to the nerve node of the physical brain, located at the level of the forehead centre]. .
  • The eyes can be either open or closed when learning to pronounce mantras.
  • You can recite mantras mentally, and the same effect will happen. However, the sound code increases the pressure of magical potential (energy)
  • Thought causes astral vibration. Sound is the expression of thought.

The pronunciation of mantras is very important. It is necessary to pronounce them [such requirements to the pronunciation of a mantra can be justified on the basis of the physical model of a mantra as a soliton, i.e. an automorphic (retaining its shape and energy when time changes) solitary wave]. as long as possible, without breaks in the sound.

Tyrone gave me the initial mantras for working with the spirits of the sides of the world (south, north, east, west) and the descriptive magic formulae-signs for this work, as well as the names of the spirits. 15.05.98

On the effect of mantras.

Chanting mantras is like using an exercise machine to train those muscles that are not used in everyday life. Mantras activate those neurons and neural connections that are responsible for communication with the Subtle World, but are not switched on in ordinary life.

In my time, studying quantum theory, I came to the philosophical conclusion that the physical world, space and time are formed by the Observer, the consciousness of the Observer. In magic it is stated that consciously, through thought-forms [a thought-form, in my view, is a clearly formulated thought having a form from the matter of the mental world], it is possible to change any properties of the physical world. Mantras serve as an energetic tool for changing the physical world and human consciousness.

Magic and faith.

Success in transforming physical reality on the basis of faith alone is difficult to achieve, although historically magical mantras have been given to saints walking the path of faith. Faith is based on inner conviction, on a mystical sensual experience of a higher reality. For a concrete transformation of the world it is necessary to determine the exact place, form and time of magical actions.

Magic and Programming.

Magic is like programming, for an error in even one element, one command leads to an error in the entire programme or, more often, to the fact that it does not work at all.

State Search.

Psychologically, learning magic is similar to trying to learn to ride a bicycle: after many unsuccessful attempts and "bruises" one suddenly succeeds. The achieved state is remembered for life on a subconscious level and is performed naturally.

Example. A girl was trained in the use of telekinesis. She concentrated energy pressure at a point on a light paper spinner covered with a glass jar. To strengthen the impact, she imagined that the jar was a lens that amplified her mental impact. And suddenly the point on the paper lit up!

Is it possible to learn magic on your own?

The knowledge given in books is chaotic and haphazard. A university course can theoretically be learnt independently, by books. It is impossible to master magic by self-study, because besides conscious transmission of knowledge there is subconscious and energetic communication, in the course of which true knowledge is transmitted.

A strategy for moving towards the Canal.

What is the strategy of movement to the Channel? It used to be easier, it seems, for seekers: switch off the everyday consciousness and the intellect supporting it, get involved in the energy wave, in the flow, master magical actions. Now the intellect of the modern, especially Western, man is almost an integral part of himself, and to abandon it is often possible only by abandoning oneself. At the same time, the presence of intellect, at first contradicts the magical perception and transformation of the world. How to overcome this contradiction? It seems possible to try to pass from continuous to discrete-continuous or even to impulse functioning of the analysing consciousness.

Creative ministry.

Another problem that has arisen before me is to realise the purpose and super-value, the motivation for the movement. Now my goal is to get in touch with my Master. And then? To live and move on as my Guru says, as the Spiritual Teachers consider important. This position does not mean complete passivity of my own spirit and mind, body and soul. I am striving for the acquisition of Creative Service. Service - because the higher meaning and purpose of the movement is needed, and creative service - because the movement itself becomes possible and is nourished by personal creative processes.

1.5 The energy of the elements


The next practical magic lesson was to work in the energy flow on the roof of a tall building. Tyrone's flat was not far from the magic laboratory, which allowed him to conduct his daily magic work as efficiently as possible.

To activate my energy work, Tyrone had constructed a device out of copper wire that could be called a transmitting and receiving device, if that were true. The design of the device contains a headband and two spiral activators attached to it. The spirals are orientated in mutually perpendicular planes.

We went to the roof, climbed to the highest spot, and sat there in the lotus position (my position could be called "quasi-lotus"). Originally, I imagine Tyrone had planned to target the domes of a nearby church. A thunderstorm was beginning, the sky was already covered with clouds, and there was already rumbling in the distance. So, based on the situation, Tyrone decided to change the plan and chose the impending thunderstorm as the object of concentration.

I turned to face the storm. Tyrone started magical energy work, gathering and concentrating the energy flow at the place where we were. My task was to mentally immerse myself in this flow and switch with the help of mantras into a state of subtle perception of the flow structure. At first my posture was sitting, then even more relaxed - lying down. I did not notice any reaction from the side of my consciousness to the surrounding and concentrated flow. Birds flew to the energy flow, the impending thunderstorm lost its energy through it, however, I did not feel anything.

It was only at the end of the class, before I left, that I began to notice some black threads in the air, similar to hair. However, I did not associate such a picture with the flow of energy. Maybe it was just an increase in the energy of perception, thanks to which I began to see those phenomena that usually are not consciously registered due to the extremely small value of the corresponding sensory signal.

