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Book Introduction to Modern Magic, cover art
Tyrone the Magician, a book about magic

Eroshenkov M.G., Balaev V.V.



This book was born as a result of co-operation between a magician - Tyrone, included in the Circle of Magicians of the Supreme Mystical School of Tibet, and a scientist - M.G. Eroshenkov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Synergetics of SCMT of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

In the process of spiritual growth and the search for one's Path, a scientist, when joining magic, has to start from scratch, from the first timid steps. Only in this way can scientific concepts be used in the structure of spiritual knowledge. The path of the disciple for the modern scientist is shown on the living example of one of the authors, on whose behalf the narration is conducted.

The book opens a series of introductory courses on the theory and practice of modern magic, characterised by continuous cooperation with Teachers, dynamism of forms and concepts, and the activity of personal creativity. The aim of the series is to confirm the understanding of magic not only as the basis of ancient rituals and conspiracies, but also as the core of science and worldview of the future, when the currently accepted division into inner and outer world, into consciousness and matter, into thought and action will disappear.

For the first time in the literature, the creative work and concepts of the League of the Faithful and the Infinity Teacher are covered.

M.: Dialogue-MSU - 288 p. ISBN 5-89209-315-8 (c) Eroshenkov M.G., 1998