In the midst of my own immunity to energy, I was impressed by the effect of Tyrone's magic on the weather. The storm that had started gradually diminished, the sky cleared, and the wind died down. Thus, the magician's ability to control the elements and the weather was clearly demonstrated.

The magician can control not only the weather element, but also the element of wild animals. An illustration of the possibility of such control is shown in the photograph (see Fig. 1.1), where Tyrone is pictured with a real wild tiger.

Taming the tiger

@@@@ Figure 1.1. Animal element management: Tyrone and wild tiger.

1.6 Mantras as an access code


Your eyesight is improving.

After the last magic session on the roof of a high-rise building, when we absorbed the energy of thunderstorms and wind, there were some interesting changes. My regular glasses had burst, and the only glasses I had in my desk were some old ones I hadn't used in a long time. And these old and weaker glasses fit perfectly. As a result, the whole world sharply increased in size, which made it more interesting and attractive.

I attribute this change to the fact that physically my eyes are fine, myopia is due to habit and the presence of an energy plug in my eyes. The magic session dissolved this plug a little, and I was able to see better.

Task: write down thoughts and feelings.

As a result of communication with Tyrone, apart from the information he gives me directly, I have some thoughts that seem interesting. I gave myself a task: to write down as many thoughts as possible, even if they are not fully formed, as well as feelings from contacts with magic. This will help those who follow this path in the future.

Mantras as an access code to the Universal INTERNET.

The system of mantras inside the neural networks of human consciousness constructs a network (activates a certain system of connections), which is an element of the Unified Network - the Universal INTERNET. "Mantra is a kind of access code, a password to enter some Universal INTERNET," - these words of Tyrone cause in my memory an association with poems written not so long ago:

On the star monitor.
The structure of the universal programmes.
Star Internet Server
Open to access from our planet,
But the entrance is not a computer, but a temple.

A physical model of the mantra.

To explain the action of mantras, I have tried to present a physical model of a mantra.

The world has a field structure. Many phenomena are wave in nature, such as vibrations, oscillations and sounds. Chanting mantras initiates a wave with unique properties.

Among the physical models. solitons are the closest to describe such waves. However, the very concept of soliton is rather vague; in a physical model it is necessary to give a field equation to specify this concept. Without resorting to the recording of differential equations, the understanding of which may require from the reader a rather high mathematical background, we will limit ourselves to the description of the qualitative side of the modelled phenomenon.

To produce waves with unique properties, a strictly defined initial condition is required, i.e., a wave with a precise shape. Occurrence of such a wave randomly is practically improbable. Further, the initial wave, being a purely nonlinear phenomenon, is not subject to the law of superposition, energy dispersion, etc. By absorbing the energy of the medium and interacting with other similar waves, a small wave turns into a huge wave, reaching the ultimate size [on larger scales, new forces and laws already begin to operate] at a given scale, going on for a long time with preservation of shape and energy.

Mantra, in my opinion, causes a similar wave on the field of consciousness.

1.7 Channel report

My report on the previous Channels.

I prepared as a report [selected fragments of this report will be given in the second book of the series] all my previous notes and feelings from the encounter with the Channels. I even arranged them as a small book. Tyrone carefully read the selected passages I had highlighted, which spoke of the difficulties I had encountered in attempting to enter the Channel. The question of how I could personally access the Channel had been asked many times on various Channels, but almost nothing had worked.

Among the material transmitted through the Channels, Tyrone was sceptical about the information that came through the female guide. This attitude made me wonder about the veracity of the published Channels. After all, the most famous ones were given through women.

The difference between men and women.

Women [it would be more accurate to speak about the feminine and masculine, the principle of their interaction and specificity of manifestation] are much easier to come into contact with otherworldly forces, however, their Channels are open, poorly protected. Therefore, in the Channels conducted by them, along with the majority and correct information, can easily penetrate false information, especially if it relates to the personality or problems of the female guide. In addition, women's paranormal abilities appear to be predominantly psychic, so it is unclear how successfully they can contact Gurus whose streams are much higher frequency. Figuratively speaking, it seems to me that women easily leave the "material house", but do not go far away, remaining in some of its vicinity all the time. That is why women make excellent clairvoyants, who are especially good at helping in solving household problems.

Men have a different psychic and energetic organisation, so it is difficult for them to leave their "material home". But once out, they are able to go much further in any direction. Among the talents and geniuses of which mankind is proud, the absolute majority are men. The same predominance is characteristic of prison inmates and inhabitants of mental hospitals.

Who are the possible contacts on the Channel?

What levels of Being are we even capable of contacting? Each level has its own characteristic speed of life and thinking. Teachers, in order to contact us, need to slow down their movement considerably. Consequently, being in the physical world, with its inherent speeds of life and thinking, we can contact only with the neighbouring world (on the level of density), but not with the worlds located on the remote steps of the Ladder of Worlds, appearing in the Bible as Jacob's Ladder. Therefore, the published Channels with the Great Teachers of mankind, apparently, represent contacts with the projections of the Teachers on that level of the Subtle World, with which, due to the limited speed of its thinking, the physical consciousness is able to communicate.

Thus, the physical consciousness is able to establish contact mainly with the inhabitants of the astral world, most simply with the lower (in terms of frequency of vibrations) layers of the astral, which together are sometimes called the vital world. The inhabitants of this world [The astral world is described in sufficient detail in Daniel Andreev's book "The Rose of the World"] are elementals and elementals (gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, undines), ghosts, drummers, spirits and larvae, incubi and succubi, decaying astral bodies of the dead, and so on. These beings by their development have childish psychology, like to dress up in a variety of outfits and guises, play a variety of games. They know something and can give correct answers, especially to everyday questions, but it is naive and erroneous to rely completely on their knowledge and readiness to help a person unselfishly.

Is it possible to communicate with non-neighbouring levels of the World?

Is it possible, at least theoretically, to communicate with more ethereal layers of the world than the nearby one? I think so.

Such communication can be based on the law of attraction of similarity, on the phenomenon of resonance. Figuratively speaking, the note "A" can harmoniously interact, sound in various chords, with the neighbouring notes of its octave, as well as resonate with the same note "A" in other octaves.

That is why the Teacher is deeply individual for everyone, it is like a note in another octave, on another level, in another structure of the World. The Teacher knows perfectly well what the student needs and can communicate with him/her effectively, despite the gulf between the worlds.

The protective and guiding role of the Guru Channel.

Thus, in order to really grow spiritually and not to waste energy and time on communication and games with numerous representatives of the astral world, the main attitude of the Channel should not be the satisfaction of curiosity or gaining any benefit, but spiritual study and work in the CHANNEL of the Teacher. Such a Channel serves both as a defence against extraneous influences and as a channel of communication between the Teacher and the pupil.

Mantras as thought accelerators.

Modern physics has been able to penetrate deep into the atom only with the help of elementary particle accelerators. The same need for accelerators also exists in penetrating into the depths of the self. Mantras play the role of such accelerators of perception and thinking.

However, not all thinking can be accelerated by mantras. Logical thinking, which is rigidly connected with the certainty in the uniqueness of the material reality of the surrounding world, practically does not lend itself to acceleration. It is possible to accelerate figurative thinking, acting according to the laws of associative logic, connected not with a rigidly defined external world, but with the current internal world.

1.8 Activating the chakras

A system of mantras to activate the chakras.

Let us first recall the names and associated colours of the chakras [Chakras- the main centres of the human energy organism. They are described in detail in the esoteric literature], we will number them starting from the topmost, makushka chakra:

  1. Sahasrara - purple,
  2. Ajna, - blue,
  3. Vishutha - blue,
  4. Anahata - green,
  5. Manipura - yellow,
  6. Svadhisthana - orange,
  7. Muladhara - red.

Tyrone prepared for me a system of mantras for energetic work with the chakras. This system is individual and includes opening, cleansing, providing, activating, guarding mantras for energy work.

Magical work with chakras consists of three stages.

In the first stage, which is of a preparatory nature, the mantras necessary for opening, cleansing and preparing the chakras are recited. Each mantra corresponds to its own chakra and is recited 8 times. The stage begins with the pronunciation of mantras corresponding to the first (makushka) chakra. Then we as if descend from top to bottom along the path of the flow of energy coming from above. The complex of preparatory mantras is completed by reciting an additional mantra eight times.

At the second stage the main energetic work with the chakras is performed. For each chakra, starting from the upper one, a certain [The conditions of opening and energetic work with the chakras for each person are individual, therefore the system of mantras given to me is not given in the book. It is fair to believe that the words of these mantras are secret information] complex of mantras. There are seven such complexes in total, in accordance with the accepted number [Nowadays it is more and more often allocated not 7, but 13 main chakras, which is closer to the truth. However, it is advisable to start practical energy work with chakras from the long-known and generally recognised seven chakras] of the main chakras.

At the third stage, each mantra (7 - 7 = 49 elementary mantras in total) of the used complexes is recited seven times separately from the others. A more subtle, clarifying and finalising energetic work takes place.

The general direction corresponding to energetic work with chakras is the path of refinement, namely: at the first stage one mantra corresponds to one chakra, at the second stage - to a complex of mantras, at the third stage - mantras are used for the elements constituting the chakra [It seems more accurate to use instead of the concept "chakra element" the concept of vibrations (or elementary ranges of vibrations) constituting the chakra. Chakras characterise a person's energy field or energy flow, so terminology and models from wave theory are more adequate when formalising the description of their functioning].

This system of mantras, according to Tyrone's testimony, has an inbuilt defence against possible alien energy influences. 19.05.98

Peculiarities of working with mantras.

A rosary is useful for counting the number of mantras. As for choosing the right place to recite mantras, Tyrone says: "the place where mantras are recited should be chosen according to your own intuition, but without anyone disturbing you.

Water Charge.

You can get additional energy and information fuelling if you put a red candle, a mirror and a glass with clean water next to each other while reciting mantras. Tyrone justifies this effect by the fact that the water is saturated with your information and by drinking it, you get extra power.. Something similar, in my opinion, happens with a method of treatment called urine therapy.